Friday, May 2, 2014

Two Arrests In Halifax Homicide Case

A pair of arrests in connection with a homicide last fall in Halifax. Investigators with major crimes are questioning two people in relation to the death of Matthew Sudds. His body was found in a ditch along Africville Road last October. The 24 year old's death was determined to be suspicious the same day. This morning, a 29-year-old Halifax man was arrested in relation to the death. Meanwhile, a 23-year-old woman, originally from Halifax, was arrested in Ontario. They are currently in custody and being interviewed. No charges have been laid.

d'Entremont Challenges Heritage Minister Over Bluenose II Delays

The PC MLA for Argyle-Barrington has taken the heritage minister to task for recent comments regarding Bluenose Two. Chris d'Entremont says minister Tony Ince said in mid-April in the Legislature the vessel was undergoing sea trials. Yet, yesterday Ince said the sea trials won't be done until a steering problem with the vessel is examined during an upcoming test drive in Lunenburg Harbour. d'Entremont wanted clarification.

The Lunenburg Shipyard Alliance - which has been rebuilding Bluenose Two - says they will not be surprised if the iconic vessel isn't ready for public sailing tours this summer. Officials there say they're taking unfair criticism for delays in getting the vessel back in service.

Studded Tires Removal Delayed In Nova Scotia

The province of Nova Scotia has extended the deadline for removing studded winter tires from vehicles to the end of the month. Its designed for garages and tire shops to clear a backlog of customers wanting their studded tires removed. In turn, extending the deadline could lead to even more damage to highways. Gary Howard of the Canadian Automobile Association says the benefits of studded tires are outweighed by the damage thats caused.

Howard suggests studded tires are not really needed .. that present-day tires are of higher quality and provide good traction in winter driving.

Barrington Council Votes Down Mayoral Proposal

There will be no change in the form of government in the Municipality of Barrington, at least for now. Councillors there have been discussing the pros and cons of establishing a mayoral system to replace the present warden system. Barrington Warden Eddie Nickerson says council has voted down the issue.

Barrington residents have already voted by plebescite in favor of a mayoral system. Council will be seeking a closer study of the issue before members come up with a final vote.

Peterson-Rafuse: People Feel Betrayed By Liberals

The MLA for Chester-St. Margaret's says she's not surprised to see the spring sitting of the Legislature rise early. NDP member Denise Peterson-Rafuse says the sitting usually goes until at least mid-May but it wrapped up on Thursday. She says the Liberal government upset a lot of people, including students, when they ended the Graduate Retention program and did very little in return.

Peterson-Rafuse says she's heard comments from the public saying the Liberals aren't as advertised and they feel betrayed. The spring sitting was in session for just over a month.

Gas Prices Drop At South Shore Pumps

A nice surprise this morning at the gas pumps! Prices were expected to stay about the same after the midnight setting by the utility and review board. However, prices this morning are down by three cents a litre to $1.43.2 a litre for regular self serve. High test also down in price by the same amount to $1.52.1 per litre. The biggest change is diesel. Its lower this morning by five cents a litre to $1.37.7 a litre.