Friday, April 27, 2012

LaHave Manor Gets Keys For Evergreen Road Home

In the end, the LaHave Manor Corporation got the home they wanted. The group received keys Thursday to the house on Evergreen Road in Bridgewater, after coming to terms with the town earlier this month. The house sold for $287,000. Chair of the corporation, Elmer Garber, says the home just fits what they are looking for.
"We want our clients to be in a residential setting because, well, they have the same rights as the rest of us to live in peace and quiet. It's a home that is appropriately sized for the number of people that we want to put there and it's a very well-built home, its a high quality home."
The group has some renovations to make inside the home, like installing a residential sprinkler system and converting one bedroom into two. Garber anticipates three residents will be able to move into the home in the next few months.

Tories Demand Resignation from Peterson-Rafuse

Denise Peterson-Rafuse
The minister of Community Services is brushing off a call for her resignation by the Tories. Denise Peterson-Rafuse says the PC's are playing politics over a confidential report on the Talbot House in Cape Breton. The PC's claim Peterson-Rafuse broke the Freedom of Information Act by putting the report on a government website for anyone to read. Peterson-Rafuse says the resignation call is unwarranted.
"They're absolutely ridiculous. They are, what you call, politicizing because they're into the election mode, so they are trying to smear my reputation and there is no basis for it, whatsoever."
The Tories are crying foul because it contains unsubstantiated information and allegations. PC House Leader Chris d'Entremont says action needs to be taken.
"It's time ministers are held accountable to the information that they release. This minister has made a number of glaring mistakes. There has been precedence across Canada that has actually drawn resignation for things less glaring than what the minister has done to this point. So, we'll continue to stand for Nova Scotians and ask for her resignation."
The Chester-St.Margaret's MLA says Premier Darrell Dexter fully supports her.

Businesses Look To Queens County: Mayor

Its proof .. larger businesses are gaining confidence in the consumer market in Queens County.  Thats how District Mayor John Leefe sums it all up.  He says as Kent Building Supplies will soon build a large outlet in Liverpool, more big-name companies may follow.  He says the federal shipbuilding contract will help too.

"We're centrally situation between Yarmouth and Halifax and we're an hour-and-a half from each of those centres and from just about everywhere in the Annapolis Valley. So, yes, we think we're making progress in that area."

Leefe also says the decision by J.D. Irving to set up a big-box Kent supply store resulted from months of negotiations involving the municipality.  It will be located on a six acre parcel of land adjacent to Best Western and the new Queens-Emera Centre.  The facility is expected to open later this year.

Plug Pulled On Homeless Shelter

The operators of this shelter for homeless youth in Yarmouth say it might be forced to close if the province stops covering an operating deficit after March 31. (BRIAN MEDEL / Yarmouth Bureau)
Yarmouth SHYFT
A much-publicized homeless shelter for youth in Yarmouth has been forced to close.  Organizers, staff and clients of "Supportive Housing Youth Focus Team", or SHYFT, campaigned earlier this month against the Dexter government's decision not to cover a monthly operating bill.  Yarmouth Liberal MLA Zach Churchill says the government has also re-negged on a promise to provide an outreach worker for the shelter.  He says that decision jeopardized federal funding in the works.  So now, the shelter has ceased operations.
Churchill says:

"People in the community tributed more than $50,000. to make sure that facility could run and provide a very much needed 24-7 supportive housing model for homeless and at-risk youth. There were thirty-one clients who through there in one winter season and according to the shelter, the success rate has been quite significant."

The "SHYFT" shelter offered clients a permanent address, which is required if they wanted to return to school, as well as assistance applying for a social insurance number or even serving a house arrest sentence.
Zach Churchill says its a real loss for the community.

Gasoline Prices Tumble

If you drive a car or truck, you will receive a nice surprise when you pull into a South Shore gas station today.   After soaring to more than $1.43 two weeks ago, the price of gasoline has dropped by more than 6 cents a litre, literally overnight.  A litre of regular self serve is selling at South Shore pumps now for $1.34.8.  Thats the lowest price for gas around here in close to a month.  The latest fall in prices reflects the lower world price of crude oil.