Thursday, April 5, 2012

Typical Flu Season for South Shore

The Medical Officer Health for the South Shore says it's been a typical flu season. Doctor Lynda Earl says the influenza virus began to circulate more frequently in late February and throughout March this year. She says about two percent of emergency department visits are the result of flu-like symptoms and that's right in line with previous years. "This year flu is certainly fitting with what we expect to see, cases began in February and more cases in March. In comparison to last year, we only about a month behind so this fits with what we expect to see with flu," Earl stresses frequent hand washing to keep from getting sick. She also suggests that folks should stay home when they aren't feeling well to avoid spreading the virus.

UPDATED: New Flu Cases at Queens Manor in Liverpool

Another disappointment for families and friends of loved-ones at Queens Manor in Liverpool. Just as officials were preparing to re-open the manor to visitors on Friday, comes word it will remain closed. Infection control nurse Sandra Woodford tells CKBW/HANK FM News more cases of the flu have been confirmed which means the public will remain barred from visiting. "We had two new cases and anytime there is a new case we have to back up the opening date a whole week. So we've had new cases and that is the result," About 11 residents had flu-like systems a few weeks ago when officials first decided to close the manor to the public.