Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Queens County Man Found Guilty of Child Luring

A Queens County man will be sentenced later this month for luring a child.

Richard Austin Maclean of Wellington Road, Greenfield pleaded guilty in Halifax Provincial Court Yesterday.

Between October 14th and November 1st Maclean made contact with a undercover police officer posing as a fifteen year-old girl.

Maclean was arrested in the parking lot of the Bloomfield Center in Halifax as he sat waiting for a meeting with the girl.

Chris Hansen of the Public Prosecution Service says its premature to speculate on his sentencing.

But says Maclean's lack of a prior record and his level of remorse for the crime, will play a role.

Maclean will be due back in court for sentencing on November 1st.


A growing number of residents in the St. Margaret's Bay area are becoming increasingly alarmed by the province's proposed connector road to highway 103.
The transportation department has selected 5 possible locations for the route and expects to decide soon which one is best.
The budget for the project is 10-million dollars.
Many residents in the area are opposed to any connector being built thats going to gobble up properties.
They're calling for a referendum to settle the issue.
Residents have shown their opposition to the connector since they first learned it was in the planning process with a write-in campaign to the Transportation Minister and a public meeting in Black Point earlier this summer which attracted several hundred people.

Egging in Bridgewater

A Bridgewater residence has egg on their facade.

a Brook street home was egged last night around 10;30 pm.

Police say a small vehicle was heard accelerating away from the residence.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact the Bridgewater Police or Crime Stoppers.

The house was not damaged in the incident.

RCMP Report an Increase in Break and Enters

Break and Enters are on the rise in Lunenburg County.

Comparing reports from news years day until the end of July in 2009 to the same six-month period for this year, shows an increase of 19.6 percent.

Staff Sergeant Bruce Hill says two major factors encourage people to commit these crimes.

Convenience and addictions.

“A person may see something unattended and ma y use that occasion to commit a break and enter,or enter a house or a building and take something. We also find a lot of break and enters are related to the use prescription and non-prescription drugs,” says Hill.

The most items most commonly stolen include jewelry and electronics.

Hill says many of these items are easily sold to friends or traded at pawn shops, no questions asked.

He says people can protect themselves from theft by securing their homes with locks and alarms and keeping a watchful eye on the neighborhood.

One-hundred and thirty-four break and enters have taken place in the county so far this year.

A figure, Hill says is comparable with other regions throughout the province.

Woman Held Captive by Welchtown Man

Shelburne County RCMP say they received an unusual call early this morning.

Sergeant Barry MacLellan explains.

“Members of our detachment received a 9-1-1 call that there was a woman being held against her will in a residence in Welchtown,” says MacLellan.

The twenty-seven year old woman was allegedly forced from her vehicle and held at knife point inside the home for several hours.

RCMP responded to the call at approximately three o'clock in the morning and the woman was able to flee the home, unharmed.

A thirty year-old man was found asleep inside and arrested without incident.

The accused faces charges of assault with a weapon, forcible confinement and sexual assault in Yarmouth Provincial Court today.

Maclellan says this was an unusual incident for local Mounties.

“It's not something we normally respond to. It's considered an isolated incident in this area,” says MacLellan.