Thursday, October 10, 2013

Seffernsville: Family Wants To Fix Community Spelling

Ruby Seffern says she wants to protect the heritage of her family. The Seffernsville resident is looking to change the name of the community to Seffernville for historical reasons and to reflect the proper spelling. She wants the Municipality of Chester to persuade the Department of Transportation to correct the issue. Seffern says her and her son could be the only people in the area with the last name.

However, the municipality is waiting for a community response before the issue can move ahead. Council would need a majority of the residents to be in favour of changing the community name. Council itself would also have to agree, and supporting evidence would have to support that a change is warranted. The information would then be forwarded to the province for decision.

Liberals Could Introduce February Holiday In 2015

If you didn't pay much attention to the provincial election, maybe this will peak your interest. The Liberal MLA for Clayton Park West, Diana Whalen, has been pushing to introduce a February holiday for nearly a decade. Whalen has introduced a private member's resolution for a new holiday every year since 2005 but it's been turned down every time. The Grits won a majority in Tuesday's election prompting questions as to when the holiday will be implemented. Premier designate Stephen McNeil stopped just shy of promising to make the holiday a reality on Wednesday morning when talking to reporters. However, Whalen says the new Liberal government will have to consult with business leaders to see what kind of impact it will have on their operation. That probably means no new holiday until 2015.

Ottawa Gives Funding For Recreational Fish Conservation

Ottawa will provide up to $112,000 to support recreational fisheries conservation on the South Shore and across the province. Among the projects, the Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation will receive $50,000 for its salmon conservation project on the LaHave River. Executive Director Brooke Nodding says they want to help bring angling back to the river. She says over the next two years the foundation will join its partners to improve fish passage in the North Branch of the river. Work will include bank stabilization and debris removal from culverts.

Meanwhile, $62,000 is being provided for the Nova Scotia Salmon Association's conservation project. A total of six projects in Nova Scotia were approved for funding under the Recreactional Fisheries Conservation Partnerships Program. The announcement was made this morning in Lunenburg by South Shore-St. Margaret's MP Gerald Keddy.

Shelburne Man Arrested In Quebec City

A Shelburne County man charged with abducting his baby two years ago has been arrested on a Canada wide warrant in Quebec City. Corporal Nancy Mason says 45 year-old Collin James Lawrence was taken into custody last Wednesday and transported back to Nova Scotia. The warrant was issued September 30th after he didn't show up to his Supreme Court trial child abduction. Lawrence was arrested in 2011 near the New Brunswick border after allegedly taking his newborn child from its mother. The Supreme Court trial regarding the abduction matter has rescheduled for October 28 in Barrington. He's facing five new charges in relation to his failure to appear, those matters will be dealt with on October 16 in Shelburne Province Court.

Students Get Involved With Municipality Of Chester

Students will act as advisors in the Municipality of Chester. Warden Allen Webber says council has endorsed the student government at Forest Heights Community School to act as an advisory committee. Webber says he met with members of student council to see how the municipality could engage the group. He says the student body will receive agendas ahead of meetings and can provide council with feedback.

Webber feels students deserve to have their voices heard, and this will provide them with that avenue. The warden presented a draft terms of reference to council members that stated the student committee will also provide input in the municipal newsletter and appear at council once a year.

Some Gas Prices May Fall Tonight, Others Rise

Look for another drop in South Shore gasoline prices Friday morning. The price for diesel might increase though. In New Brunswick today, the Energy and Utilities Board has lowered the price for self-serve regular by almost a cent. No such luck for diesel users though. Diesel is up by almost three cents a litre to $1.40.1 and furnace oil has jumped by 1.2 cents to $1.16.7. The price for propane is down half a cent.