Friday, March 27, 2009

Michelin Plan


Some previously announced layoffs in Waterville have been avoided now that Michelin's Work-sharing program application has been approved.   The Service Canada program goes into effect April 5th.  And Michelin officials say that means they won't have to move forward with the planned layoff of 95 flexible workforce employees.  Over 500 Michelin regular and flexible workforce employees elected to participate in the program that will run for 18 weeks. It can be re-evaluated based on market fluctuations.  Under Work-Sharing, Michelin Waterville employees will work reduced hours with the remainder of their hours covered by Employment Insurance.  Earlier this month, the company announced 9 layoffs at the plant in Bridgewater and 33 at the Granton operation.

Medial pot

2009-03-27 05:56

A Lunenburg County man who claimed he was growing marihuana for his medicinal needs has been fined a thousand dollars and placed on probation for a year.   Sixty-nine year old Anthony Edwin Eisnor was charged after RCMP found 24 marihuana plants growing in a tomato patch at a residence on the Newburne Road last September 5th.  Eisnor suffers from Barker's Syndrome, a form of kidney disease. He told the court he was using marihuana as a necessary medication. His lawyer said Eisnor takes up to 30 separate pills and undergoes dialysis once a week.  Court was told he previously had a medical exemption to use marihuana but his present doctor disagrees with the practice.  Judge Jim Burrill told Eisnor maybe he should be looking for another doctor.

Fisheries Loan

2009-03-27 05:53

Shelburne MLA Sterling Belliveau, the NDP's Fisheries Critic says he's pleased Nova Scotia fishermen will finally have an opportunity to apply for loans to help secure Commercial Fishing Licences.  The new program was announced yesterday and comes into effect April 1st.  Belliveau, a former fisherman himself says when first elected the issue was one of his top priorities and committments to the people of Shelburne and to all fishermen across Nova Scotia.
Belliveau says he's glad the Minister listened to the fishermen and has spread the loan period over 20 years. It makes the program very attractive and beneficial to fishermen and  provides an opportunity for young people to get into the fishery, which will be instrumental to the future of the industry.