Wednesday, February 19, 2014

MODL: Municipality Exploring Clear Plastic Bags

Clear garbage bags could soon be coming to the Municipality of Lunenburg. Council members decided to make changes to a bylaw that would provide them with more information on the issue. The province has set a waste disposal target of 300 kilograms per person by next year. Right now, the municipality is above that number. MODL Mayor Don Downe says they're trying to take the necessary steps.

If it moves forward, residents could still use one black bag for private items. Forty-one out of 55 Nova Scotia municipalities use clear plastic bags in the their waste pick-up. The town of Mahone Bay is also moving towards implementing clear bags. The issue will come to Bridgewater on Monday night.

Yarmouth: Baseball Bat Used In Assault

A 49 year old man in Yarmouth is recovering after he was allegedly beaten with a baseball bat. RCMP say the man was hit in the head twice after an argument broke out involving an 18 year-old. He was taken to hospital where police were made aware of the situation. Wiliam Jamie Nathan Weagle was arrested without incident and is facing two assault charges. The teenager was expected in court today.

Minister: "Education Review Needed"

A former lieutenant governor will lead a panel to identify what Nova Scotians think needs to be done to strengthen the public education system. Myra Freeman and five panelists will seek public opinion on what is working with public education and what needs improvement. Education Minister Karen Casey unveiled the panel today. She says the system hasn't been reviewed thoroughly in 25 years. The panel has reps from Digby, Brookfield, Sydney, Pugwash, Sydney and a former Yarmouth resident. They will review curriculum, technology and student outcomes. An action plan will be developed that will reflect the input of Nova Scotians during the consultation period.

VIDEO: Businesses Concerned About Proposed Sewer Rates In Chester

Businesses in Chester are worried over new proposed sewer rates. Council is looking at introducing a universal rate to help eliminate deficits in five of the six sewer systems in the municipality. However, businesses are worried the increases will cost them thousands of dollars more each year. Chamber of Commerce President Jo-Ann Grant says more work on the issue needs to be done.

Council is looking into a flat fee or increased assessment as options for applying a universal sewer rate. Staff will gather more information and report back to them in March. Video of Grant's speech to council can be watched below.

Prepping For The Drive On Snowy Roads

As we get set for yet another snowstorm tonight and the usual bad driving conditions the morning after, the Canadian Automobile Association is advising South Shore motorists to bone-up on their driving habits and skills. Gary Howard of CAA says its especially important not to rush to get to work on a snowy-road morning. He says back off on the speedn and don't worry if you're a bit late getting to the office.

Howard says make sure your car, truck or SUV is clear of all snow and ice before you head out, stay well behind other vehicles on the highway and do not use cruise control. Its dangerous to use in the winter.

Remembering The Wrath Of "White Juan"

As we plough through storm after storm this winter, many people say its nothing like 2004. Ten years ago this week, a weather-bomb known as "White Juan" struck the South Shore and the rest of Nova Scotia, crippling the region for days! More than 100 centimeters of snow, blown around by 120 kilometer an hour gales, trapped people in their homes, hotels and in a few cases, vehicles. Department of Transportation Area Manager Glen Strang went to work the evening the storm began and didn't get home for nearly three days. He and his fellow DOT crewmembers worked feverishly to keep things open.

Strang says there was an "upside" to the storm though.

The storm lasted for two days and was named "White Juan" because it had been less than 6 months since Hurricane Juan swept across the province.

Health Minister Eyes South Shore Health

Nova Scotia's Health Minister will be spending the day (today) on the South Shore meeting with health care officials at South Shore Health. Its a continuing series of meetings province-wide as Leo Glavine prepares to overhaul the health care system. The plan is to reduce the number of health authorities from 9 to 2, one for Capital Health/IWK and one for the rest of the province. Glavine will also be dropping by the South Shore Regional Hospital in Bridgewater and Fishermen's Memorial Hospital in Lunenburg to talk with doctors, nurses and specialists.

Last month, the minister was in Queens County and visited Queens General Hospital for similar consultations.

Steady She Goes On The Highways

Its a very messy drive this morning everywhere along the South Shore and particularly nasty driving in Lunenburg County! Queens County is a little better. The 103 is snow-covered with icy patches underneath.
Pretty much the same for most other roads. If you're heading out this morning, Gary Howard of the Canadian Automobile Association says don't risk speeding to make it to work on time.

Howard says make sure your car, truck or SUV is clear of snow and ice, stay well behind other vehicles on the road and don't use cruise-control.