Sunday, August 19, 2012

Food Drive Bikers Head For South Shore

Don't be surprised to see a large group of energetic cyclists peddling along the 103 in the next few days.

Its a contingent of provincial real estate agents raising money and food donations for Feed Nova Scotia, the charitable organization that looks after people needing food and shelter.  Roger Boutilier (BOOT-leer) of the province's Realtors Association is the lead rider. 

The journey began in Sydney last week and the group of riders will peddle into Bridgewater and Shipyard's Landing on Tuesday with the wind-up in Yarmouth on Saturday.  $25,000.00 is the goal and the group is also collecting canned food donations along the way.

Bridgewater Approves Snow Clearing Reserve

The town of Bridgewater has approved setting up a reserve for snow clearing. Council members have agreed to set up a policy to provide funding for costs not included in their operating budget. The policy allows for funds to be set aside when snow clearing costs are less than budget. It also allows the funds to be withdrawn when costs are greater than budget. The reserve has a $125,000 cap. The town's surplus or deficit for any given year will be impacted by the amount of transfer to and from the reserve.