Wednesday, September 23, 2009

BMHS Terry Fox Run

On September 25 (starting at 1 pm) Barrington Municipal High School will be taking part in the annual Terry Fox Run, with staff and students volunteering their time and resources to keep Terry's Dream of a cancer free world alive. Last year all schools in NS raised $408,000 with our school contributing $4847.49, our goal again this year is to raise $5,000. Our route will start 1pm at BMHS and goes along Oak Park Rd. to Cross intersection (past the ESSO Garage) and travel along River Head Rd to Highway 3; Cross road at intersection and travel along Highway 3 to Oak Park Rd. Cross road at intersection and continue along Oak Park Road to the school turn-off. Continue along Oak Park Rd & back to BMHS. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Prizes will be awarded to the Top Pledge-getters, and Fastest Runners, in both Sr. and Jr. High. There will also be draws for other Door Prizes. To be eligible for these draws, students must collect at least $20.00 in pledges. All students and staff who complete the Walk/Run will receive a Certificate of Recognition.

Queens Fitness

The Region of Queens is setting up a subsidy program for fitness instructor training. At the present time there are very few certified leaders in the Region of Queens offering classes to the public . Council feels that with the opening of Queens Place on the horizon, and increased attention nationally to activity levels in youth and adults, there is a need for an increase in local fitness leadership. A major factor in getting certified is the cost, so Council has approved subsidizing 50 percent of course fees to become a fitness leader. Participants will be reimbursed the subsidy upon presentation of a certificate from the course along with a receipt showing they paid for the course.

Police Car Collision

Bridgewater police are looking into an accident involving one of their police cars as it was responding to a building on fire on North Street last week. Chief Brent Crowhurst is doing the investigation himself. He says there's been an allegation of a hit-and-run, something he says doesn't apply in this case because there was no attempt to evade criminal or civil liability. Chief Crowhurst says because the car was being driven by Deputy Police Chief John Collyer a prosecutor will be consulted to make sure there is an independant review of the case. The unmarked car was responding with lights and sirens activated last Tuesday morning as it was responding to the building on fire on North Street. There was a head-on collision at the intersection of Glen Allan Drive and Aberdeen Road with a vehicle that was turning left on to Aberdeen from Glen Allan Drive. The driver of the other car was assessed at South Shore Regional hospital and then released that morning. Collyer was un-injured.

Bowater Money

The N-D-P government is investing in the sustainability of a major employer and exporter in Nova Scotia's paper products industry. Bowater Mersey Paper Company Ltd. is receiving $2.5 million dollars to support adding book-grade paper to its manufacturing process. Economic and Rural Development Minister Percy Paris says the company is finding innovative ways to manage through difficult economic times. The Bowater Mersey mill in Brooklyn employs about 500 full-time employees andsupports the jobs of more than 1,000 people in industry-related operations. The investment is from the Community Development Trust Fund, a $34.9-million fund set up by the federal government in 2008 to help communities and sectors experiencing economic challenges.

The province is investing in the sustainability of a major employer and exporter in Nova Scotia's paper products industry.
Bowater Mersey Paper Company Ltd. is receiving $2.5 million to support the addition of book-grade paper to its manufacturing process.
Book-grade paper, used mainly in the printing of paperback books, requires more demanding quality standards than those for newsprint. The book-grade paper market tends to have more stable demand and pricing trends.
Economic and Rural Development is supporting the company's diversification plan through the Community Development Trust Fund. The $34.9-million fund was established in 2008 by the federal government to help communities and sectors experiencing economic challenges.
"Bowater Mersey is managing through difficult economic times in this industry by finding innovative ways to reduce operating costs, improve productivity, and develop new product lines and markets," said Minister of Economic and Rural Development Percy Paris.
"The fundamentals of this company are solid and, along with the company, its employees, suppliers, and customers and various governments, we want this mill to continue to be a viable part of our economy and return to higher employment levels as the economy rebounds in the coming months."
Bowater Mersey employs about 500 full-time employees. Its operations include the newsprint mill near Liverpool, Queens Co. the Oakhill sawmill near Bridgewater; the Mersey Woodlands forest management group and the Brooklyn Power Corporation in Brooklyn, Queens Co.
Indirectly, the company supports the jobs of more than 1,000 people in forest management and harvesting operations, private sawmills, trucking firms and other suppliers. Its products are exported around the world.
Bowater Mersey has invested more than $7 million toward the product diversification project, including new manufacturing processes, technology and equipment. The company has already marketed its book-grade paper in the United Kingdom and is seeking opportunities to supply European and Asian pressrooms. Book-grade paper is shipped by vessel from the port at the Bowater Mersey mill as well as by container through the Port of Halifax.
Bowater Mersey continues to work closely within the industry to develop certified forest management practices. The co-generation plan produces electricity under contract to Nova Scotia Power Inc., which provides a stable steam supply to the newsprint plant.
The priorities of the Community Development Trust Fund are to enhance sustainable prosperity, diversify economic and trade opportunities, improve productivity, innovation and training, assist communities with transition planning, and help workers facing adjustment challenges. More information on the Community Development Trust Fund in Nova Scotia is available at .