Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bridgewater Police Budget Increasing For 2014-15

A slight rise in funding for the Bridgewater Police Commission budget for the upcoming year. The commission oversees policing in the town and has just over $4-million for 2014-15, but that includes more than $442,000 in income. The budget is increasing by roughly $170,000 from last year including a raise in small equipment costs, crossing guards and training. Police Chief John Collyer says there are a lot of young members that require training.

Collyer feels it's a reasonable budget, but understands the public might not be happy with the increase. He says they work hard to find efficiencies each year to keep the figure as low as they can.

New Grads Can Apply For Loan Relief

New graduates can apply to have the government pay the interest on their provincial student loans. The average loan is roughly $5,600. Removing the interest would save about $800 over the life of the loan. Education Minister Kelly Regan says it will save money as people get ready to begin their career. In order to qualify, you would have to live in Nova Scotia, have a government-sponsored direct lend loan and have graduated from a post secondary school. A link to the application forms is available here

MODL: Mayors Not Interested In Partnership On Bridgewater Arena

It's a decision based on what is affordable. The deputy mayors and mayors of the Municipality of Lunenburg and town of Bridgewater recently met to talk about working together to fund the Memorial Arena. However, initial feedback from Don Downe is that the municipality isn't interested in supporting the arena because they have already invested $3.85-million in the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre. Downe feels it wouldn't be something council would entertain.

Downe feels council wouldn't support a facility in competition with the LCLC. The Memorial Arena will remain open for the the year at a cost of over $150,000.

Puppy Program A Farce: Baillie

A program that provides puppies for inmates of provincial jails is still being funded by the McNeil government. Yet, it was supposed to be scrapped. PC Opposition Leader Jamie Baillie says the government is still pouring out money to do nothing more than make prisoners feel all warm and fuzzy. Baillie says the program plays no role in boosting the economy or re-habbing inmates.

Baillie says getting guns off the street should be a priority of the government. He says the puppy program is simply an indication of poor fiscal management.

Shelburne County Youth Park Changes Hands

The Municipality of Shelburne will take over a local youth park. Council has agreed to assume maintenance needs and operating costs at the Jordan Falls Youth Park. A local association in Shelburne County had been looking after the park but they no longer have the resources to continue up keep on the property. The municipality is currently looking at what needs to be done for upgrades at the park. They want to keep it in good shape so families and visitors can continue using the park. The Jordan Falls Youth Park is located just off Highway 103.

Nova Scotia: NDP MLA Fighting Cancer

A Cape Breton MLA is fighting cancer. Gordie Gosse has announced he has been diagnosed with the disease and is set to undergo chemo-therapy. He represents the riding of Whitney Pier-Sydney. Gosse will reduce his responsibility while he receives treatment and states the cancer was detected in its early stages. The long-time NDP MLA was first elected in 2003. He hopes to return to his seat in the legislature for the fall session.

Health Reform Costs To Soar Says MacDonald

Its going to cost a lot more than first estimated to reform health care in the province. Former health minister and now NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald has told the Legislature newly released Freedom of Information documents showing cost projections. She made them public by tabling documents released by Freedom of Information.

MacDonald called on the premier to make good on his election campaign promise of transparency in government by revealing all costs associated with health care reform.