Sunday, April 27, 2014

Teens In Custody Following Kings County Fires

Two teenage boys are in police custody following a pair of fires in Kings County. RCMP say they are investigating the fires, which happened Sunday in Aylesford. Police and firefighters responded to the call of an abandoned house and abandoned barn fire around mid-afternoon. Both buildings are a complete loss and the fire is being treated as suspicious. No one was injured. The Fire Marshal's Office is determining the cause. A 15-year-old boy and 17-year-old boy were still in police custody as of Sunday night.

Rail Museum Readies For New Season

Just like "The Little Engine That Could", there's a South Shore Museum that's working to keep the area's railway history alive! Duane Porter owns and operates the Halifax and Southwestern Railway Museum in Lunenburg and he says his company is one that will not be going, hat in hand, to government seeking financial support. He says the rich history of the former line is strong enough to keep tourists dropping by each year and in turn financially supporting the museum. Porter says the rail line's unique characteristics endeared itself to South Shore communities for 80 years.

Porter says the railway museum is known all over and has become a "must-see" spot in tourism circles.
It re-opens for the summer season, May 2nd.