Friday, October 9, 2009

Drug Search

It's the latest success for the Integrated Street Crime Enforcement unit on the south shore. RCMP and Bridgewater police say they've seized twenty pounds of marijuana from a home they searched in New Russell, Lunenburg county. The warrant landed them the pot and an unsecured firearm. A 41-year old New Russell man is now facing charges of production and posession. His court date is set for December 2nd for the accused to enter a plea.

Lockeport Planning

It takes a community to raise a village. And Lockeport is working on a second day of planning for a sustainable future for the smallest town in Nova Scotia. Municipalities country-wide have to have a plan to access federal gas tax money. Dale Eshelby is the integrated community sustainability plan coordinator for Lockeport. She says sometimes the answers have to grow from the grassroots and that's why they are hoping the people in the community take part in the planning. There are events and displays at both Lockeport Regional High School and Lockeport Fire Hall. for a schedule of events.