Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Province Announces Funding for Two South Shore Schools

Bluenose Academy
Two new South Shore schools are receiving funds from the provincial government. The still to be built South Queens Junior High is getting $8.5-million while Bluenose Academy in Lunenburg is pegged to get $840-thousand. Department of Education spokesperson Peter McLaughlin says the announcement shows that government considers the schools a priority for the South Shore. McLaughlin couldn't comment on what each school plans to use the money towards. The funding is part of the government's 2012-13 Capital plan. Site selection for the new South Queens Junior High is scheduled for Thursday morning while Bluenose Academy is anticipated to open in 2012.

Public Hearing in Chester: Cancelled

A public hearing regarding the proposed location of a new telecommunications tower in Chester has been cancelled. The hearing was to deal with the location of an Eastlink owned tower and it's proximity to homes on the Demone Road. The tower would offer better high speed Internet connection and cell phone usage in the community. The meeting was set for tonight but due to the weather it will be rescheduled.

RCMP: Motorists Need to Slow Down

It's been a hectic morning for Lunenburg County RCMP. Staff Sergeant Bruce Hill says roads are extremely slick and he's asking motorists to slow down. "The roads at this time are very slick, the snow is hitting the pavement and turning to ice. We've had about 10 accidents already this morning, no injuries reported as of yet. We're asking motorists to slow down, use caution and ensure you leave enough room between yourself and the vehicle ahead of you," No serious incidents to report, Hill says in most cases vehicles have slid of the road. Meanwhile, a number of school closures are already being reported. Under the South Shore Regional School Board, all schools will be closed today.

Snow & Rain to Pound South Shore - UPDATED

R-C-M-P are already warning drivers to be ready for slippery, slushy roadways this morning. Snowfall warnings are in effect across Nova Scotia and southern New Brunswick, as well as central and eastern PEI. A number of school closures are already being reported. Under the South Shore Regional School Board, all schools will be closed today. It looks like Nova Scotia will get the brunt of the snow with amounts of up to 35 centimetres expected today and tonight over inland areas. Coastal areas, however, could be getting a good soaking with up to 40 millimetres of rain. Stay tuned to CKBW/HANK FM for the latest on the forecast, road conditions and potential cancellations.

Salvation Army Launches Christmas Kettle Program

The Salvation Army has started its major fundraiser for the holiday season and new year. The Christmas Kettle Program is officially underway throughout Canada, including in Lunenburg County. Captain Stephen Holland with the local Salvation Army says the Kettle Program allows them to help people year-round with emergency needs like food, medication, transportation or heat. Holland says around four kettles will be placed in areas around Lunenburg County including the Bridgewater Mall, Superstore and Sobeys. He says he hopes the Christmas Kettle Program will raise around $50-thousand this year.