Friday, December 4, 2009

Operation Scrooge.

Operation Scrooge is beginning this weekend in Halifax. If you have plans to go into the city shopping then make sure to lock your car doors. Halifax RCMP are starting their operation Scrooge this Saturday at several different shopping Centres. They will be patrolling and walking in parking lots checking for vehicles that are unlocked or have packages in plain sight. If they find one, they will leave a card on the windshield reminding them to keep doors locked so valuables don't go missing.

H1N1 vaccine at high school-based clinics.

Beginning next week South Shore Health will be offering H1N1 vaccine at high school-based clinics. Communicable Disease Prevention and Control Manager Lori McCracken said "During school hours vaccine will only be available to high school students". The clinics will open to public after school hours. Staff from Public Health Services will be immunizing students at Liverpool High coming up on Tuesday, Dec 8th, Forest Heights Community School on Dec 9th, and Park View on December 10th. People are reminded to bring their health card.
Approximately thirty thousand, three hundred people have been immunized in Lunenburg and Queens Counties. About 50% of the population. If you would like a full list of H1-N1 clinics you can go to our website and click on the flu button.