Thursday, September 30, 2010

Interrnational Epilepsy Conference at White Point

An international conference dealing with epilepsy wraps up today at White Point Beach Resort in Queens County. The two day conference focused on advanced neuro-imaging techniques in new onset epilepsy. The conference features a number of clinical scenarios,group discussions and interactive learning. Delegates are attending from Canada, The U.S., Brazil, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Riverfront Celebration

There's a kick off tomorrow to celebrate the riverfront development. Work has been underway on the revitalization since 2004. Improvement efforts include interpretative panels along the banks of the LaHave River, a major renovation to King Street Court, a riverfront park in the downtown core and a fountain in the river between the two bridges. The celebration is free and will run from 9:30 am to 2 pm including an official opening at 10 a.m.


8am King Street (Empire – Dominion) closed to vehicles
8am- 9:30 Celebration set up
9:00 am Cheer Intensity Demo (King Street Court)

9:30 – 9:55 Fireman’s Band


Piper Ron Leblanc, Town Crier, Ozzie Stiles,
ACOA – Government of Canada – MP Gerald Keddy,
NS Department of Health Promotion & Protection,
MLA Gary Ramey
Mayor Carroll Publicover (Mr Maughan)
Darren Lipsett, BDA Chair
Barb Thompson, Interpretive Panels

10:15 – 10:45 Bridgewater Firemen’s Band
10:45 – 10:55 Cheer Intensity
10:55 – 11:40 South Shore Ukulele Concert Group
11:40 – 11:55 Kipper’s Gymnastics demonstration
11:55 – 1:00 Twist of Fate
1:00 – 1:15 Kick Boxing demonstration
1:00 – 2:00 Naming the Twins

Farmer’s Market ,Face painting,Clown on Stilts,Buskers
Food Vendors,Wine Tasting,
Demonstrations (kick-boxing, skateboarding, gymnastics)
Prizes,Intrepretive panels

Possible Use for Fox Point School

The Municipality of Chester has received a request for the use of the old Fox Point school. Warden Alan Webber says Council had determined that when the daycare moved out, the school would be put on the market to try to recover some of their money Webber says Council now has two requests to consider.. both from community based organizations.GPIAtlantic, founded in 1997 is an independent, non-profit research and education organization. It is committed to the development of the Genuine Progress Index, a new measure of sustainability, well being and quality of life. The group will return with a more formal presentation to Council next week.

Octoberfest Funding

An annual fall event at the Forties Community Centre getting a cash infusion from the federal government. MP Gerald Keddy announced a grant of 25 hundred dollars to support the annual Octoberfest. The funding is provided through the Building Communities through Arts and Heritage program. Phillip Broome, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Forties Community Centre says the funding will assist in the celebration of German Heritage of Lunenburg County. Oktoberfest takes place from October 11th to 24th, at the Forties Community Centre in New Ross.

Needs a Lift

A request has been submitted to the Department of Health for funding for upgrades to the existing elevators and for the addition of a third elevator at South Shore Regional Hospital. Both elevators were down and out of service on August 23rd.
C-E-O Alice Leverman says the elevators are original to the hospital when it was constructed 22 years ago. She says they are proposing the project be done in two phases. Phase 1 would be the construction of the third elevator which would cost approximately 1.7 million, while Phase 2 would be the upgrades to the existing elevators at an estimated cost of 350 thousand.