Saturday, November 13, 2010


Some residents of St. Margarets Bay say today's accident on highway 103 between exits 5 and 6 is further proof that the $12 million for the proposed connector road should be spent improving highway safety, not building a two-minute shortcut.

Rresident Sean Kirby says the accidents and deaths on our highways are a tragic reminder of the need to improve highway safety in this province.

The Canadian Automobile Association has called highway 103 the second worst highway in the country and it has been the Nova Scotia highway with the highest number of fatal accidents in recent years.

According to the Department of Transportation, over 250 people died in accidents on Nova Scotia's highways in the past three years.

St. Margaret's Bay residents are calling on the government to hold a referendum to decide whether to build the connector and have already shown their opposition to through letter writing and public meetings.

103 Collision

Early this morning, Halifax District RCMP and Chester RCMP responded to a serious head on collision on Highway # 103 between exits 5 and exit 6.

A Honda Civic that was outbound from Halifax, crossed the centre line and struck a tractor trailer.

HRM Fire and Rescue services were also on hand to extinguish a fire in the tractor and extract the driver from the Honda Civic.

Both vehicles were extensively damaged.

The driver of the tractor trailer was not injured.

The incident remains under investigation.