Sunday, March 16, 2014

UPDATE: 4 Injured In Bridgewater Fire

A pot of grease left unattended and boiling on a stove caused a fire in a Bridgewater apartment Saturday night. Three people were injured and a Bridgewater fire fighter also suffered an injury. Fire chief Michael Nauss explains.

Meanwhile, Chief Nauss says grease fires are among the most dangerous kitchen fires.

By the way, damage to the Pleasant Street apartment was minimal, mainly smoke in the kitchen area.

Bridgewater: Grease Fire Causes Multiple Injuries

There were multiple injuries following a grease fire in Bridgewater over the weekend. The fire broke out Saturday evening at a home on Pleasant Street. Police say three people were taken to South Shore Regional Hospital - one person was later taken to Halifax for further treatment. Meanwhile, a volunteer firefighter was also injured while fighting the fire. Those injuries are described as being minor in nature. The fire has been deemed accidental.

Top Ten Scams

Computer virus fixing, credit card interest rates, debt settlement and mystery shopping are among the top ten scams making the rounds in our region. The Maritime Better Business Bureau has compiled a list. The Bureau's Jill Atkinson says virus-fixing tops it as consumers get suspicious email messages claiming they have a serious virus problem in their computer that needs fixing right away.

Atkinson says if that happens, you're open to the scammers getting all your personal information, passwords, credit card numbers and the like. She suggests ignoring such messages and even reporting them to police or the BBB.

Here's the top ten list of scams as compiled by the Better Business Bureau:
1.         Computer Virus fixing Scam
2.         Credit Card Interest Rates
3.         Advance Fee Loans Scam
4.         Debt Settlement
5.         Door to Door Sales
6.         Mystery Shopping
7.         Foreign Lotteries
8.         Sweepstakes
9.         Phishing Scams

10.       Inheritance Scams

Demolition of Lunenburg Building Likely After Appeal Period

One of Lunenburg's old waterfront buildings appears headed for demolition. The Yamaha Building on Montague Street was seriously damaged by an electrical fire last fall and its been determined the cost to repair it would be too excessive. The Town of Lunenburg held a public hearing this past week on a demolition proposal. Mayor Rachel Bailey said no one, opposed to bringing the old building down, showed up. There's an appeal period now which lasts thirty days. After that, if there's no objection, the demolition permit will go ahead.