Tuesday, May 19, 2009

East River Plank

2009-05-19 06:08:31


Tough economic times across North America are being felt in Chester St. Margaret's.  Judy Streatch, Education Minister in the MacDonald Government, says it's unfortunate the housing market has taken a dip in the states and that is being felt here.  She says she'll do all she can to help the workers being laid off from Louisiana Pacific in East River.  Louisiana Pacific manufactures wood products for export around the world. It's restructuring plan will see the layoffs of 66 employees and four managers.

Bay Side Beds

2009-05-19 06:07:10


A long-promised expansion to a Shelburne county nursing home is now a political plank.  N-D-P leader Darrell Dexter pledged this morning to get the additional 50 beds open for those who need them, as soon as possible, regardless of the result of next month's election.  The MacDonald Conservatives have delayed the long-promised opening of Bay Side’s expansion by another three years.  In 2006, former Minister of Health, Chris d’Entremont, announced that Bay Side’s new beds would open in the fall of 2007.  In 2007, the opening date was changed to 2010.  Dexter adds Shelburne residents can't afford to wait any longer. He says Rodney MacDonald had a chance to deliver these nursing home beds and failed.  He made the comments campaigning with Sterling Belliveau in Shelburne Friday morning.