Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Farm Market Guidelines

A draft policy on guidelines for farm markets is lacking in clarity according to Region of Queens Mayor John Leefe . He says Council has expressed its concerns over the draft regulations. Leefe says the draft regulations unlike the current ones in effect only allow for two days a week for a public market. He says in some instances vendors who are permitted by the Department of Agriculture can access the public or farm market up to seven days a week. Leefe say the policy is quite confusing. Representatives from the Department of Agriculture met with Council last week and will incorporate some of the suggested changes in the new policy..

Acting CEO continues into New Year

Alice Leverman will continue as acting CEO of South Shore Health into the new year. Hospital Board Chair Roxie Smith says the Board hasn't had time to meet to discuss the process in moving forward. Former CEO Kevin (Mac-Na-mare-a) took a leave of absence in July to take on the acting deputy-ministers role at the request of Premier Darrell Dexter . He was permanently appointed to the position earlier this month.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Post Office Settlement

It's been ongoing for a couple of years but in a David against Goliath tppe of battle, Scott Sherman sued Canada Post for breaking a lease agreement. Sherman, the Boston based businessman purchased the former Lunenburg property in Old Town in 2003. The building on King Street housed the local post office since 1882. The Post Office moved to a Lincoln Street location and Sherman launched legal action against the Crown corporation for certain lease violations. He alleged Canada Post removed items, did damage to the premises while they occupied the space and that there were monetary damages incurred because of their actions. Sherman says a trial had been scheduled, but a settlement conference was held December 8th and the parties were able to hammer out an agreement. He wouldn't give an exact figure but says it was enough to purchase an automobile..maybe a Chevy or a Mazaratti. Sherman says in all his current commercial dealings he would never again rent to Canada Post. Genevieve Latour, Canada Post's Atlantic communications manager says she couldn't comment because the matter has not been completely resolved in the court system.


Specialists have been called to the LaHave river to investigate an oil spill that came from the Bridgewater Michelin plant last night.Crews are currently on site cleaning up the spill of bunker sea oil that is used to run the boilers at the plant.The spill was minor and isn't harmful but an investigation into the matter is currently ongoing and the plant will be shut down until further notice.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Seafood Producers Get Funding

Businesses in Lunenburg, Shelburne and Yarmouth Counties among those to receive provincial funding to help the seafood industry improve its competitiveness in the global marketplace. Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Sterling Belliveau announced today more than 310-thousand-dollars for seafood processors to diversify markets, improve productivity, and assess lobster fishing areas. The investment is part of 3.75-million-dollars in seafood Cedar Bay Grilling Company of Blandford, Seastar Seafoods of Clarks Harbour and Nova Scotia Fish Packers of Yarmouth will use the funding to enhance productivity and for market diversification and technology.


A new physician is being welcomed to South Shore Health. Dr. Ryan Finnamore, a graduate from Dalhousie University's medical program in 2004 will be located at the Chester Family Practice where he has been providing part-time coverage since 2006.
Dr. Finnamore will be accepting new patients beginning in the New Year. Priority will be given to patients who do not have a family doctor or nurse practitioners and those who are travelling outside the area and want to transfer back to the local practice.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New I-phone app for CKBW

If you're on the receiving end of a new iPod Touch or iPhone this Christmas -- you will be able to take along CKBW where ever you go. Our parent company - Acadia Broadcasting - has just launched a new app that allows you to listen to our station on your new smart phone or iPod. And soon the leading edge technology will also allow you to see the name of the current song and artist as well as the previous ten songs. You can get the free app by going to our web site at and clicking on the iPhone - iPod button.Blackberry users aren't being left out in the cold - a similar app for their phones is currently in the development stage

Monday, December 21, 2009

Save the CAT

The Region of Queens adding its collective voice to save the CAT. MLA Vicki Conrad, says she'll take the municipalities concerns back to the government. However, she says the cancellation of the ferry service between Yarmouth and Maine was not a total surprise. Conrad says in past meetings with Bay Ferries it's not new knowledge that the company had been struggling to stay viable. Conrad says the NDP will be looking at alternative transportation solutions to the ferry link. She says various stakeholders will be meeting with the Premier on Wednesday to discuss the matter. Bay Ferries announced last week the high speed ferry service isn't longer financially viable and is being dropped next spring putting 120 people out of work.

Community Christmas

The countdown is on but for many Christmas Day can be a lonely one. Recognizing that fact, two Lunenburg Town Councillors came up with a plan for a Community Christmas. The first one last year was a learning curve. Peter Zwicker says this year they've worked on a few changes. Along with a Christmas dinner, there's entertainment and transportation is being provided. Zwicker says there is limited seating at the Lunenburg Fire Hall for 150 but there are still tickets available at Fultons Drug Store . Meantime, the Town of Bridgewater is hosting its first Community Christmas this year. The event is set for one o'clock Christmas Day at the Bridgewater High School.

Overcrowding at South Shore ER

South Shore Health is dealing with overcrowding at its Emergency Department on a daily basis. Acting CEO Alice Leverman says it's a struggle. Some days there are people admitted and no beds. She says there have been stretchers in the hallways and people have waited for up to three days for a bed. Leverman says patient care has not been compromised as quality care is job one. Nursing staff and doctors are continually assessing patient needs, but she says there is a lot of frustration among staff and on the part of families and patients. She says they are looking for some relief with the opening of new long term care beds. 65 of those will be operated by Shannex in Bridgewater this May, while there are also beds opening in Lunenburg, New Germany and New Ross.

South Shore Health's Board Chair steps down

The Chair of South Shore Health's Board of Directors is stepping aside after nine years at the helm. Roxie Smith of Lunenburg has chaired the Board since the creation of the district health authorities in 2001. Her current term expired in September, however, she will remain in the potion until her successor is appointed by the Minister of Health. Smith announced her decision to the Board at the regular monthly meeting on December 18th. Smith says she will probably continue to serve in some health related capacity such as maybe on a task force.

11th day tip from RCMP

"On the Eleventh Day of Christmas Crime Prevention the RCMP told me..... learn about the RCMP Victim Services programs within your community.
Julia Rustad, Program Manager for RCMP Victim Services reminds citizens of the following tips for people after they have been the victim of a crime:
RCMP Victim Services in Nova Scotia is available to people who have experienced a crime such as break and enters, intimate partner violence, serious motor vehicle accidents and fraud.
The RCMP Victim Service Program is a police based program where victims of crime receive information, emotional support and referral from volunteers trained and working under the direction of the RCMP.
The volunteers receive referrals from police officers when there has been a crime committed or a tragedy occurs. RCMP volunteers have several resources in order to do their job, some of which are crime prevention tips, a list of community resources and safety plans for victims of intimate partner violence.

Friday, December 18, 2009

H1N1 Vaccinaion Clinic

Area residents will still have a couple of chances this month to get their H-1-N-1 vaccine. South Shore Public Health says residents can book an appointment today from 10am until 4, as well Tuesday December 22nd or Tuesday December 29th at the Bridgewater office in the Gateway Plaza. To book an appointment call 543-0850. To date it's estimated that more than half of the residents in the South Shore Health District have been vaccinated.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Roundabout adopted

Bridgewater Town Council has confirmed the acceptance of a proposed modern roundabout for the intersection of Aberdeen Road and North Street. It's been determined the roundabout is the way to go as a more efficient and effective as well as safer manner to configure the intersection. Additional land will have to be purchased to accommodate a second lane for left turns to North Street. Agreements are being prepared to purchase adjacent properties . The proposal for a roundabout was first discussed at a public meeting last January.

New Germany House Fire

A family in New Germany is homeless after a fire claimed their home. A mother, her adult son and five-year-old grandson were not home the time the fire broke out.The Canadian Red Cross says they're currently staying with extended family for now.Donations to help the family can be made through the red cross or by calling the New Germany Lions Club.

H1N1 Vaccination Clinic (Thursday, 17th)

Nova Scotia's chief public health officer says the second wave of the H-1-N-1 outbreak appears to be over. Although there are no new lab-confirmed cases or hospitalizations related to the virus, Dr. Robert Strang says there are still unofficial reports of the flu around the province. And with the possibility of a third wave in the new year, he continues to urge people to get vaccinated.There will be a vaccination clinic today from 3 until 7 at the public health offices in New Germany, Chester, Lunenburg and Liverpool. Appointments are necessary and can be made by calling 543-0850.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

H1N1 Clinic

There will be an H1N1 Vaccination Clinic today from 1-6pm at the Nova Scotia Community College, in Bridgewater.
Adults & Students are reminded to bring their health card with them, no appointment is necessary.

Red Cross assists after South Shore Fire

A mother, her adult son and five-year-old grandson are temporarily homeless after a fire last night destroyed the house they rented in New Germany, Nova Scotia, about 25 kilometres northwest of Bridgewater.
They weren't home at the time so there were no injuries. The Canadian Red Cross says they're staying with extended family for now. One its volunteers will meet with them today to determine any emergency needs.
The cause of the fire, at 5249 Trunk 10, is under investigation.

8th Day of RCMP Christmas Tips

On the eighth day of Christmas the RCMP said to me…buckle up and ensure your seat belt is worn correctly.
S/Sgt. Dan McNaughton, RCMP Traffic Services says, "A properly worn seat belt is key to surviving a motor vehicle crash or collision.
Vehicle operators should also ensure that children are secured in the appropriate car or booster seat."
Before heading out on the road this holiday season, vehicle operators and passengers should note the following:
● It is mandatory that drivers in Nova Scotia wear a seat belt. If
you are caught driving without your seat belt on, you will get 2 points
(demerits) on your licence.
● Seat belts must be maintained in good working order and not
altered in anyway as this can reduce their effectiveness.
● Air bags do not take the place of a seat belt.
● Only one person to a seat belt.
● Young children must be in approved "child restraint system" car
seats suitable for their age, height, or weight.
● Wearing your seat belt properly will dramatically increase your
chance of surviving a motor vehicle collision.
● For every one per cent increase in seat belt usage, five lives
in Canada are saved (Source: Transport Canada).
The RCMP is committed to making Canadian roadways the safest in the world under the Road Safety Vision 2010 and is asking all road users to ensure they do their part to help keep Nova Scotia’s road and highways safe this holiday season.

Beware of Slippery Roads

Members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Halifax District are advising motorist that the highways and roads are becoming very slippery and black ice is forming as the temperature starts to drop.
RCMP would like to remind the public that winter driving conditions are upon us and drivers need to use caution when travelling on the roads and highways. Remember to reduce your speed to weather conditions, maintain a safe following distance, be on the look out for potential hazards. Slow down and take your time while traveling and get to your destination safely.

Man struck by car in Blockhouse

A 56 yr old male is in serious condition after being struck by a vehicle on Hwy 324 in Blockhouse yesterday afternoon.According to the investigation the man stepped out onto the road without looking both ways. The man when trasported to South Shorth Regional Hospital then onto the QE 2 in Halifax.The occupants of the car were transported to Fisherman's Hospital for shock sumptoms. The road conditions were wet pavement and fog at the time of the accident.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Visitor Information Kiosks Coming

Bridgewater Town Council has approved the site of the former VIC off Aberdeen Road and the Centennial Trail Parking Lot off Victoria Road as locations for the installation of two Visitor Information Kiosks. Thirteen of the kiosks will be located between Bridgewater and Peggy's Cove. Half the funding for the construction and installation of the kiosks is being provided through the province's Visitor Information Services Enhancement Program as a cost effective alternative to a staffed visitor information centre. Mayor Carroll Publicover says its a short term solution but he would like to see a partnership of neighbouring units to construct a regional tourist bureau that would be fully staffed.

Active Transportation

The Town of Bridgewater has received provincial funding to continue its efforts to become a leading active transportation friendly community. An action plan was approved last June and in recent months the Active Transportation Committee has developed a multi year public engagement action plan. Provincial funding of 25 thousand dollars has been approved for the three year initiative. As part of the funding arrangement, Town Council pre-approved funding for the next two fiscal years of 5 thousand in cash, and 5 thousand in-kind.

Campaign 911

A campaign to prevent impaired drivers from being on the roads was launched today. Campaign 911 encourages and empowers Nova Scotians to call 911 to report a suspected impaired driver. Bill Estabrooks, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, joined Margaret Miller, president of MADD Canada, and law enforcement officials to launch the Campaign which was introduced by MADD Canada in 2007 and now has programs in nine provinces. Effective 911 programs increase impaired driving arrest rates by up to 50 per cent.

7th Day RCMP Tip

On the Seventh Day of Christmas Crime Prevention the RCMP Street Crime Unit said to me..... "When leaving your house empty, protect your valuables from a potential robbery."

Many of us take vacation during the holidays, leaving our homes unattended for an extended period of time. Before you leave consider the following . . .

● Can you look inside your window and see expensive items? Keep
valuables out of view and keep blinds and drapes closed when you’re not home. Don’t hang keys in the home where they are visible through windows.
● Keep valuable belongings (jewellery, papers, certificates, etc.)
out of sight. If possible, keep them in a safety deposit box away from home. Other valuables should be engraved with your name and phone number which will help police identify your property.
● Consider recording the serial number of valuable items and
taking photos of these items, note any identifiable markings.
● Arrange to have a trusted friend or family member check your
residence while you are away. Ask them to collect your mail and newspapers, clear snow from your doorway to make it appear someone is home.
● Consider Forming a Neighbourhood Watch group. Take note of any
suspicious people or vehicles in your neighbourhood.
● Consider an alarm, notification system or timers for lighting
and electronics.

Oxfam Protest

Oxfam Canada and Ecology Action Centre are hoping MP Gerald Keddy gets the message after they display a giant mock oil barrel at his office today to let him know they want him to tell the South Shore MP and his Conservative colleagues that it's time for an oil change.Group members and area residents plan to gather at Keddy's office on Aberdeen Road at one o'clock this afternoon to deliver the 15 foot oil barrel and sing a few modified "Climate Carols".The stunt is part of thousands of events planned in hundreds of countries as part of “The World Wants a Real Deal”campaign to urge world leaders to take bold and immediate steps to sign a binding climate deal in Copenhagen.

Campaign 911 launches today

The launch Campaign 911 will be launch today at 10am. Bill Estabrooks, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, will join Margaret Miller, president of MADD Canada, and law enforcement officials to launch the Campaign 911 which encourages and empowers Nova Scotians to call 911 to report a suspected impaired driver.

Monday, December 14, 2009

New Apartment Complex Approved

A major housing development for the Town of Bridgewater is another step closer. Town Council approved a proposed development agreement to construct 5 three-story apartment buildings at Jubilee Road and Exhibition Drive. Mayor Carroll Publicover says the phased-in project will be a major development for the West side of the town. The proposal calls for 27 units in each of the five buildings with the first building to be constructed early next spring. The project will be phased in over a five year period.

Regional Transit Service

The Town of Bridgewater has agreed to continue its collaborative efforts towards developing a regional transit operation. Mayor Carroll Publicover says Council approved a motion to proceed with a detailed routing analysis, governance and costs, based on Model D over the next six months.Funding has been allocated through the Transit Rural Incentive Program with costs to be shared equitable between the partner units of Mahone Bay, Lunenburg, and the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg. The Joint Transit Committee has been asked to provide a progress update on implementation planning within the next six months.

Message for MP Keddy

They're hoping MP Gerald Keddy gets the message. Oxfam Canada and Ecology Action Centre will be using a giant mock oil barrel to tell the South Shore MP and his Conservative colleagues that it's time for an oil change. Group members and area residents will gather at Keddy's office on Aberdeen Road at one o'clock this afternoon to deliver the 15 foot oil barrel and sing a few modified "Climate Carols". The stunt is part of thousands of events planned in hundreds of countries as part of “The World Wants a Real Deal”campaign to urge world leaders to take bold and immediate steps to sign a binding climate deal in Copenhagen.

Woman hit in Rosebay

A 68 yr old lady is currently in serious condition after being hit by an on coming vehicle last night in the Rosebay area.Around 7 o'clock last night the woman was crossing the road when she was struck, she was then taken by ambulance to the South Shore Regional hospital and then air lifted to the Queen Elizabeth II .The investigation into the matter is currently ongoing but police say they have ruled out alcohol as not being a factor.

6th day of Christmas tip

On the Sixth Day of Christmas Crime Prevention the RCMP said to me, "When purchasing gifts on line make sure you protect your identity."

- Shop only from your home computer - it’s much safer than shopping at a terminal.
- Use different user ID and passwords for different accounts
- Go directly to a store’s website by manually typing its address into your web browser. Don’t click on links in an e-mail message even if you know who sent it.
- Verify secure connections. When shopping on-line, do not enter any financial information if you see a broken-key or open padlock symbol on your Internet browser. This means the transaction is not secure and could be intercepted by a third party. When the key is complete or the padlock is locked, your browser is indicating a secure transaction.
- Consider using a company acting as escrow (reliable third party), a credit card with a low credit limit or a single use payment card.
- Unlike secure order forms on a web site, e-mail messages are not private. Do not send confidential personal or financial information by e-mail.
- Avoid spam (unsolicited marketing e-mail) by being careful about disclosing your e-mail address both on and off-line.
- Monitor your bank and credit card and statements on-line. Electronic statements allow you to review your purchases and payments as they happen rather than waiting until the end of the month to review your paper statement.
- Immediately report any discrepancies to your bank or to the company that issued the credit card.

Thinkwell Research survey results for NS

The results are in from a Thinkwell Research survey, and it appears that Nova Scotians are feeling less optimistic about the direction of the provincial economy than they were in earlier this fall.
According to the survey, less than one in three Nova Scotians believe that the Nova Scotia economy will get stronger over the next six months, down 9 points since September.
These results are consistent with national trends. According to the Conference Board of Canada, consumer confidence in Canada fell in October and November, after increasing steadily through the summer months and into September.

Truro rink gets funding

The Colchester Legion Stadium will be getting a makeover thanks to funding from the Atlantic Canada Opportunity Agency Recreational Infrastructure Canada program.
The Colchester Legion Stadium and the Town of Truro will benefit from more than 855,000 dollars in funding from the ACOA program.
The Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence and Minister for the Atlantic Gateway, said “This investment reflects the goals of our government’s Economic Action Plan by continuing to provide timely and targeted stimulus to communities across the country.”

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Climate Change in Bridgewater.

Climate Change is the topic of a candlelight vigil which is going to be held tonight in Bridgewater outside of Gerald Keddy's office. A group of concerned individuals are hoping to send the message they support all efforts on an ambitious, fair and binding global agreement on climate change. Environment ministers from 192 countries are attending the UN climate conference in Copenhagen this weekend. Today they will be taking a close look at a draft agreement.

Friday, December 11, 2009

5th Christmas tip

It's the 5th day of chirstmas tips from the RCMP..todays tip says"Parties and gatherings can be great but don’t trust anyone with your drinks; not even your date."
The holiday season can be a stressful time for many people and the RCMP is are helping out with friendly reminders to make your holidays safe and fun.
For more information check out our website at and click on the news link.

H1N1 Clinic

The week of Dec. 14-18 is the last for mass vaccination clinics. South Shore Health’s Public Health team are putting on a drop-in clinic, and three chances to make appointments for shots at a public health office.
“We encourage people who have been putting off getting the H1N1 vaccine to get out this coming week and get the shot,” said Communicable Disease Prevention and Control Manager Lori McCracken. “Consider the protection a vaccination provides as a holiday gift to yourself or a loved one.”

To make an appointment call: 543-0850

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Clincs Wind Down

H1N1 Vaccination Clinics on the South Shore will begin winding down starting Monday. The week of December. 14-18 is the last for mass vaccination clinics. South Shore Health's Public Health team are putting on a drop-in clinic, and three chances to make appointments for shots at a public health office. Appointments must be booked through the Bridgewater Public Health Office at 543-0850. Remember to take along your health card and do not attend any clinics if you are ill.

Candlelight Vigil Planned

Local citizens will show their support for a climate change agreement by staging a candlelight vigil outside MP Gerald Keddy's office this weekend.A group of local concerned citizens from across the South Shore will light candles, sing songs, and send a message that the South Shore supports all efforts for an ambitious, fair, and binding global agreement on climate change at the Copenhagen negotiations. The vigil is set for Saturday, December 12th from 5:30 to 6:00pm at the Aberdeen Commercial Centre, 129 Aberdeen Road.

H1N1 clinic

A 3rd wave of the H1N1 could still be in the future and Nova Scotia's chief public health officer Dr. Robert Strang is encouraging people who have not yet been vaccinated to do so immedatiely. So far about 52 per cent of the province's population has been vaccinated.A Vaccination clinic will be held today at the Park View Education Center in Bridgewater from 4 until 6:30. Students & Adults are reminded to bring with them their health cards to the clinics.

Home fire in Lunenburg

A major fire broke out yesterday at a house in the town of Lunenburg.The house burst into flames around 2:30 yesterday afternoon and continued on until 7:30 last night. Firefighters were also fighing the elements of mother nature as snow and rain moved in. Fire departments from Dayspring, Blockhouse, Mahone Bay and Bridgewater were called for back-up to assist the Lunenburg Fire Department.

Bus' only traveling on paved roads

Due to weather conditions only students who live on paved roads in the South Shore Regional district will be picked up by buses.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lunenburg Fire

Firefighters from at least five departments were still on the scene of a major house fire in the Town of Lunenburg at 7:30 Wednesday night. The blaze started around 2:30 in the afternoon and had fully engulfed the house at 201 York Street. Firefighters were also fighting the elements as a mix of snow and rain had moved into the area and winds with gusts to 100 kilometers were expected. Fire departments from Dayspring, Blockhouse, Mahone Bay and Bridgewater were called for back-up to assist the Lunenburg Fire Department.

Marine Park Stalled

The Municipality of Lunenburg has given permission to the United Communities Marine Park Society to spend up to 35 hundred of their budget allotment of 16 thousand for their proposed project. Phase one of the project has already been approved by Council in total but it could not be funded at the provincial level during this fiscal year. Despite that fact, due to the quality of the project and the support of the community, the volunteers persevere. Council felt the financial commitment associated with the request was relatively small, yet would make a worthy show of support to the United Communities Marine Park Society and their efforts in this project.

Yacht Club Grant

A recommendation to award the Lunenburg Yacht Club a grant of almost 175 thousand dollars from the Designated Community Fund has been approved by Lunenburg Municipal Council. At the request of the Yacht Club, Council created the Designated Community Project Fund Policy and it was adopted in April of this year. The money from donations is being used by the Yacht Club to purchase a neighbouring property to be used for future development of the club to increase its services.

Zoning Request Denied

A request to amend the Princess Inlet Land Use By-law has been denied by Lunenburg Municipal Council. Harley and Eileen Eisener requested the requirement for lot frontage to be reduced to allow for the subdivision of their property. A proposal was put forward to create an Ocean Shoreline Zone which would accommodate their request and allow other residents the same opportunity. However, it was made very clear at a public hearing the majority of the residents were opposed to the zoning change. Council unanimously refused the Eisener's request although the Area Advisory Committee can review the matter further.

Outdoor Wood Furnace Denied

A variance request to reduce the setback requirements to install an outdoor wood furnace in Riverport has been denied by Lunenburg Municipal Council. Area Councillor Don Zwicker says despite new technology they had to make their decision using the current land use bylaw. Zwicker says the applicant has other options such as electricity or oil. The applicant requested a reduction to the yard setbacks from 125 feet to 10 feet on one side. The applicant, Diego Medina can also ask the Area Advisory Committee to consider an amendment to the currentLand Use By-law.

Regional Transit Possible

Efforts are continuing towards developing a regional transit operation for Lunenburg County. Mayor Don Downe of the Municipality of Lunenburg says the partner units are assessing the associated costs.Downe says they'll be taking incremental steps in regards to knowing what the route mechanism will be, the cost and size of application to run. He says the idea of Transit is good from a number of fronts..such as environmental and access point of view.

Shoplifter Sentenced

A confrontation with police outside the Cookville Wal-Mart last December has resulted in a year on probation for a 19 year old. Luke Matthew Robar of Springfield pled guilty to resisting arrest and one count of shoplifting while two other charges of assaulting police and theft were withdrawn. The incident happened last December 17th when police responded to a complaint of shoplifting. Robar along with two other teens got into a fracas with the officers outside the store. The three officers sustained minor injuries in the scuffle.

South Shore Schools Pass Accreditation

Two more South Shore schools have been awarded accreditation under the provincial government's school improvement program.Liverpool Regional High School and Lunenburg Junior/Senior High School join New Ross Consolidated, Forest Heights , Dr. J.C. Wickwire Academy and Park View Education Centre in receiving provincial recognition for their work in setting higher standards, increasing student achievement and improving overall performance. Eight schools - including Dr. J.C. Wickwire - were selected to pilot the Nova Scotia Accreditation Program in 2002. Since then, the number of schools participating in the province-wide program has been gradually increased. It will be mandatory for all Nova Scotia schools in 2010.

Rural Mail Study Complete

The rural mailbox safety review for Bridgewater and surrounding areas is now complete. Canada Post says they have assessed all mailboxes in the local area and are now working with local residents on various mail delivery options. The Rural Mailbox Safety Review is being conducted as a result of health and safety complaints from rural mail drivers across the country. Common complaints from rural mail drivers include: volume of traffic, speed of traffic, width of the shoulders and limited sightlines. The rural mailbox safety review began in Bridgewater and surrounding areas in August 2009. Since the review began a total of 42 hundred rural mailboxes, on nine rural routes, have been assessed.

Tip # 3 - Don't drink & drive

Don't drink and drive is today's tip from the RCMP on the 3rd day of their 12 days of Christmas tips. One drink can reduce your ability to concentrate and react to things that happen suddenly while you are driving. In Nova Scotia, there have been 17 traffic fatalities where alcohol was a factor in the crash, 15 of those in RCMP service areas. This equates to 27% of all fatal crashes in RCMP jurisdictions involving alcohol.

H1N1 Clinic cancelled due to weather

The Forest Heights Community School in Chester will NOT be holding the H1N1 Vaccination Clinic today that was suppose to be held from 4 until 6:30. Due to weather. However there will be a clinic tomorrow at the Park View Education Centre in Bridgewater that will go from 4 until 6:30. Students and adults are reminded to bring their health card to the clinics.
For more information you can visit our website at and click on the Flu button.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lunenburg Christmas Trees

Lunenburg Christmas Trees will be in the spot light today in Halifax. Premier Darrel Dexter, Lt. Gov. Mayann Francis and the Minister of Natural Resources will accept Christmas trees from the Lunenburg County Christmas tree Producers Association tomorrow at province house. The trees are presented each year to promote awareness of Nova Scotia's tree industry. The presentation begins at 2 at province house in Halifax.

Problem Gambling Grants

Nova Scotians in 8 communities that are effected be gambling will get a little help from the province. 8 problem gambling Organizations will be receiving a grant from the Nova Scotia Gaming Foundation. Over 133 thousand dollars will go out to the community programs to help develop and implement initiatives that address gambling related issues.


A man and a woman in their 40s have been left homeless after a fire ravaged their home in the community of Lantz, between Halifax and Truro.
Red Cross volunteers are providing the couple with clothing, food, blankets, and personal-care items.
The couple is staying with relatives for the time being. Investigators are still looking into the cause of last night's blaze.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Stolen Tree Stands.

Lunenburg RCMP are asking your help in finding someone who stole 2 tree stands from a home off Highway 331 in Broad Cove. Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact the Lunenburg County RCMP or Crime Stoppers.

H1-N1 clinics continuing this week on the South Shore.

H1-N1 clinics will be continuing this week on the South Shore, including several in High schools. Today a vaccination clinic is being held in Chester at the Oak Island Resort from one til six pm. Tomorrow the clinic will be held at the Liverpool High school in Liverpool. During school hours, clinics held at schools will only be available to students. Once school hours are up, then the public can receive their shots. There are clinics all week and if you would like to see a full list, you can visit our website and click on the flu button.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Operation Scrooge.

Operation Scrooge is beginning this weekend in Halifax. If you have plans to go into the city shopping then make sure to lock your car doors. Halifax RCMP are starting their operation Scrooge this Saturday at several different shopping Centres. They will be patrolling and walking in parking lots checking for vehicles that are unlocked or have packages in plain sight. If they find one, they will leave a card on the windshield reminding them to keep doors locked so valuables don't go missing.

H1N1 vaccine at high school-based clinics.

Beginning next week South Shore Health will be offering H1N1 vaccine at high school-based clinics. Communicable Disease Prevention and Control Manager Lori McCracken said "During school hours vaccine will only be available to high school students". The clinics will open to public after school hours. Staff from Public Health Services will be immunizing students at Liverpool High coming up on Tuesday, Dec 8th, Forest Heights Community School on Dec 9th, and Park View on December 10th. People are reminded to bring their health card.
Approximately thirty thousand, three hundred people have been immunized in Lunenburg and Queens Counties. About 50% of the population. If you would like a full list of H1-N1 clinics you can go to our website and click on the flu button.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Red Surge for Life Campaign.

RCMP in Nova Scotia have teamed up with Canadian Blood Services for a second year in a row to save lives this December. Employees and family members of the RCMP will be donating blood through the Red Surge for Life campaign. The RCMP in Nova Scotia and Canadian Blood services are hoping other Nova Scotians will take the time out and donate blood this holiday season.

Community Blooms.

The Town of Shelburne has been honoured as a Community in Bloom. The Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia honoured the 2009 program participants at an Awards Presentation during their annual Tourism Conference. Shelburne was the winner in the one thousand and one to 3 thousand population category. The awards are presented to recognize the ongoing commitment to beautification, environmental awareness, volunteer involvement and heritage conservation.

Police investigation into parked vehicle damage.

Bridgewater Police are investigating an incident of damage to a parked vehicle. Sometime between 4:20 and 5:00 pm on Tuesday, December 1st, a brown Kia Spectra was struck while parked at the Sobey's parking lot on Lahave Street. The vehicle sustained damage to the drivers side rear bumper. Police are also looking into a case of theft from a vehicle. A Tommy Hilfiger wallet was stolen from a vehicle parked outside Weagle's Baker on Victoria Road on November 24th. The wallet contained several credit cards, a small amount of cash and the owner's drivers licence.

Election results for Lunenburg Progressive Conservative Association.

Lunenburg Town Councillor Peter Zwicker has been elected the new President of the Lunenburg Progressive Conservative Association. Also elected to the executive were, Barbara Stevens, VP East; Audrey Vogel, Treasurer; Robert Cox, VP North; and Elmer Garber VP West. Zwicker says he would like to see a focus on the grass roots organization, building the membership numbers and engaging more youth in the local executive. The executive plan to meet in early 2010 and start the planning process. The elections took place at the Associations Annual General Meeting held on the weekend at the Barss Corner Community Hall. The guest speaker for the evening was the Honourable Senator John M Buchannan.

Christmas tree lighting in Boston.

A 38-year tradition of gratitude and holiday cheer continues todayas a 14-meter Christmas tree from Nova Scotia takes centre stage at the annual Tree Lighting ceremony in Boston. The tree is a gift to the City of Boston, recognizing the help provided in the aftermath of the Halifax Explosion on December 6th, 1917.
This year's tree is a white spruce from Floyd and Elaine Shatford of Fox Point, Lunenburg County. Shatford will be in Boston for the ceremony with his grandchildren. The ceremony will take place on the Boston Common at 8 p.m. our time and will be televised to an estimated viewing audience of 300 thousand.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New radio stations

The Acadia Broadcasting family is growing. The company has just received approval from the Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission to purchase two radio stations in Thunder Bay Ontario from Newcap Incorporated. The proposed purchase was first announced back in July of this year and with the Commission's approval the deal will be completed by the end of the month. Along with CKBW in Bridgewater, Acadia also has radio stations in Saint John and St Stephen, New Brunswick and three communities in northwestern Ontario.

Acadia Broadcasting Adds More Stations

From the business file -- the parent company of CKBW is growing again -- Saint John based Acadia Broadcasting has just received approval from the Canadian Radio - Television - and - Telecommunications Commission to purchase two radio stations in Thunder Bay from Newcap Incorporated.
The proposed purchase was first announced back in July of this year -- and -- with the regulatory approval -- the deal will be completed by the end of the month.
Acadia also has radio stations in Saint John and St Stephen in New Brunswick - and - three communities in northwestern Ontario.
The company will be launching a new FM country station here in Bridgewater in the new year.

Cumberland County man charged with aggravated assault.

Cumberland County RCMP charged a Cumberland County man with aggravated assault after a four month old infant was taken to hospital with serious injuries. Thomas Orland Wade Hunter was arrested Sunday and will appear in Amherst provincial Court today. The infant is still at the IWK being treated and is in stable condition.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Funding for the Chester Playhouse.

The Chester Theatre Council Society received good news today. The Chester Playhouse will be receiving funding for the new year.On behalf of James Moore, the Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, Gerald Keddy announced today,the funding is for the Chester Playhouse's 2010 program of theatre productions, concerts, and other activities.

Vandalism in Bridgewater.

Bridgewater Police are investigating an incident of damage to a St. Phillips Street residence. Sometime overnight Saturday, November 28th, someone damaged an oil line, resulting in an oil spill. During that same period a window was also broken on a vehicle at the same residence. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Bridgewater Police Service.

Reminder to remove valuables from your vechile.

Here's another reminder to remove those valuables from your vehicle. Sometime during the overnight hours of Sunday, November 29th, a vehicle on Porter Crescent was broken into. A black kit bag was stolen with the contents worth between 6 and 7 hundred dollars. Also during the overnight hours of Sunday a shed was broken into at a residence on Pinehurst Avenue. Bridgewater Police are investigating both incidents.