Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mill Cove Residents Argue Boundary Changes

A long standing boundary issue between Mill Cove and Birchy Head has reached its tipping point. About 10 residents residents of Mill Cove attended this morning's council meeting in Chester to discuss a petition on the proposed boundary change. Many residents told council the original petition was confusing and that they wanted to change their vote. Councillor Floyd Shattford is hoping a second petition - mailed out by the municipality - will give the issue some clarity. 'We'll get it right at the end of the day. It's not going to change peoples lives, it's not going to change peoples postal address its just a matter of moving a sign from one place to another - it's sensitive for some people and I understand that but hopefully at the end of the day all will go well...and no hard feelings,"  According to the proposed boundary changes, residents who currently reside in Mill Cove would technically be living in the community of Birchy Head. Council will revisit the issue at a future meeting.

BREAKING: SSRSB identifies six schools for review

The South Shore Regional School Board has identified six schools for review this year. Board member Judith Sullivan-Corney stated Gold River-Western Shore Elementary, Pentz Elementary, Petite Riviere Elementary, Hebbville Academy, Bridgewater Junior/Senior High and Mill Village Consolidated will go through the review process. Sullivan-Corney says there is a need to look at some schools.
"I think its important for us to review schools that are close together, schools that are very small that require a lot of repair, we need to look at that because I think over time, we're not going to be able to maintain all of those schools."
A decision was delayed on four schools including New Ross Consolidated, Newcombville Elementary, and both New Germany Elementary and New Germany High. Sullivan-Corney also indicated Aspotogan Consolidated Elementary, North Queens Community School and Greenfield Elementary would not be reviewed. She says a decision on the four delayed schools could come as early as next month. The review process has many options including recommending a facility be closed, upgraded or consolidated. Check out the video below of Sullivan-Corney explaining why the board decided to send six schools to the review process.

Mitchell: Steele inaccurate over no tax increase claim

A Bridgewater town councillor disagrees with Finance Minister Graham Steele that taxes won't be raised in the province this year. David Mitchell says the message Steele is sending is not exactly true. He says although the province may not increase taxes, municipalities might be forced to.
"I find it humorous because at the provincial level it's easier for them to say no tax increases and send that message out to the people of Nova Scotia, yet, they increase the burden on municipalities, which may result in a lot of them increasing their taxes."
Mitchell doesn't expect the town of Bridgewater to be affected after population growth and an increase in tax revenue because of development. But he notes, total property values in the province increased by an average of six per cent from last year, meaning some homeowners should expect a hike on their tax bills.