Monday, October 15, 2012

Eagleridge Estates Gets Green Light

The former Olde Town golf course is expected to be transformed in the next few years. Bridgewater council held a public hearing recently and heard no arguments against the housing project being proposed for the land. The project, led by Genivar Inc., will include 157 housing units including 128 in phase one. The plan for Eagleridge Estates includes town-houses, semi-attached dwellings and a pair of apartment buildings. Construction isn't expected to start until 2014-15. The public has two weeks to apply to the UARB to appeal the decision.

LaHave Manor Employees Unionize - Join CAW

Employees at LaHave Manor in Bridgewater have unionized, joining the Canadian Auto Workers Union. The CAW is one of Canada's largest labour unions with nearly 200,000 members. About 70 people work at LaHave Manor and will now be able to negotiate a collective agreement with their employer. The Adult Residential Centre is a long-standing fixture in the Bridgewater area and is owned by LaHave Manor Corporation. LaHave operates three other homes in Bridgewater, including Compassion House, Fernwood House and Pleasant Street Group Homes.

Yarmouth RCMP Target Distracted Drivers

RCMP in Yarmouth have handed out fines to 20 motorists nabbed for texting or making phone calls while driving. Police conducted a blitz along Starrs Road on Friday. They had a plain clothed officer report clear violations to other members who were parked nearby. The project allowed police to issue 23 tickets to motorists for not wearing seat belts. Similar initiatives to halt distracted driving are also planned in Digby and Shelburne Counties in the near future.