Thursday, March 29, 2012

Town approves amendments for off-leash Dog Park

Now that one is all but confirmed, Bridgewater's mayor says there's room for another. Town council approved amendments to its municipal planning strategy and land use by-law to permit leash-free dog spaces in certain areas of Bridgewater. The move is the next step to building a leash-free space in Generations Active Park. Carroll Publicover believes another leash-free park could be built in the Municipality of Lunenburg. He says there are a number of potential locations.
"There's lands around the MARC that I think might be suitable, Miller Peace Park; I don't know how big it is, but maybe, and maybe there's certain times when that could be a leash-free park and the rest of the time a place to walk, and you know, we have the other side of the 103, our lands, former industrial lands that are there, I think there are sites all over the place."
Councillor David Mitchell says the off-leash space at Generations Active Park could be ready sometime this summer if its grubbed and has proper signage.

Former SSRSB member pursuades MODL to support nine-seat board

A former school board member is persuading the Municipality of Lunenburg to endorse a nine-seat option for the boards electoral boundaries. Karen Reinhardt spoke with council members Tuesday explaining a nine-seat choice would be the best practice to follow; losing only one seat from the previous school board and allowing for wide representation through the region. The school board has endorsed a six seat option as their first choice, plus two seats for the the African and Mik'maq representatives. Reinhardt says that option would create problems including increased workloads for members.
"With those few members, you're not going to have a lot of different viewpoints, a lot of different experience, a lot of different expertise around the board table which is really important for the kind of decisions and discussion that go on there."
The Municipality has deferred a decision until their next committee meeting. Meanwhile, the Utility and Review Board will hold a public hearing on electoral boundaries May 2 at the school board office.