Sunday, March 14, 2010

Food for Thought

A Food for Thought for Youth workshop is being held this afternoon from 2 to 4:30 p.m. at the Michelin Social Club. Young people are invited to give suggestions about what is needed for youth in the Bridgewater area, and who can help make it happen. Youth will be invited to join the Youth Action Team which is an Action Team of the Bridgewater Development Association. A major project being worked on at this time is designing and building a permanent skateboard park near the Fieldhouse.

Low Income Tax Exemption

The Municipality of Chester is holding the line on its tax exemption policy . Tax exemption amounts for this year remain as they presently are. The tax exemption amounts range from 400 dollars for owners with an income level of 12 thousand or less to 100 dollars for owners with an income level of 15 thousand one dollar to 17 thousand. Warden Alan Webber says last year the figure came in at around 30 thousand dollars of lost tax revenue for the Municipality.

Shelburne Event..Something for Everyone

Our Community – Something for Everyone will be showcasing various activities and events that take place in the various communities that make up Shelburne County. The event is set to take place April 24th at the Shelburne Regional High School. To date more than 20 booths are registered. The Planning Committee is working on other activities to round out the day including musical performances, demonstrations, presentations, and games . Further information can be obtained at
your local Recreation Department, Volunteer Services, or King Street Family Resource .

ICSP Adopted by Municipality

A final draft of the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan has been adopted by the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg. Deputy-Mayor Martin Bell says it will now be submitted to the province for approval. He says they have looked at the preliminary copy so they know they're aligned with other municipal units in the province. Bell says the information has been passed onto the budget committee so they can start moving as early as next year. He says there are some certain budget implications.
The intent of the ICSP is to provide strategic direction to the Municipality on identified issues, which can then be recognized and incorporated into the Municipality's Corporate Strategic Plan and into its general operational plans. Bell says the ICSP plan had to be adopted and submitted by March 31st in order to receive the gas tax funds.