Thursday, April 12, 2012

Woman Accused of Operating Bawdy House in Bridgewater

A 30 year old woman has been arrested for allegedly operating a brothel in Bridgewater. Police say the woman is from Halifax and will appear in court next month. The investigation into the suspected bawdy house bust also involved members from the Halifax Regional Police Vice Section. Police have not released the woman's name. The accused has been released and is due in court in Bridgewater on May 30th.

Site Preparation work underway at White Point

Crews on site at White Point April 12
The ground is breaking at White Point Beach Resort. Manager Danny Morton tells us dump trucks and excavators arrived Thursday morning to begin site preparation work for the new main lodge. Morton explains what is being done at the moment.
"They are going to be digging out the holes so the foundations can start being laid. I guess there is a lot of fill that needs to be removed, so over the next couple of weeks there's going to be a lot of noise and soil movement just to get the site ready for the foundation pourers."
White Point's main lodge burned down November 12 after a devastating fire at the popular Queens County resort. Morton says they are hoping to have the lodge built by the end of October. You can view the construction online at .

Mahone Bay says ''no'' to Electronic Voting

The town of Mahone Bay has decided against e-voting for the upcoming municipal elections. Council voted on the matter during Tuesday night's meeting. Mayor Joe Feeney says it didn't make sense to explore the option.
"We're small, its easy for people to get to the polling station, there are lots of opportunities with advanced polling, it does not preclude the option of people voting by proxy vote if they happen to be out of the province. So, we took all of those things into account and decided we weren't going to go there."
Feeney says it would have cost the town just under $2,300 to use electronic voting in October, no matter how many people used the service. He says for now the roughly 550 eligible voters in the community will stick to the paper ballot system.