Monday, April 28, 2014

Nova Scotia: More Support For Low-Income Children

Low income families will get more support beginning in July. The Nova Scotia government will increase the income threshold for child benefits up to $26,000. The move will bring another 1,300 children under the program's umbrella. The current threshold is $25,000. Meanwhile, families earning between $18,000 and $26,000 can still qualify for partial benefits. The province invests roughly $2.2 million each month in support for those families struggling to make ends meet. The Nova Scotia Child Benefit Program began in 2001.

Municipal Partners Managing Resource Website

A website focusing on businesses and services in Lunenburg and Queens Counties is sticking around. Municipal partners including the District of Lunenburg, Bridgewater Development Association, Municipality of Chester and the Region of Queens will manage '' until a new economic network is formed. The move follows a decision by the South Shore Business Growth Association to stop managing the site at the start of April. Economic Development Officer for the Municipality of Lunenburg, Dave Waters, says the website is critical for attracting people to the area.

A plan is also in place to expand the website to include Shelburne. Waters expects it may cost the group a couple hundred dollars to manage the site.

Proposed South Shore Crematorium On Hold

A proposal for a funeral home crematorium in Liverpool will not be moving ahead for now. Chandler's applied to Region of Queens Council to allow the establishment of the facility adjacent to the existing funeral home.However, the company has now withdrawn its application with manager Kevin Samuels saying public opposition played a role.

Region of Queens had given approval in principle to the project but subject to further study. Samuels hasn't ruled out bringing the proposal back to the table in the future for a different site.

Court Appearance Today For Those Accused In Homeless Death

The accused in the bus shelter death last fall of a homeless man in the Annapolis Valley are in court today. 26-year-old Daniel Wayne Surette of Berwick and 25-year-old Kyle David James Fredericks of nearby Berwick District were charged Friday with first-degree murder. 62 year old Harley Lawrence was found dead in a burned out bus shelter in Berwick on Oct. 23. Lawrence is said to have begun using the shelter for refuge as temperatures dipped last fall.

Baillie Skeptical About Gas Deregulation Promise

The province's Official Opposition Leader says he'll believe it when he sees it! Jamie Baillie says Premier Stephen McNeil's claim his government will look at gasoline price deregulation this fall comes with a big question mark. He believes deregulation should happen now, not later, to quickly eliminate the tax on tax at the pumps and give everyone a break.

Baillie also says the HST should be lowered by a cent or two now .. not later! He believes lowering that and deregulating gas prices would be helpful in fanning the flames of economic growth across the province.

NS Gasoline Industry Faces Possible Price Deregulation

With gasoline prices through the roof at South Shore pumps, the province is now seriously considering deregulating prices. Premier Stephen McNeil says prices are way out of control and something may be done in the fall, aimed at deregulating them.

Prices across the province increased by more than two cents on Friday for regular self serve and more than a cent for diesel. Regular gas is now at $1.46.2 a litre at South Shore pumps. Thats the highest its been in years.

Day Of Mourning Event Held In Bridgewater

Nova Scotia is joining the rest of Canada to remember people who were injured, killed or became ill at work. The International Day of Mourning is marked today. There were 34 workplace deaths last year in Nova Scotia, while just over 25,000 people were injured on the job. There have also been two deaths so far this year. President of the South Shore Labour Council, Lisa Mason, says it's something that needs to stop.

An event is planned for today in Bridgewater at 1pm at Shipyards Landing. Other ceremonies are planned for Halifax, Sydney, Kentville, and Port Hawkesbury.

Yarmouth: RCMP Arrest Man In Possession Of Firearm

A Yarmouth man is in court Monday after he was arrested with a loaded gun in a shopping area. RCMP say the man was taken into custody around noon on Saturday near the back of a grocery store. The Mounties say the 49-year-old man appeared to be intoxicated. A short time later, RCMP received a report of a break and enter at a home where a .22 calibre rifle was allegedly stolen. Police believe the two incidents are related. The man is facing several charges.