Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Senator Ogilvie

As of last week, he traded his doctor title for one of "Senator". And for a former Bridgewater resident, Kelvin Ogilvie has moved on to the next phase of his career - one that is now political. He's a past president of Acadia University, an award-winning scientist who has served on national and international boards and agencies. But Senator Ogilvie says coming from rural Nova Scotia has made an impression on him. Senator Ogilvie attended school in Bridgewater before going to University. You can hear more about his life coming up on this weekend's SSSM.

Accident Update

RCMP are trying to locate a woman accused of leaving the scene of an accident on Highway 103 in Hebb's Cross. Police say she was driving a four door silver or grey Honda - that witnesses describe as being either a Civic or and Accord. The woman is thought to be between sixty and seventy-five years old. Around 12:30 Sunday afternoon, an SUV had swerved to avoid a car pulling out of the Bob and the Boys parking lot onto Highway 103. The SUV ended up in the ditch, after rolling several times. Both the driver and passenger were taken to hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. RCMP are asking for help in identifying either the driver or the vehicle involved.