Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bump In the Night

In response to speeding and other dangerous driving habits in the Arena/Community Centre parking lot, Lunenburg Town Council has approved installing speed bumps.  The rubber speed bumps will be removable to accommodate snow removal. Council has agreed to increase its capital funding for parking lot improvements in this fiscal year to 88 hundred dollars so a full set of 67 speed bumps can be purchased for installation next spring. As the province is proposing to use a large section of the parking lot for the new Bluenose Academy staff and visitor parking, the Town is asking the Department of Education to contribute 50 percent of the cost of the speed bumps.

Oh Deer

A Lunenburg couple seeking a hunting prohibition within the town limits is out of luck. Susan Dennis and Darrell Tingley requested Council to implement a by-law making it illegal to bow hunt for deer. Dennis says she's disappointed with Council's decision. She says there's plenty of area within the County for hunters that they don't have to engage in the sport within the town boundary's. Tingley says next year it could be wide open with irresponsible hunters. He says as well, with no restrictions, hunters could well decide to go after bear. Mayor Laurence Mawhinney says despite the couple's concerns, the status quo will remain. He says there are regulations through the province that currently prohibit hunters from discharging firearms within the town limits.

Smells Like Christmas

You'll be able to guarantee your Christmas tree is fresh if you buy it from a retailer displaying a banner from the Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia. This is the first year the Council in partnership with the three regional Christmas tree grower associations is introducing the Christmas Tree Retail Code of Practice. To be eligible to display the signs Christmas tree retailers must agree to provide clean, freshly cut trees. The contract also calls for the maintenance of neat, orderly retail  space, customer service, and  proper tree care.

Fishermen Facing Favourable Conditions

It's the second day on the open seas for hundreds of lobster fishermen on the South Shore.

A region that stretches from Digby County along the South Shore to Halifax is considered one of the most fertile fishing markets in Atlantic Canada.

DFO Director for South Western Nova Scotia, Ian Marshall says the the first and most dangerous day of the season passed without major incident.

Marshall says two boats fishing out of Wedgeport and Westport are facing mechanical problems and will be towed to shore by Coast Guard vessels this morning.

Last year's regional fishery was worth 215  million dollars.

Lobster Exporters Face Tough Markets

South Shore markets are being flooded with lobster fresh from the sea.

A region stretching from Digby County, along the South Shore to Halifax, is considered to be one the most lucrative fishing grounds in Atlantic Canada.

As hundreds of fishermen haul traps on open water, those on shore are trying to determine a price for their product.

Denny Morrow of the "Nova Scotia Fish Packers" says exporters are doing their best to keep prices high in an unhealthy market.

"The economies of North America and Europe are better than they were two year ago, somewhat better than last year but there are still great difficulties," says Morrow.

Morrow says the bulk of the lobster being caught during this season will be shipped to the United States and Europe where debt is high, employment is low and banking systems are unsound.

Morrow says exporters are increasing sales by diversifying their product lines and expanding markets in Europe and China.

Morrow says he expects lobster to sell for "four and a quarter" per pound this season.

Last year's regional fishery was worth 215 million dollars.

Christmas Festival Funding

The federal government is getting in the festive mood by providing forty seven hundred dollars in funding for the annual "New Ross Christmas Festival".
The region's main industry growing and exporting Christmas trees and festival celebrates that with live entertainment, workshops and artisan exhibits.

M-P Gerald Keddy and Minister James Moore made the announcement this morning.

Moore says the event is a fun and festive way to boost the local economy while bringing the community together.

The contribution is provided through the "Building Communities through Arts and Heritage" fund.

The festival gets underway on December 3rd.


Several South Shore lobster fishermen are facing charges related to yesterday's start of the season.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans in Shelburne has charged three fishermen with hauling their traps on the same day as they were set.
A 4th lobster fisherman has been charged and charges are pending against several others for leaving port early yesterday, prior to the 7am start time.

Monday, November 29, 2010

LCLC Public Meeting

The latest design for the proposed Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre will be unveiled tonight  (Tuesday .,Nov.30) at a public meeting at the Best Western. Chair of the LCLC, Paul Belliveau says the restructured and revamped design of the facility will be presented to the public as well as the next phase of the budgeting process for the capital program for the project .  Belliveau says they're still working on completing the project by late fall of 2012. He says the next step will be to have the land cleared. Tonight's meeting is set to get underway at 7pm . The 32 million dollar Lifestyle Centre will house an indoor aquatic centre, one NHL sized rink, a new library, multi purpose and active living space.

Refusal of Roadside Screeing Charges

Two Lunenburg County men are facing charges of refusal of a roadside screening device demand following a weekend traffic stop and collision. A 48 year old Wileville man was stopped at a checkpoint on St. Phillips Street. Police noticed signs the man had been drinking but he refused a demand to provide a breath sample. Meantime, a 26 year old man from First Peninsula refused a roadside demand after being involved in a a collision. South Shore Traffic Services came across a vehicle overturned in a ditch on Highway 10 in Cherryfield around 3 a.m. on Saturday November 27th. The driver was found walking a short distance away. Both men are scheduled to appear in Bridgewater Provincial Court on January 26th.

Pizza Parlour Faces Disciplinary Hearing

A Lunenburg pizza parlour will have a disciplinary hearing before the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board in the new year.  J3 Pizza of 50 Montague Street is facing allegations of infractions under three sections of the Liquor Licensing Regulations. The company holds an eating establishment liquor licence.The disciplinary hearing has been scheduled for Friday, January 14th at 10:30 a.m. in Lunenburg Council Chambers.

Tourism Plan Launched

Nova Scotia has launched its 2011 provincial tourism plan (Nov. 29) to provide direction for building the industry and growing the economy. Presented at the 2010 tourism summit, the annual plan anticipates a competitive global market for visitors by focusing on innovation, helping businesses develop a competitive edge and capitalizing on the province's unique experiences and services. Tourism Culture and Heritage Minister Percy Paris says the department has advanced a plan for 2011 that will allow Nova Scotia to compete on the world stage as a top travel destination.  In the Maritimes region, a new approach will allow every Nova Scotian the opportunity to become a star. In spring, auditions will be held for regional television commercials, with Nova Scotians sharing favourite local experiences.
The tourism plan for 2011 is available on the department's website at www.gov.ns.ca/tch/tourism.

Christmas on the LaHave

The sound of singing filled the streets and lights flooded the sky as Bridgewater celebrated the festive season last night.

Record numbers turned out for the town's annual "Christmas on the LaHave" celebrations which included live entertainment, fireworks and a parade of more than thirty floats.

Event organizer and town councillor Bill McInnis says the event brings out the festive spirit in all who attend.

"People look forward to these types of events, when they become an annual event, in particular that time of year. And it give the community a sense of community... and anyone who at that function last evening would agree, there seems be an awful lot of happy people," say McInnis.

McInnis is guessing more than five thousand people attended the festivities.

The event is in its sixth year of operation, the parade was added the event bill four years ago.

Lobster Season Opens

Hundreds of vessels are scouring the coast of southern Nova Scotia today.

Lobster fishermen are setting traps in open waters stretching from Halifax to Digby County in the first day of the regional season.

Ian Marshall DFO Director for South Western Nova Scotia says some were not so lucky , despite favourable weather conditions.

"A vessel struck a rock and is basically inoperable at this moment and as well there were... three incidents in LFA 34 .So overall unfortunate for the four individuals, but overall not too bad when you consider roughly seventeen hundred vessels sailed...this morning," says Marshall.

Marshall says the four men were not injured in the accident and were able to safely beach their damaged vessel in a nearby port.


One of the most lucrative fishing seasons in the Atlantic region opens today off the southern coast of Nova Scotia.

Roughly 1,700 lobster licence-holders can set their traps in an area stretching from Digby County, around to the South Shore and to Halifax.
The federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans says the lobster fishery in areas 33 and 34 produced landings last year worth about $215 million.
Most of the lobster is exported to the United States.
The department notes that stepped-up security along the Canada-U.S. border has caused significant delays in lobster shipments in recent years.
The department says those delays could be reduced if fishermen and shippers ensure their lobster meets all the Canadian fishery regulations and U.S. entry requirements.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shooting in Kings County

Kings County RCMP are investigating after a shooting Saturday morning.

Police say a bullet entered the 2nd floor of a West Brooklyn residence injuring a nineteen year old occupant.

The victim of the shooting has since been released from hospital.

Anyone with information on the crime is asked to contact Kings County RCMP or Crime Stoppers.

Investigators say the suspect may not be aware that their shot reached a home or human flesh.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Winter will set in before long but many Bridgewater residents who make use of the "Community Garden" are already dreaming of spring tulips and fresh tomatoes.

Melanie Coldwell says the group is looking to expand in the spring.
More than 40 people regularly enjoyed the fresh produce from the garden this past season.
Coldwell says the garden, with the help of town council, has created a strong sense of community.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Operation Christmas Launched

Queens MLA Vicki Conrad on hand Thursday to help launch Operation Christmas. Checkpoints targeting impaired drivers were set up in Truro to signify the start of the province-wide initiative. Operation Christmas is an annual campaign to reduce impaired driving. Conrad says the days of having a couple of drinks and getting behind the wheel are long gone The province, in partnership with law enforcement across Nova Scotia are sending a clear message that if you drink and drive, there are serious consequences. Impaired driving is one of the leading contributing factors in fatal collisions in Nova Scotia.

Public Input Sought on Wind Energy By-law

The Municipality of Shelburne will be holding a public meeting December 2nd to present to residents a draft policy and bylaw for the regulation of wind turbines. Residents are encouraged to attend the session from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Jordan Falls IOOF Hall and provide feedback on the draft documents.  Detailed mapping of wind resources in the District  and a series of public consultations  took place over the summer months. The Municipality of the District of Shelburne is continuing work on a wind energy development plan, in partnership with the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities.

Chester Reduces Septage Waste Costs

The Municipality of Chester is reducing the cost for accepting septage waste from 30 to 22 dollars per ton. Warden Alan Webber says the price had been increased to cover the costs of compliance with new regulations coming into effect in January. There was some discussion on the merit of reducing the charge or not providing the service. By reducing the charge the Municipality could at least recoup some lost revenue. Webber also says there are some capacity issues with the  Municipality's dewatering truck. It works great for the sewer treatment plants but doesn't work well at the landfill, processing all the sewage that comes in from all over the Municiaplity. The reduction in septage costs will remain in effect until March 31st of next year.

United Way of Lunenburg County

They're lean and mean and want to put as much money as possible back into the community. That's how Michael Graves described the United Way of-Lunenburg County during a presentation to Chester Council. Graves says since 2006 they've invested a little more than 454 thousand dollars in Lunenburg County organizations with direct benefits to the Municipality of Chester. He says 94 thousand 600 of that investment provided an exclusive benefit only to the residents of Chester.   Graves says if every single working person in Lunenburg County contributed just 15 cents a day the organization would raise over 1.1 million dollars a year. Some of the projects funded by the United Way in the municipality of Chester include P.R.O. Kids, Chester Community Wheels, the New Ross recreation field ,Bonnie Lea Farm and Through the Years Community Community Centre in Hubbards.


The province is looking to slash funding to all of its departments in order to balance the budget.

Bridgewater Mayor Carroll Publicover says politicians and residents alike need to be prepared for the fiscal unknown.
He says the Town of Bridgewater has a surplus right now and to help maintain that situation in the future, expenses have to be kept under control and even reduced to do so.
However, the mayor says everything could change in the second quarter.
Premier Darrell Dexter has said current provincial spending is not sustainable and the deficit must be reduced.
The province is facing a shortfall of more than 590 million dollars.


South Queens is getting a new school and one small group of South Shore Residents are sure to get some say in the planning process.

The South Shore Regional School Board is establishing a "School Steering Team".
The group, of more than a dozen members, will provide recommendations on school location, layout and design to the Minister of Education.
Peter Howitt of the Department of Education, Barry Butler of the South Shore Regional School Board and Darlene Norman of the the Region of Queens Council are among the chosen members of the group.
Anyone with suggestions for school sites are asked to contact 'Steering School Team' members online at SSRSB-DOT-C-A.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


A newly released study suggests lobster fishermen should reduce the number of traps they put in the water each year.

The study by consulting firm Gardner Pinfold has been presented to the Lobster Council of Canada.
Council executive director Geoff Irvine says the idea of fewer traps is nothing new.
He says the industry could keep a tighter grip on prices by controlling the supply.
The report also recommends lobster fishermen make fewer trips and even have individual quotas.
Irvine says it's important to remember that the report contains only recommendations.
The fall lobster fishery in southwestern Nova Scotia begins on Monday.


Changes to existing laws governing sport fishing are seen as a good first step by a conservation group whose aim is to protect trout from extinction in South Shore rivers and steams.

The Nova Scotia government is bringing in amendments to the Coastal Fisheries Resources Act aimed at preventing anglers from introducing threatening species to waterways, like small-mouth bass and chain pickerel.
Those fish have been slowly destroying the trout population.
The group, "Trout Nova Scotia", says the changes to the act will help protect existing trout and rebuild stocks but they believe the government should be making it even more difficult for some anglers to introduce predatory species to waterways.
Among the proposed changes to the act: penalties that include a 1-thousand dollar fine, suspension of fishing privaleges for 5 years and the seizure of vehicles, boats and trailers.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Police VS Paramedics

Here's your chance to tell the police or paramedics to "Stuff It ".  The second annual food bank challenge is set for  Saturday  December 4th from 1 to 4 p.m.. Town Police are taking on EHS paramedics to see who can stuff their vehicles the most with items for the Bridgewater Interchurch Food Bank. The teams will battle it out in the Superstore parking lot . Last years competition was declared a draw . Two police cares, an ambulance and van were filled with non-perishable items all donated to the food bank. Donations can also be dropped off at the police station on Exhibition Drive or the EHS base on North Street.

Clean Slate for Canada Day Committee

Bridgewater Town Council is giving Canada on the LaHave's planning committee a clean financial slate.

Council will forgive a three-hundred dollar debt incurred by this years festivities.

Mayor Carroll Publicover says the committee was once disorganized and indebted with few members.

That's changed though.

"They've picked up the pieces and put it back together and it's going to be a great Canada Day this year," says Publicover.

Publicover says forgiving the debt is a symbolic sign of support for event organizers.

This year's Canada Day celebrations included local music, live entertainment and a healthy dose of fireworks.

Planning Commitee Members Appointed

A handful of Bridgewater residents have gained membership in an exclusive club.

The Town of Bridgewater has appointed eight locals to the Planning Review Advisory Committee.

Kari Barkhouse of South Shore Health, Ida Scott of the Bridgewater Development Association and Joanne Faulkenham of the Town Centre Development Association are among the chosen few.

The group will recommend changes in building regulations as it sifts through every by-law on the books in Bridgewater.

Council expects it will take until February 2013 to complete the process.

Suspect Smashed Patrol Car

A twenty-year old Dartmouth man is facing numerous charges after allegedly trying to escape an RCMP traffic checkpoint in Newcombville.

South Shore Traffic Services stopped the man on highway 325 this weekend.

Police say the suspect refused a roadside screening test, became agitated, and attempted to escape arrest by kicking the windows out of a patrol car.

The accused will appear in Bridgewater Provincial Court on Monday.

South Shore Drivers Suspended

A handful of South Shore residents are facing charges after increased traffic patrols across the South Shore this week.

A 31-year old man from Lower Branch is facing charges of impaired driving after being stopped at roadside checkpoint near his home.

Police say he had been drinking and failed a roadside screening test and a breath test on Saturday.

The same day, a  33 year-old Bridgewater man received a seven day licence suspension for impaired driving after being stopped a checkpoint in Lower Branch.

Meantime, a 21-year old Chester Basin man received a 90 day suspension of his drivers licence after failing a breath test at a roadside checkpoint.

Police are ramping up traffic patrols in conjunction with new laws with stiffer consequences for impaired drivers.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Tanning Beds Banned for Those Under 19

The province is proposing legislation to ban people under the age of 19 from using tanning beds. Health Minister Maureen MacDonald says the legislation is aimed at saving young people from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. The legislation, which will encourage healthy habits among young people, was met with support from physicians and a number of health interest groups. In the coming months, the department will work with health partners, tanning bed operators and other interest groups to develop regulations for this legislation which would also require tanning bed operators to display signs with information warning of the health impact of tanning bed use. Businesses that contravene the age restriction could face a $2,000 fine for the first offence, $5,000 for a second and $10,000 for a third.

Schoolboard Holds Public Meetings on Budget Implications

Tonight is the first in a series of public meetings hosted by the South Shore Regional School Board to present the Board's mission, goals and priorities and to discuss upcoming provincial budget implications. Tonight's session will be held at Hebbville Academy, with meetings also set for Tuesday at Chester Area Middle School, and next Monday, November 29th at Liverpool Regional High. The meetings from 7 to 9 p.m
will be opportunities for families and community members to learn more about the direction of the SSRSB. There will be time for questions during the presentation.

Colpton Arrest

A Pinehurst man earned his day in court this weekend.

On Friday, Lunenburg County RCMP arrested the suspect for 'impaired driving by a controlled substance' after his vehicle was stopped for erratic driving in Colpton.

The accused will appear in Bridgewater Court on January 19th.

Community Christmas

Plans are underway for Bridgewater's second annual Community Christmas and town council is offering a helping hand.

Event organizers will use town facilities for the feast and ticket outlets as town staff aid in promotion.

More than one-hundred volunteers helped serve Christmas dinner to about 425 people during last year's inaugural event at Bridgewater High School.

Locals feasted on four-hundred pounds of turkey while bending an ear to local musicians and performers.

New Floor for Mahone Bay Gymnasium

Its more than fifty years old and and breaking up.

Those are the words Mayor Joe Feeny is using to describe the Mahone Bay Centre gymnasium floor.

Town Council will contribute five thousand dollars to help pay for new cushion flooring.

The current tile-on-concrete, installed in the 1960's, is rough, cracked and sweats in muggy weather.

Funding from the District of Lunenburg, fundraising campaigns and the provincial and federal governments will contribute to the 45-thousand dollar project.

LED Light Exchange

Nova Scotia Power is teaming up with the Town of Mahone Bay to help you save a little energy during the festive season.

Decking out your home with lights for the holidays is hard on your bank account and the environment.

The LED light exchange will provide residents one sting of energy efficient lights in exchange for the traditional glass variety.

LED lights use ninety percent less electricity and last at least ten times longer than traditional bulbs.

The exchange gets underway this Friday at the Main Street Gazebo Bandstand in Mahone Bay at 7pm.


A Lunenburg County man is facing drug and weapons charges.

The resident of Bakers Settlement was arrested over the weekend and charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of a firearm while prohibited, possession of a firearm without a permit, and two counts of breach of probation.
The arrest and charges resulted from an on-going RCMP investigation.


Icy patches on some of the highways along the South Shore resulted in at least one accident this morning.

Members of the Newcombville fire department responded to a motor vehicle accident on highway 325 around 6:30am.
A single vehicle ended up on its side.
There were no serious injuries.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Three people are recovering from non-life threatening injuries after a collision on Highway 103.

Late Friday night, Halifax RCMP responded to a serious head on collision, between exits 5 and 6, near Tantallon.

An inbound Chevrolet Aveo collided with an outbound Honda Fit due to very icy road conditions.

The driver of the Honda Fit was initially trapped in her vehicle and had to be extracted by HRM Fire Services.

The Department of Transportation assisted in shutting the highway down, while the vehicles were towed and the debris was cleared from the scene.

The accident remains under investigation.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Gasoline prices are up on the South Shore and right across the province this morning.

The price for a litre of self serve regular here this morning is "a dollar-12-point-7" cents ... thats almost a three cent increase overnite.
The rising prices at the pumps are being blamed on increased world oil prices which are around 82 dollars a barrel on the market.


A huge fireball spotted in the sky over the South Shore last night triggered fears for a while that a plane had gone down.
Turns out, most believe it was probably a meteor.
The fireball lit up the sky around 6:30pm and emergency crews rushed to the area near Italy Cross after a paramedic reported seeing it over Highway 103.
A search and rescue official says there were no planes in the area at the time.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Affordable Housing Committee Formed

The Municipality of Lunenburg is forming a committee to tackle the issue of affordable housing. Mayor Don Downe says  their own statistics prove there's approximately 20 percent of people in situations where they can't afford housing. Following a presentation to Council, Downe says it was clear this issue is real.. Council has agreed to establish a committee to look into the matter. The Affordable Housing Committee will be made up of various housing stakeholders, and the Committee will be tasked with developing a Housing Action Plan.

New Use for Former Fox Point School

Looks like the former Fox Point School won't be sold afterall. The school was declarded surplus and the Municipality of Chester was considering putting it for sale on the market. Warden Alan Webber says that changed following a presentation from a community group that wants to take over the building for a family resource centre. Council has decided to lease the building to the group for a year and see if they can make it work. Council also approved a grant of 10 thousand dollars dollars to help fund the facility. The former school was replaced with the Aspotogan Community Elementary about 10 years ago.

Hunters Help the Hungry

Hunters are helping to feed the hungry by giving to food banks across the province. This is the fifth year for the Hunters Helping the Hungry program, through which hunters help feed hungry families in Nova Scotia by donating deer and moose meat. Since the program was first introduced , hunters have donated 2,800 kilograms of meat.  After registering a moose or deer, hunters take the carcass to one of 18 participating, registered meat cutters throughout the province and indicate the amount of meat they would like to donate. Feed Nova Scotia then distributes the meat to 150 member food banks provincewide.  For more information on this program and other ways Feed Nova Scotia is helping hungry families, visit www.feednovascotia.ca .

Bridgewater Robots

Future scientists and engineers will put their LEGO robotic creations to the test as part of the third annual "First Lego League Challenge" being held at Nova Scotia Community College Lunenburg Campus this Friday,

Four teams from schools in the South Shore Regional School Board and one team from Conseil Scolaire Acadien Provincial have been preparing for the event since September with support from teacher advisors and NSCC faculty mentors.

Each team has built a working robot using a "Lego Mindstorms" kit and prepared research on this year's theme, "Body Forward".

This year, team will look at ways to repair injuries, overcome genetic predispositions and maximize the human body's potential, with the intended purpose of leading happier and healthier lives.

The public portion of the event gets underway at 1 p.m.

RCMP Investigate Break and Enter

Lunenburg County RCMP are investigating after a Camperdown body shop was broken into on Tuesday evening.

Police say the culprits stole four 15 inch VW aluminium rims and tires.

The estimated cost for the stolen items is upwards of four-hundred dollars.

Anyone with information on the crime is asked to contact Lunenburg RCMP or Crime Stoppers.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gingerbread Festival in Chester

The Chester Merchants Association getting a bit of dough to help with their Gingerbread Festival. Municipal Council has approved a grant of 500 dollars to help with costs. The Festival involves workshops on making Gingerbread cookies, houses and ornaments. A Gingerbread House competition will also be held with the houses being auctioned on December 19th with the proceeds going to the Foodbank.
The Merchant Group has recently registered as a Not-for Profit Association..

Chester Council Approves Engineering Design for Duke Street Project

It's a step forward for the Duke Street Sidewalk Project in Chester. Warden Alan Webber says Municipal Council has agreed to proceed with the engineering design estimated at approximately 50 thousand dollars for the project to be completed in three phases over the next several years. Webber says there doesn't appear to be any cost sharing available as in the past, so they wanted to break the project into phases to make it more manageable. Webber says since they are proceeding with the engineering it's more than likely they will proceed with some portion of the project next Spring.  Completion of the Duke Street sidewalk was one of the top five priorities identified in a 10 year village improvement plan by the Village of Chester Tourism and Development Association .

Prenatal Group in Shelburne

A new Shelburne County committee wants to talk to local families about their prenatal experience. Families that are expecting a new baby or those with infants 12 months and younger are being sought so the committee can learn what supports the families most appreciated or valued during their prenatal experience.
The committee, which has been meeting since the summer, is called the Prenatal Support Networking Group and is made up of various community partners from all over Shelburne County from the public and private sectors, as well as community volunteers and new and expectant mothers. They all have an interest in the role the whole community can play in supporting a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby and ultimately a healthy community. The vision of the group is to work together to empower the Shelburne community in assisting families in achieving the prenatal experience they choose and to promote the benefits of early prenatal support.  Interested families can call to confirm their attendance at one of the following focus groups:

November 30 from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., the Barrington Library
December 1 from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m, the Lockeport Library
December 1 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m., Shelburne's King Street Family Resource Centre

If families would like to attend, need more information, or would like to get involved in the committee, they can contact Krissy Rose-Muise at Public Health Services, 875-2623 or Monica Gosbee at the King Street Family Resource Center, 875-3256.

Charges Laid in Head-on Collision

A driver involved in a head-on collision on Highway 103 near Hubbards November 3rd is now facing charges. RCMP say they have charged a 30 year old man with 3 counts of impaired driving causing bodily injury, along with single counts of impaired driving, driving with a blood alcohol over the legal limit and resisting arrest. All three victims of the collision have been released from hospital. The matter is still under investigation by Chester RCMP.

Lunenburg Businessman, Chair of NSBI

A Lunenburg businessman with more than 30 years of  industry experience has been appointed chairman of Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI), Jim Eisenhauer is the new chair of the agency's private-sector board of directors. Eisenhauer is president and CEO of ABCO Group Limited and is CEO of its subsidiary ABCO Industries Ltd. He is also president of West Nova Fuels Ltd., Nova Wood Products Ltd., and Superline Fuels Ltd. Eisenhauer has served on several boards of directors in the private and public sectors, including his current role on the board at Atlantic Industries Ltd., Composites Atlantic Ltd., and Nova Scotia Power Inc.  Eisenhauer replaces Doug Hall, who has served on NSBI's board since 2003 and as chair since 2007.
(photo..courtesy of NSBI)

Barrington Teen Honoured for Bravery

(photo, courtesy of Government of NS)

-- A teenager from Barrington is one of four Nova Scotians to be awarded the medal of bravery today, (Nov. 17,) for putting their lives at risk to help others. : In June 2009, 15-year-old Daniel Blinkhorn escaped from his burning home, then returned to rescue his mother.. Blinkhorn acted quickly and was able to get his mother out safely. In November 2009, Jerome Tracey of  Port Hawkesbury ran into a burning home across the street to wake his neighbours and get them to safety. He then realized the house next door was also on fire and banged on the door to wake everyone up. Steven Wilton of New Waterford ran for help after an Acadian Lines bus he was travelling on crashed into the Tracadie River last January. Wilton got out of the partially submerged bus, ran up a snowy embankment and flagged down passing motorists who called 911, allowing for the rescue of five passengers. In May 2009, Colin Brownell of Pugwash was travelling along Highway 6 in Linden when he pulled the occupant of a burning car to safety.
                Premier Darrell Dexter who awarded the bravery medals praised the recipients for their selfless acts of courage that saved the lives of others. Recipients were selected by an advisory panel chaired by Constance Glube, former Chief Justice of Nova Scotia.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


An early Christmas gift to Boston is on it's way from Nova Scotia. This year's tree is a 15-metre white spruce from North Alton owned by Gary and Roseann Misner. The 2010 Boston Tree was cut on Tuesday morning November 16th at 10 a.m . About 160 students from Wolfville School, New Minas Elementary and Kings County Academy attended and author Bruce Nunn read selections from Buddy the Bluenose Reindeer and The Boston Christmas Tree Adventure. The tree will serve as the focal point for the annual tree-lighting ceremony at the Boston Common on December 2. For more than 30 years, Nova Scotia has donated a giant evergreen each year to the people of Boston as a thank you for their assistance following the 1917 Halifax Explosion. The tree's journey to Boston can be followed on Twitter with @novascotialife.

Storm Response

Some residents of the Port Medway Road were left stranded and their belongings destroyed by the more than 200 millimetres of rainfall that pounded the province.

Councillor John Croft says residents were never warned about adjustments to the dam and the rapid increase in water levels it would cause.

Mike Macleod of the Queens County Emergency Measures Organization says residents were not personally contacted about changes in conditions.

"Most of the people that do live in these areas have been through these events before, and they know. But it's certainly no excuse on behalf of Queens E-M-O that communications can't be improved," says Macleod.

Councillor Croft requested that Macleod submit a full report on storm response measures undertook during the recent storm.

Christmas Kettle Campaign Launched

The Salvation Army has launched its national 2010 Annual Christmas Campaign aimed at raising money to support dozens of social services programs. This year, the iconic Salvation Army Christmas kettles will appear on street corners across Canada and on Google Maps through the Army's online "Fill the Kettle" program. Visitors to http://www.fillthekettle.com/ will be able to track donations at nearly 2,000 kettles on-the-street nationwide. Using Google technology, donors will be able to locate and make a secure online donation directly to individual kettles in their community. The Salvation Army's annual Christmas Campaign has grown into one of Canada's most significant and recognizable annual charitable events. Last year, more than 18 million was raised in the kettles nationwide, an all time record.

Liverpool Waterfront Protection

New legislation by the Region of Queens Municipality will keep big business away from the Liverpool waterfront.

Land on the north side of Henry Hensey Drive from Mill Brook, to the west side of the new tourist bureau, is now a designated greenspace.

Mayor John Leefe says the designation will help citizens protect the space from commercial development.

Leefe says after public consultation, the by-law may be amended to allow for a farmer's market on the property.

The recreational designation excludes the Privateer Landings Condos.

Sand Dwellers, Species at Risk

Some sand dwelling creatures are slowly disappearing from the South Shore.

Sue Abbot of Bird Studies Canada says piping Plovers are at a species at risk as flooding, human recreation and development is damaging the creatures seaside habitats.

Abbott says the majority of the birds mate on South Shore beaches.

"This past year we had forty-nine pairs. Our population target is sixty pairs. So were just over ten pairs short of our target. It doesn't sound like alt but its actually quite a significant distance we have to go to reach our target," says Abbott.

Abbot says locals can protect piping plovers and their young by watching for signs, staying off the dry sand and keeping your dog on a leash.

You can also visit http://www.bsc-eoc.org/ if you'd like to get involved with local preservation efforts.

Cellphone Penalties Increase

The province is introducing stronger penalties for those who exhibit risky behaviour on our roads. Amendments introduced today (November 16th) to the Motor Vehicle Act will double fines for those caught using a hand-held cellphone while driving and the loss of four demerit points on a driver's record. A second amendment to the act will increase penalties for street racing or stunt driving. Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Minister Bill Estabrooks says by increasing penalties for those who exhibit dangerous behaviour, the province is making our roads safer.

Seniors Information Sessions

Information sessions for seniors on financial health and safety will be held in the Liverpool area next Monday, November 22nd. The session will teach seniors how to protect themselves from financial abuse- from telemarketing fraud to misspending of their money by well-meaning family and friends. Specific topics covered will include wills, power of attorney, internet fraud, property transfers, and grandparents' rights.
It is one of more than 14 sessions being held across the province to launch It's in Your Hands: Legal Information for Seniors and Their Families, a free publication on financial abuse developed by the Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Centre on Aging at Mount Saint Vincent University. The session which lasts about two hours will be held at the Chelsea Fire Hall, , 2667 Chelsea Road, Highway 210 from 10 am to noon. For more information on the publication and info session, please visit http://www.legalinfo.org/ or call 902-454-2198.

New Ross Arrest

A New Ross man earned his day in court, this weekend, after allegedly ramming a car and swinging a metal bar at a young man.

Police say the suspect repeatedly smashed an East River youth's vehicle and then swung a metal bar at the youth in his driveway.

Lunenburg county RCMP arrested the accused on Sunday afternoon.

The man was subsequently released and will appear in Bridgewater Provincial Court on January 12.

Noise is a Nuisance

The Town of Bridgewater is hoping a noise by-law will keep the streets calm and quiet.

Mayor Carroll Publicover says determining what noise is a nuisance will protect landowners and tenants.

"People have the basic and inherent right, by law, to enjoy the peace and quiet of their property," says Publicover.

Publicover says the draft policy is being prepared for a first reading by council.

Demolition Drive

Residents of St. Margaret's Bay are opposing the proposed highway 103 connector road as the development might threaten homes and uproot Ingramport families.

The department is considering five possible locations.Of those five, one would reportedly require the expropriation of homes.

Resident Sean Kirby says the province is wasting twelve million dollars on the shortcut.

"Most people think there are simply better uses for the money especially at a time when the government faces a massive deficit and is hiking our taxes. And one of the better ways the money could be spent is on highway safety," says Kirby.

Kirby says accidents on the 103 are a constant reminder of the need to improve highway safety in the province.

According to the Department of Transportation, over 250 people died in accidents on Nova Scotia's highways in the past three years.


Some sand dwelling creatures are slowly disappearing from the South Shore.

Sue Abbot of Bird Studies Canada says piping Plovers are at risk of being wiped out.
She says flooding, human recreation and development is damaging the creatures seaside habitats.
Abbott says the majority of the birds mate on South Shore beaches.
She says locals can protect the piping plovers and their young by watching for signs, staying off the dry sand and keeping your dog on a leash.
You can also visit "BSC-dash-EOC.org" if you'd like to get involved with local preservation efforts.


New legislation by the Region of Queens Municipality will keep big business away from the Liverpool waterfront.

Land on the north side of Henry Hensey Drive from Mill Brook, to the west side of the new tourist bureau, is now a designated greenspace.
Mayor Jon Leefe says the designation will help citizens protect the space from commercial development.
He says after public consultation, the by-law may be amended to allow for a farmers market on the property.
The recreational designation excludes the Privateer Landings Condos.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Shelburne Snags Best Restaurant Award

 Bragging rights go to Shelburne for winning Nova Scotia's Best Small Restaurant of the Year award. Charlotte Lane was named the winner last week at the Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia gala awards dinner. Roland Glauser is the chef and co-owner, along with his wife, Kathleen is originally from Switzerland and has cooked professionally since he was 16.  Last year, Fleur de Sel of Lunenburg shared the award category with Fid Resto .

South Shore Health Appoints New VP Corporate Services

South Shore Health has appointed Vicki Harnish to the position of V-P Corporate Services effective today. Harnish has served the Province of Nova Scotia for more than 36 years including her most recent position as Deputy Minister of Finance, a role she has held since 2003. She has also served as Deputy Minister of Treasury and Policy Board and Public Service Commissioner and Secretary to the Executive Council.

Chester Approves Recreation Grants

Chester Council has approved 19 thousand 500 dollars in grants to groups and organizations in the Municipality. The Chester Tennis Club received the largest grant in the amount of 43 hundred dollars, followed by Chester Minor Hockey which receives 36 hundred dollars. In total 15 organizations including the Shoreham Village Volunteer Programs received grants ranging from 50 dollars to 28 hundred dollars.

2Bays 4-H Club 50.00
Friends of Nature 300.00
Basin Gardeners Association 500.00
Charing Cross Garden Club 500.00
Chester Basin Over 40 Club 500.00
Forties Garden Club 500.00
New Ross Golden Age Club 500.00
Chester Garden Club 700.00
Blandford Seasiders Seniors Club 800.00
Shoreham Village Volunteer Program 800.00
Chester Art Centre Association 1,400.00
Chester Jr. Sailing/Opti-Jam (CYC) 2,250.00
Basin Recreation Park 2,800.00
Chester Minor Hockey 3,600.00
Chester Tennis Club 4,300.00

Committee to Seek Uses for Abandoned Schools

The public will be engaged in looking for new uses for the old Blockhouse School. The Municipality of Lunenburg is forming a committee to explore options including looking into turning the facility into some sort of community asset. Mayor Don Downe says whether it goes to a business application or a further educational application, the community will be involved. He says the Municipality is working with the Department of Education and Service Nova Scotia looking at options for the abandoned schools. Downe says the Municipality will also be inheriting the Riverport and Centre schools in the future and will be exploring options for those facilities as well.  The Blockhouse school became vacant when the new 30 million dollar French school officially opened in Cookville this September 7th.

Chester Seeks Heritage Status for Stone Bridge

It's a case of persistence paying off. The Chester Charts Its Course committee is pushing for the province to designate the Victoria Street Old Stone Bridge as a heritage property. Following a presentation to Chester Municipal Council, Warden Alan Webber says Council will hop on-board by endorsing the application for the designation. Webber says the community has been trying to get a higher level of protection for the bridge for a number of years. He says although they've had some success working with the Department of Transportation, the community is looking for the assurance will be maintained and looked after with an emphasis on the historical significance of the bridge. The province turned down a heritage designation in 2006. The bridge which dates back to the 1880's is one of only two Roman stone arch bridges in Nova Scotia.


Four people were hospitalized after a two vehicle accident over the weekend at the intersection of Highway 332 and 324 in Lilydale.

Both vehicles were extensively damaged.
Those injured were treated at the South Shore Regional and Fisherman's Memorial Hospitals.


The 25-year-old driver of a small car is recovering from injuries he sustained in a head-on collision on Saturday with a transport truck on highwy 103.

RCMP say a westbound Honda Civic crossed the centre line just after 4 a.m. between exits five and six.
The driver of the tractor trailer was not injured.
The highway was closed for several hours as work crews cleaned up spilled diesel fuel.


Arson-related charges have been laid against two men and a woman, all from Lunenburg County, after a fire in Beech Hill.

The RCMP says a building adjacent to a home was destroyed Friday night and the home itself sustained moderate damage.
28 year old Michael Bolliver of Gold River is charged with arson and break and enter causing arson.
30 year old Troy McDow of Mahone Bay is charged with uttering threats to damage property, resisting arrest and two counts of breach of probation.
29 year old Jennifer Wentzell of Gold River is facing one count of uttering threats to damage property and three counts of breach of undertakings.
The three accused appear in Bridgewater provincial court later today.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


A growing number of residents in the St. Margaret's Bay area are becoming increasingly alarmed by the province's proposed connector road to highway 103.

The M-P for South Shore- St. Margaret's, Gerald Keddy says a second route, more removed from residential development, is a better option.

"It will cost the government a little bit more money but at the end of the day is a much better route, and doesn't require destroying existing homes," says Keddy.

Keddy wrote the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal asking that family homes be spared in the development.

Bill Estabrooks says construction will be completed next year after careful planning and continued consultation.

Lilydale Collision

Emergency Health Services transported four people to South-Shore hospitals after a two-vehicle collision on Saturday.

Lunenburg County RCMP responded to the call at the intersection of Highway 332 and highway 324 in Lilydale.

Both vehicles were extensively damaged.

Those injured in the crash were treated for undetermined injuries at the South Shore Regional and Fisherman's Memorial Hospitals.

RCMP do not suspect alcohol was a factor.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Some residents of St. Margarets Bay say today's accident on highway 103 between exits 5 and 6 is further proof that the $12 million for the proposed connector road should be spent improving highway safety, not building a two-minute shortcut.

Rresident Sean Kirby says the accidents and deaths on our highways are a tragic reminder of the need to improve highway safety in this province.

The Canadian Automobile Association has called highway 103 the second worst highway in the country and it has been the Nova Scotia highway with the highest number of fatal accidents in recent years.

According to the Department of Transportation, over 250 people died in accidents on Nova Scotia's highways in the past three years.

St. Margaret's Bay residents are calling on the government to hold a referendum to decide whether to build the connector and have already shown their opposition to through letter writing and public meetings.

103 Collision

Early this morning, Halifax District RCMP and Chester RCMP responded to a serious head on collision on Highway # 103 between exits 5 and exit 6.

A Honda Civic that was outbound from Halifax, crossed the centre line and struck a tractor trailer.

HRM Fire and Rescue services were also on hand to extinguish a fire in the tractor and extract the driver from the Honda Civic.

Both vehicles were extensively damaged.

The driver of the tractor trailer was not injured.

The incident remains under investigation.

Friday, November 12, 2010


The UNESCO designated Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute in Kempt is expanding, thanks to a 100 thousand dollar investment through the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and more than 80 thousand from the Province of Nova Scotia.  The expansion will enhance the Institute's ability to educate the public on the issues of conservation, sustainable resource management, and preservation of natural resources.
The Institute will add a two-story, 16 x 28 foot expansion to the Institute's field station including a community room, lab space, and updated equipment.

Seniors Clubs Get Funding

Federal funding has been made available for the Parkdale-Maplewood Community Museum and the Rosedale New Horizons Seniors Club under the Government of Canada's New Horizons for Seniors Program. South Shore/St. Margaret's M-P Gerald Keddy made the announcements on Friday, November 12th. The Parkdale-Maplewood Community Museum will receive $16,099 for its project entitled Memories Not Forgotten, which will see seniors conduct oral interviews with other seniors to document their life stories. A book of local history will be created and shared at community presentations.
The Rosedale New Horizons Seniors Club will receive $9,058 for its project entitled Using 'Windows' to Open Doors, which will see seniors learn computer skills. The money received will assist the Club in purchasing two computers, a printer/scanner, software programs and other related equipment.
The New Horizons for Seniors Program helps to ensure that seniors are able to benefit from and contribute to the quality of life in their communities through their social participation and active living. Since its beginning, the Program has funded over 7, 000 projects in hundreds of communities across Canada.

New Ross Legion Receives Federal Funding

The Government of Canada is supporting seniors in New Ross under the New Horizons for Seniors Program.  South Shore/St. Margaret's M-P Gerald Keddy announced funding of 20 thousand 450 dollars for the Royal Canadian Legion - Branch #79 for its project entitled New Ross Legion Honour Room which will see seniors and youth compile historical information on local veterans and gather artifacts for the Legion's new Honour Room. It is one of 797 projects that were approved through the 2010-2011 Community Participation and Leadership call for proposals.

ROAD CLOSURES..(as of 5pm, Friday, Nov. 12th)

--Branch LaHave Road (Wentzell Road) - from Trunk 10 to Sarty Road
--Veinot Road - between Trunk 10 and Osbourne Road
--Haines Road (Barss Corner)
 --Lower Branch Road - Closed from Osbourne Road to Trunk 10
--Wentzell Lake Road, at LaHave River crossing
--Chester Grant Road will be open by 5:30 p.m. today
--Trunk 3 - East River Bridge open to light traffic.
(Temporary weight restriction of 12,000 kg in place.)
--East Clifford Road
--Route 329
--Faulkner Road - Water crossing road (still open)
--Green Bay Road - Water crossing road (still open)
--McKeen Road
--Lapland Road
--Woodstock Road

--Mill Village East Road, between Hillsview Drive and Medway River Road
--Chapel Hill Drive closed at bridge about one kilometre north of Route 210
--Rosette Road, between Harlow and Moose Pit
--Medway River Road, between Deans Brook and Charleston and bridge closed at Slab Pile Brook in Charleston
--Westfield Road, closed between Westfield and Caledonia

--Clarence Hirtle Road
--Port Medway Road
--Old Westfield Road
--Route 208
--New Elm Road
--River Road

--Bowers Road
--Welshtown Road

--Upper Clyde Road West
--Upper Clyde Road East
(Local traffic only at the Hemlock Branch Bridge)
--Back Lake Road

Chester Denies Funding Request for LCLC

Chester Council has turned down a funding request from the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre. The Municipality was asked to contribute 250 thousand dollars in each of the next two years.  Warden Alan Webber says Council has been struggling with the request since it was made on September 9th. Webber says Council decided not to proceed with a swimming pool in their own area because there wasn't the level of support needed from the community. Regarding the LCLC request, Webber says they were hoping for public input, however, he says silence doesn't justify providing the level of funding requested.
A recommendation to Council from the Finance Public Properties Committee to fund the LCLC in the amount of 100 thousand dollars was defeated. The 33 million dollar Lifestyle Centre to be built in Bridgewater will house an indoor aquatic centre, one NHL sized rink, a new library, multi purpose and active living space.


Hunting season is well underway and one hunter has learned the hard way what can happen if you leave your weapons in your vehicle.

Lunenburg County RCMP say an out-of-area hunter was parked on New Cumberland Road overnite Wednesday-Thursday and someone busted into his truck and stole some firearms.
Taken were two high-powered rifles and two shotguns from the seat of a large pickup truck.
Investigators say the thief or thieves broke into the vehicle by smashing out the rear driver-side window.
The RCMP are encouraging any one with information to contact them or Crimestoppers.


A number of roads in Lunenburg County are still closed, a week after the big rain storm.
Closed to traffic are:
Lower Branch Road from Osborne Road to Trunk 10.
Veinot Road from Osborne to Trunk 10.
Hanes Road.
Branch LaHave Road from Sarty Road to Trunk 10.
Chester Grant Road.
East Clifford Road.
Trunk 3 at the East River bridge.


An amendment to the Municipal Government Act will have the province collecting debts for the town of Mahone Bay.

Municipal relations will collect unpaid fines resulting from By-law infractions.
Only cash considered as provincial debt will be collected by government officials.
Mayor Joe Feeny says the new regulations are designed to give municipalities,province-wide, more leverage.
He adds, its not a major issue for the town.


No serious injuries have been reported in a traffic-accident in Lunenburg County.

A number of vehicles were reportedly invovled in the collision, which took place shortly before 2:00 o'clock Thursday afternoon on Highway-325 in Baker's Settlement.
The Baker's Settlement Fire Department and an ambulance from Bridgewater were dispatched to the scene.
The Newcombville and Chelsea Fire Departments were paged for support, but were asked to stand-down shortly after.


The recent heavy rains have led local officials to close two bridges in Shelburne County.

The Chief Administrative Officer for the District of Shelburne says the "Back lake Bridge" in Upper Ohio and the "Welshtown Crossroad Bridge" in Lower Ohio have been closed.
Kirk Cox says the two bridges have been closed until futher notice.
He says -- although the water-level has gone down -- the strong currents could have lifted and shifted the bridges slightly off their bases.
Cox says the bridges will remain closed until Transportation Department engineers can evaluate their condition.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

UPDATED ROAD CLOSURES (7pm, Wednesday,November 10th)

Due to the significant rainfall experienced in Queens County, extreme high water conditions and flooding is being experienced in many areas throughout the County; particularly along the Medway River system. The public is advised to monitor water levels very closely over the next several days.

- Medway River Road from Charleston to Bangs Falls.
- Mill Village East Rd from Hillside Drive to Medway River Road.
- Westfield Road closed at both bridge locations.
- Old Westfield Road partially closed from Hwy 208 to Westfield Road.
- Rosette Road closed between Harlow Road and Moose Pit Road.
- Chapel Hill Drive at bridge near the boat launch in Greenfield.
- Medway River Road at Exit 17-A, from car pool parking lot to Flat Iron Road
- Clarence Hirtle Road, Charleston

- Veinot Road, between Trunk 10 and Lower Brand Road
- Haines Road, Barss Corner
- Lower Branch Road, from Osbourne Road to Trunk 10
- Chester Grant Road, closed at bridge
- East Clifford Road, closed in centre section, with entire road for use by local traffic only
- McKeen Road
- Lapland Road
- Woodstock Road
- Trunk 3, from Exit 7 Connector Road to Route 329 in East River

- Upper Clyde Road West
- Upper Clyde Road East  (Local traffic only at the Hemlock Branch Bridge)
- Back Lake Road
- Bowers Road
- Welshtown Road

Trails Closed for Safety Precaution

The Department of Natural Resources is closing trails as a safety precaution on the abandoned rail corridor in Lunenburg, Queens, Shelburne, Yarmouth, Digby, Annapolis and Kings counties. Because of the significant amount of rainfall in the past few days bridges, culverts and the corridor are in danger of sustaining structural damage. The closure includes all sections of the 750-kilometre rail corridor that are under development agreements with local trail groups and undeveloped sections of the corridor. The rail corridor will remain closed until it passes inspections by Department of Natural Resources staff and local trail groups.

MP Keddy Makes Funding Announcements

Fittingly enough a funding announcement for the New Ross Legion will be made on Remembrance Day. South Shore/St. Margaret's MP, Gerald Keddy will provide the details during the event which is slated for 5 p.m. Thursday, November 11th at the Legion in New Ross. There will also be an awards presentation for Legion members followed by a dinner.

On Friday morning at 10 a.m., Keddy will make another announcement regarding seniors funding at the Parkdale-Maplewood Community Museum in Maplewood.

Lee Nauss Named Deputy-Mayor of MODL

He's already served as the the Warden of the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg, now he's the Deputy-Mayor. Lee Nauss was named to the position at a council meeting earlier this week. Four names including Nauss were nominated for the position which rotates on an annual basis, however, three of the Councillors withdrew . Nauss who represents District 10 was first elected to Council back in 1967.

Beach Infrastructure, Cape Sable Island

Cape Sable Island celebrated the official re-opening of South Side Beach on Wednesday, (November 10th). Important improvements to the beach infrastructure were made possible thanks to support from the Government of Canada.  South Shore-St. Margaret's MP Gerald Keddy announced an investment of more than 11 thousand dollars from ACOA. The investment covers beach infrastructure improvements at the popular tourism and bird-watching area. Additional funding is coming from the Municipality of the District of Barrington, the Town of Clark's Harbour, international conservation group Cape Sable Important Bird Area, and Sable Fish Packers Limited.


Emergency officials are advising motorists to use caution when driving along trunk 3.

An unknown vehicle leaked hydraulic fluid along the highway leading down the 332 in Riverport, causing slippery road conditions.

Emergency officials are now applying sand to alleviate the problem.


A South Shore Veteran says he's not the only one the federal government left out in the cold.

Last Saturday, Craig Leonard and a dozen protesters stood in a torrential downpour outside M-P Gerald Keddy's Bridgewater office to demand better benefits for wounded soldiers .

The MP for South Shore-St.Margarets had promised to face their concerns on the picket line that day but never showed.

Leonard says the government has neglected veterans affairs and forgotten its soldiers.

"The thousand dollars a month, taxable, ends at age sixty five, the seventy-five percent long-term disability ends at age sixty five, Service and Canada Pensions disability pensions are reduced at age sixty-five. So what then? Are veterans to go to the food banks, are they to go on the streets?" says Leonard.

Leonard was one of thousands nationwide who protested the Harper Governments New Veterans Charter last weekend.


The Town of Mahone Bay is hoping some new signs will keep loud music, bad language and drinking away from the waterfront.

The greenspace along Edgewater street and the Harbour, from the "Young Teazer" property, to the Lutheran Church grounds, is now an official park.

Mayor Joe Feeny says council created "Edgewater Park" to help provide leverage to police.

Feeny says new signs will give the town constable more leverage when patrolling the known party spot.

The park will now be closed to the public from 11pm to 5am.


If you think you can drive after a couple of drinks, you may want to think again.

New provincial laws will have drunk drivers facing stiffer consequences.

If found driving with a blood alcohol level between 50 and 80 milligrams, you could face a seven day suspension of your licence, and over 600 dollars in re-reinstatement fees.

Drivers who blow over 80 milligrams will face a three month suspension, and if convicted, at least one-thousand dollars in court fees.

RCMP will start doing road checks right away under the new regulations.