Monday, March 26, 2012

Chair: LaHave Manor has good relationship with Town

The LaHave Manor Corporation and Town of Bridgewater are trying to iron out a location for a proposed group home. The organization is trying to access property on Evergreen Road but the town says its not accessible for a group home. Elmer Garber says the home is their best option, but it would take time to try and change town by-laws or get a development agreement. And Garber says time isn't on their side. He says they are still hoping to meet with officials from the town of Bridgewater to find a solution. He feels the town and LaHave Manor have a good relationship. "It's not a town that has discriminated against our clients in the past. I can't say that they have - it's been a good experience for LaHave Manor and I think it's been good for the town of Bridgewater as well," The corporation has signed a 30-day extension to keep the offer open for the Evergreen home, giving them time to meet with the town. The new group home could accommodate up to five people.

Price of Lobster: Hits 5-year High

The price of lobster is sitting at a five year high. Fishermen in LFA's 33 and 34 are selling their catch for $6.00 per pound after the season opened with prices set at $3.25 in November. James Mood is the president of the 1688 Professional Lobster Fishermen's Association. The PLFA formed in January in an effort to drive wharf prices up to at least $5.50 per pound. He says a combination of factors have helped push the price up - including the formation of their group. "I think the fishermen pushed it up themselves when they stopped selling lobsters - they just stopped. They had lobsters, in tubes and holding facilities they just stopped selling to the dealers. This industry works on supply and demand," The PLFA now boasts more than 800 members and Mood says they are half-way to their membership goal. The association's target is to have 80 percent of 1688 licence holders from Shelburne to Digby signed up before next season.

Anniversary for Historic Bluenose Schooner

The historic Bluenose was launched 91 years ago today in Lunenburg. The schooner is a provincial icon for Nova Scotia as well as important Canadian symbol. The original Bluenose was sold in the 1930s when fishing schooners were replaced with motor schooners and trawlers. The vessel was used as a freighter until it sank in 1946 off the coast of Haiti. It was later commemorated in 1963 by a replica Bluenose II. The name "bluenose" originated as a nickname for Nova Scotians from as early as the late 18th century. Nova Scotia's famous sailing ambassador is currently undergoing a major rebuild at the Lunenburg Shipyard and will be re-launched this summer.

South Shore Health Prepares for Accreditation

South Shore Health will find out next month if it will receive a passing grade for accreditation. The process affirms the authority is meeting national standards in health care. CEO Alice Leverman says staff began intensifying efforts over the past year to ensure they meeting the necessary requirements. "Like any big event, there is always anticipation, some build up and anxiety. But we are very hopeful we will be celebrating next month,"  She says offering high levels of service in every department is a key priority for medical professionals in the South Shore. The health authority is expecting a decision on accreditation on April 20th.

For Debate: Former Riverport Elementary Property

Residents of Riverport will get to hear the latest proposals for the former elementary school property tonight. The school closed last year and several community groups are hoping to turn the property into a gathering place. Some of the options being considered, include building a new fire hall, creating green space or constructing a multi-use civic centre. Riverport School Site Committee spokeswoman Debra Hofrichter says support is for the project is key to moving forward. "It is extremely important to us that we have the support of the community. So, Monday nights meeting is to present this draft proposal to the community and ask for their opinion and to ask for their support," An environmental assessment would need to be carried out on the property and Hofrichter says the group still needs to acquire the property from the municipality. Tonight's meeting will be held at the Riverport Fire Hall beginning at 7 o'clock.

Queens County Man Sentenced on Child Porn Charges

A Queens County man will spend six months in jail and eighteen months on probation for possessing child pornography.  39 year old Steven John Croft of White Point has been banned by the court from accessing the Internet except for job purposes while he's on probabtion for a year and a half.  After a lengthy on-line investigation, police raided Croft's home with a search warrant last July 26th.  Court testimony shows they found child porn pictures and movies stored on a computer in the home.

Injuries & Charges Result From Bridgewater Bar Fight

A fight at a Bridgewater bar over the weekend has resulted in serious injuries for one man and serious charges for another!  It happened around 1:30 Saturday morning.  A 30 year old man was found bleeding and unconscious by police at a nightspot which they haven't identified.  The victim was rushed to South Shore Regional and then flown to the QE-2 in Halifax.  A 20 year old man was arrested and charged with assault causing bodily harm and being drunk in a public place.  He's been released on conditions and makes a court appearance May 30th.  Investigators are looking for witnesses and are asking anyone to contact them if they saw the fight.

South Shore Health in need of palliative care volunteers

It's deemed as a service to help people refocus their hope. Now, South Shore Health is looking for more volunteers for their palliative care program. They currently have 15 volunteers, but more are needed to cover the region. The bereavement coordinator, Irene Hirtle, says the South Shore has an older demographic and is more prone to life-threatening illnesses.
"And those kind of illnesses that people in our program suffer from could be malignant diagnosis like cancer or they could be respiratory like COPD or kidney failure, cardiac disease, all of those kinds of things and they can all be part of the palliative care program, too."
Palliative care can be provided to people at home, in a hospital or in a long-term care facility. Volunteer Liz Brown says she started volunteering 12 years ago and hasn't looked back.
"It was just a general interest in people I think, and we meet such wonderful people and we get so much back from what we give, so its a caring and sharing opportunity for everybody."
Brown says volunteering is a great way to help people with life-threatening illnesses. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact 634-7015.