Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Forest Hills Road residents annoyed with No Frills noise

Shelley Moran
A refridgeration trailer at No Frills in Bridgewater is leaving Forest Hills Road residents annoyed and sleepless. Shelley Moran, a resident of Forest Hills Road, says the trailer tends to run for about 45 minutes straight, stops for 10 minutes and begins to run again. She says the noise irritates her to the point she has to wear earplugs to fall asleep. Moran says the trailer is typically behind their homes anywhere from two weeks to two months at a time. Mayor Carroll Publicover says a noise by-law isn't the answer, but expects Council to come up with solutions for the problem.

RCMP trying to identify Break and Enter suspect

RCMP are looking for the public's help in identifying the suspect involved in breaking and entering into a Mahone Bay business. Lunenburg County RCMP say the suspect allegedly stole a substantial amount of money and prescription drugs from MacQuarrie's Pharmasave during the early morning hours of Saturday September 24. The Mounties say they've gathered pictures and video footage of the suspect, hoping someone can identify the person. If you know the person in the above picture, please contact RCMP at 527-5555.

South Shore School Board Review

Education Minister
Ramona Jennex

A performance review of the South Shore School Board has not yet been handed over to the Education Minister. The review was launched in August following allegations that some board members tried to derail an open discussion on the future of 12 schools before a March 30 meeting. Deloitte Inc. was appointed by the government to conduct the review. Department spokesman Lucas Wide says as the work came forward the extra time was to make sure Deloitte had the opportunity to create a complete and comprehensive report that would be helpful to the Minister and the Department moving forward.. The review will address whether the board adhered to all provincial legislation, policies and regulations, as well as the board's bylaws and policies.  The report is expected to be submitted to the Minister in the coming weeks.