Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Former Minister Wants Report On Lobster Prices

The MLA for Queens-Shelburne wants to see the findings of a panel's work looking into the low price of lobster. Sterling Belliveau says those in the industry need to know what they will be faced with when the lobster fishing season opens later this month. He is asking Fisheries Minister Keith Colwell to release a report examining the factors behind poor lobster prices. Last season, fishermen were getting just over three dollars per pound in some areas. The panel was established last June and has members from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI. Belliveau says with dumping day less than three weeks away it's time the recommendations be made available to the industry. Lobster season is set to begin in LFA's 33 and 34 on November 25.

Trudeau's National Campaign Team Has Local Connection

A resident of Shelburne County has been appointed to Justin Trudeau's national campaign team. Kirk Cox has accepted a volunteer position to work at the ground level in Nova Scotia for the Liberal Party of Canada. Cox says he's looking forward to the new role. He says the federal Liberals have some work to do in this province.

The Liberals and Conservatives each hold four seats in Nova Scotia. The NDP have three. Cox is the CAO for the Municipality of Shelburne. He says the position will not affect his day job. Two people from each province were selected to help run the national campaign for the 2015 federal election. The other is Kristan Hines of Halifax.

Poll Results: Senate's Got To Go

With all the uproar inside and outside the Canadian Senate chamber, our latest poll at "CKBW.ca" and "HANK-FM.ca" has come up with interesting results. At CKBW's website, we asked the question: Should the Canadian Senate be eliminated. A whopping 90 percent want the Senate abolished. Only 10 percent want to keep the Senate should remain. At HANK's website meanwhile, the results of the poll were close to the same. 85 percent of respondents voted in favour of getting rid of the Senate. 15 percent said they opposed abolition of the Senate.