Thursday, June 10, 2010

NSCC Valedictorian

He was this year's class valedictorian and he's been featured in NSCC’s 2010 Student Success magazine for his work as a tutor and helping a Korean student learn English . Twenty-six year old Mike Sawlor who was enrolled in the Architectural Drafting program at NSCC’s Lunenburg Campus ,also ended up teaching English as a second language to his Korean classmate, 19-year old Sang (Sam) Yoo. Sawlor's peers recognized his generosity with the “Gift of Giving” award two years in a row, and when he applied to become valedictorian, the panel unanimously chose him. Award winners during Thursday nights convocation ceremonies are as follows:
* Governor General's Academic Medal - Danielle Baines, Drafting Mechanical
* NSCC Board of Governors Award - Danielle Baines, Drafting Mechanical
* NSCC Foundation Award - Kacie Moynan, Business Administration Software & Information Management
* NSCC Gold Medal - Jane Boisvert, Continuing Care
* President's Award - Adam Schnare, Office Administration

Teen Trial Before Judge and Jury

A 16 year old facing charges of attempted murder in relation to an April stabbing is taking his case before a Supreme Court judge and jury. The Bridgewater teen who cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act will remain in custody in Waterville until his preliminary hearing which is slated for August 12th. The teen who is accused of stabbing another 18 year old male numerous times is charged with attempted murder, assault with a weapon and breaching probation. He's been in custody since being arrested following an altercation at a house party in Chester Basin April 18th.

Tax Rates Rise in Chester

Similar to other municipalities, residents in Chester will be paying more in property taxes. Council approved a residential tax increase of 2 cents over last year to balance the 19.5 million dollar operating budget. The residential rate is set at 63 cents per 100 of assessment, while the commercial tax rate is $1.53 per 100 of assessment. Warden Allen Webber says the decision to raise taxes was not taken lightly, but is necessary due to the challenge of meeting rising costs. Some of the new initiatives supported by this budget include the hiring of an additional RCMP Officer, hiring a Planner to move forward with the implementation of the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan, and bringing a By-Law Enforcement Officer on board to address public concerns.