Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thorburne re-elected as Bridgewater Fire Chief

Bridgewater Fire Chief Wayne Thorburne
Bridgewater's Fire Chief has been re-elected to another term. Wayne Thorburne successfully retained his office after defeating Captain Reid Whynot for the position. Thorburne says he's happy to stay on as Fire Chief.
"I'm very pleased. It's a busy department and I enjoy the work and I enjoy the people and I enjoy the community and I just love doing what I'm doing."
He says he would like to increase membership in the department in 2012. Currently, the Bridgewater Fire Department has 43 members and Thorburne is hopeful they can reach 50 in the new year.

'Darksiders' expand to Bridgewater

Bridgewater's police chief is calling for calm despite the fact a Dartmouth-based biker gang with ties to the Hells Angels have expanded to the South Shore. John Collyer says the biker-group - known as the Darksiders - are currently renting a space on King Street in Bridgewater but adds they haven't done anything wrong to cause alarm. However, Collyer says police will keep an eye on the situation "To this point they haven't created any kind of criminal activity here and they haven't caused any problems. We treat them like we treat any other citizen of Bridgewater and we will continue to monitor the situation,"  Police were made aware of the gangs intentions to move into Bridgewater for about three months because the group has local members. Collyer says police are working with RCMP in Halifax and Dartmouth to gather information about the biker group.

Friday Power Outage: Town of Lunenburg

Some residents within the Town of Lunenburg will be without power for a short time Friday morning. Officials are making some emergency line repairs between 5AM and 6AM. Customers affected include those living on Green Street Dufferin, Brook, Maple Avenue, Tanyard Road, Knickle Road, the North Side of Harbour View Drive and Mason's Beach Road. The outage should only last an hour. Be sure to put some batteries in your alarm clock or use your cell phone for a wake-up.

South Shore RCMP Battle Impaired Driving

RCMP across the South Shore are ramping up efforts to put a halt to impaired driving this holiday season. In Lunenburg County, Constable Rob James says Mounties will be conducting stop checks on a regular basis leading up to Christmas in an effort to keep the roads safe. James explains it's a constant battle for police and an offense that carries steep consequences. "You wouldn't be able to just run out to the store and grab something, you wouldn't be able to drive your kids to soccer practice, you wouldn't be able to drive yourself to work. You would need to depend on someone else to get all of these things done. Not to mention, a lot of employers would frown on the fact you don't have a drivers license," James says impaired driving is not only limited to alcohol consumption but also applies to those who choose to operate a vehicle under the influences of drugs. The same charges and fines apply.  On average, 22 Nova Scotians die each year in alcohol related collisions.

Lunenburg woman turns lemons into $250,000

Call it a dream come true for Glo McNeill. The 82-year-old from Lunenburg turned her recipe into riches Wednesday night, taking home the Food Network's grand prize of $250,000. McNeill says she just kept believing she would win. Her Luscious Lemon Pudding Cakes received the most votes during a three day voting period last week. McNeill says she plans to use the money to fix up her house, put it on her mortgage and maybe take a vacation. You can catch the full interview on this weekend's South Shore Sunday Morning.