Saturday, October 30, 2010


The chair of the South Shore Regional School Board says an attempt to balance the provincial-budget is threatening classrooms across the South Shore.

Elliot Payzant made the comment in reaction to the provincial government's proposed five-per-cent annual budget-cuts over the next-three years.

That's 196-million-dollars missing from the balance-sheets.

Payzant says class sizes will likely increase, support for students with special needs may be reduced and staff cuts are certain.

The School board will present its new fiscal plan to the public later this month.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Game Over VLT's

A Nova Scotia organization ... "Game OverVLT's-dot-com"... says enough is enough and its time Video Lottery Terminals were banned for good. Spokesman Terry Fulmer says its a disgrace that hundreds of millions of dollars are being raked in by the gaming corporation every year yet whats put back for helping problem gamblers in Nova Scotia is but a drop in the bucket. Fulmer says gambling is OK if you know what you're doing but the VLT's are destroying too many people and their families because they're such an attraction. Fulmer accuses the province of failing to take responsibility and helping the estimated 18-thousand Nova Scotians with gambling problems resulting in large part from the prevalence of VLT's.
Fulmer is on a cross-province speaking tour and recently addressed the issue during a presentation to the Bridgewater Rotary Club.

Citizenship Ceremony at Forest Heights Community School

The Department of "Citizenship and Immigration" held a citizenship ceremony Thursday afternoon at Forest Heights Community School. Trish Smith the Communications Director for the "South Shore Regional School Board" says the event allows the students to be involved and it also exposes them to the idea of becoming a new Canadian citizen. The ceremony welcomed a number of new citizens -- including the principal of Forests Heights Community School. Born in Australia -- Shannon Catton took the oath of Canadian citizenship, along with more than 30 other new Canadians.

*** Teacher Shannon Catton with the presider of the ceremony, Order of Canada recipient, Elizabeth Parr-Johnson**

Theft Advisory

Shelburne RCMP are advising the public of an increase in the theft of materials that are able to be sold to scrap metal yards.  Most recently the Mounties had a theft of various pieces and types of metal, along with a unique stainless steal propeller shaft.  The shaft would have been difficult to move due to its size and weight.  People are advised that if they see any suspicious activity to call their local police agency immediately.

New School Announcement Monday

A new school construction project will be announced in Liverpool on Monday November 1st..   Premier Darrell Dexter will be in Queens County to make the official announcement at the South Queens Junior High School at 10 a.m. The school was listed as a priority several years ago and parents and the School Board have been pushing for a new stand alone building saying renovations to the existing facility were not economically sound.

Male Injured Falling from Deer Stand

It was a bit of an unusual call for assistance for the Barrington RCMP. The Mounties received a call around noon time from EHS reporting they were treating a patient in a wooded area about four miles behind the church on Oak Park Road. Due to the rough terrain the paramedics were unable to safely transport the injured male out of the forest. Arrangements were made to have a Sea King helicopter attend and airlift the patient who was transported to Yarmouth Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The 65 year old man had been in the wooded area with friends on a deer hunting trip overnight when he fell from his deer stand. The victim did not believe his injuries were serious and spent the night at the nearby camp with other hunters. However, when he awoke Friday morning, he was in a great deal of pain and his son called 9-1-1.

Deer Hunting Season Opens

Nova Scotian hunters are celebrating another deer hunting season, which begins today. (October 29th). To manage the deer population in Nova Scotia, a zone system is used to set the number of antlerless licences based on the number of deer in various areas. This year the province has reconfigured the deer zones from an eight- to a 12-zone system, so applicants should review new zones carefully.  Natural Resources Minister John MacDonell reminds hunters to make safety a priority, and says people in the woods should wear hunter-orange clothing at all times. The five-week season excludes Sundays and runs until Dec. 3.
Again this year, meat may be donated to food banks through Feed Nova Scotia's Hunters Helping the Hungry program. Hunters may bring a deer or moose to a participating meat cutter to donate all or a portion of the meat to help families in need.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cenotaph Restoration

The Government of Canada is helping fund the restoration of the Chester Basin Cenotaph . South Shore/St. Margaret's M-P Gerald Keddy has announced funding of up to 14 hundred 65 dollars to the Royal Canadian Legion, Everett Branch # 88, for the restoration project.. Built in 1976 in front of the Chester Basin Legion, the cenotaph is in remembrance of those from the community who made the supreme sacrifice for Canada in the First and Second World Wars and the Korean War. Planned restoration work includes removing brickwork around the monument; levelling the terrain; replacing brickwork and cleaning the bronze plaque. This is one of eleven community-led projects receiving a total of $110,120 announced by the Government of Canada through Veterans Affairs Canada's Cenotaph/Monument Restoration Program.

Police Warn of Seniors Scam

Bridgewater Police are warning seniors not to fall for the grandson telephone scam that is making the rounds. On October 20th, a Bridgewater woman reported a suspicious phone call she had received from a male claiming to be her grandson. The caller told the woman he had been involved in a car accident, and needed 5 thousand dollars to replace a telephone pole he had damaged. The intended victim did not take the bait and reported the phone call to police. This is the second such call reported to police in the past few months.

Accident Results in MVA Charge

Two people were taken to South Shore Regional Hospital following a two car accident on LaHave Street Wednesday night. The accident happened shortly after 10pm. Police say weather conditions played a part in the accident as it was raining hard at the time. Both vehicles were extensively damaged. Four people were involved in the collision. Two individuals were treated for minor injuries and later released. One of the drivers is being charged under the Motor Vehicle Act with failing to yield to highway traffic when entering the highway.

Minor Injuries in Port Mouton Truck Accident

A transport truck driver suffered only minor-injuries when his 18-wheeler overturned in a ditch at Exit-20 on Highway-103 in Port Mouton.

The RCMP closed the highway betwen 3:30 and 5:30 this morning to allow a couple of tow trucks to set the transport truck upright and haul it away.

The Mounties suspect that wet-conditions at the time of the incident, which happened at around 11:00 o'clock last night, may have contributed to the accident.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


A Lunenburg County man is facing federal and provincial charges following a seizure of more than 95 thousand illegal cigarettes. Police executed a search warrant at a residence on the Keddy Bridge Road, Oakland on Tuesday October 26th. A 55 year old male from the Oakland area is facing charges under the Federal Excise Act and the Provincial Revenue Act. A December 8th, 2010 Court date has been set for plea in the Bridgewater Provincial Court.

Council Contracts

Bridgewater town council has awarded two east coast companies with engineering contracts.

One tender for work on a key component for the municipal waste water treatment facility was awarded to CBCL Limited.

The Halifax-based firm designed the plant, and will now install a new digester component at a cost of $ 7,400.

A second contract was provided to Elmsdale Landscaping at an estimated cost of $ 40,500

The Nova Scotia company will haul an estimated fifteen thousand tonnes of salt for town streets this winter.

Fire that Destroyed Auburndale Storage Barn Not Suspicious

Fire has destroyed a large storage barn in Lunenburg County.
The blaze on the Upper Branch Road in Auburndale broke out just before midnight. The fire destroyed a number of cars, trucks and boats stored inside the facility. Firefighters from  eight departments in the area were involved in fighting the blaze. Firefighters and and equipment came from departments in Midville Branch ,Bridgewater, Newcombville, Chelsea, Baker Settlement, Wileville, Hebbville and Hemford.The Lunenburg County RCMP says the cause of the blaze seems to be electrical in nature and the fire Marshall's office has not been called in. Corporal Dyson Smith says excavators were called in to help the firefighters. One firefighter was sent to South Shore Regional Hospital suffering smoke inhalation as a result of the Auburndale fire. The hospital released him this morning, and he is reported to be in good condition.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shelburne Grants

Four local tourism and cultural organizations have received grants from the Municipality of Shelburne. The Osprey Arts Centre will get 26 hundred dollars, 33 hundred goes to the Shelburne Historical Society, 25 hundred for the Town's Visitor Information Centre, and Destination Southwest Nova Association received 34 hundred 26 dollars. Three of the four organizations are located in the Town of Shelburne, highlighting the long standing principle of cooperation between the Town of Shelburne and the Municipality of Shelburne.


Bridgewater Police Service, Chester RCMP and the Mahone Bay Area Seniors Project are working together to host a refresher driving course designed specifically for seniors. The program will be held at the Mahone Bay Centre, 45 School Street in Mahone Bay on November 19th from 9 - 3 pm. This six hour, classroom-based course is designed to refresh driving skills and put in focus many of the distractions facing senior drivers today. The program is sponsored by the Nova Scotia Government and is free to seniors who hold a valid Nova Scotia drivers licence and are 65 years of age or older. Those drivers under 65 who would like to register for the program, or those who have taken the program before, must pay a $40 fee. Participation has no effect on a senior's driving record. . Seniors interested in registering for the "55 Alive" driver refresher program can contact Beth George, Seniors Safety Coordinator at (902) 543-3567.


The RCMP is warning you to watch out for some suspicious phone calls.

The Barrington RCMP say these "scams" come in many different forms.

Sgt. Robert Forbes says -- however -- they all rely on the same basic principle.

Someone will call you and try to get as much personal information about you as possible -- such as your social Insurance Number, drivers-license or credit-card information.

The callers usually claim to represent a recognized organization.

Sgt. Forbes says you should report such calls by calling the police or going online to


Queens County RCMP are investigating a rash of break and enters and thefts in the Greenfield area in recent days.

Over the weekend, the Buckfield Community Hall on Highway 210 was broken into and ransacked.
Nothing was taken though.
Around the same time, several vehicles in the area were broken into and so was a garage.
Staff Sargeant Jeff Wells of Queens County RCMP says they are looking for suspects right now and says investigators have what the staff-sargeant calls "person of interests" in mind.
He also warns drivers, again, to make sure their vehicles are locked up when not in use to help prevent would-be thieves from getting in.
Police are asking anyone who may have noticed anything suspicious or has any other information to call Liverpool RCMP or Crime Stoppers.


Bridgewater Town Council will delay implementing new parking by-laws.
The draft document recommends increasing hourly parking rates to 50 cents and doubling fines for unpaid tickets.

Mayor Carroll Publicover says as a result of a recent meeting, council may make some changes to that document.

Council will take another look at the proposed parking by-laws on November 22.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Residents in the Ingramport area are dropping off Halloween treats at all MLA offices in the area.

They say its a treat for what they claim is the bigest "trickster" of them all this Halloween, the Provincial Transportation Department.

The bags of candy also contain a note explaining how a number of homes might be demolished in favor of a connector road in the area to Highway 103.

Residents' spokesman Sean Kirby says everyone's disappointed that a public meeting on the issue and the twinning of the 103 has been put off until February to await results of an environmental study.

Residents of the area have been vocal at public meetings on the issue during the summer and are continuing their demand for a referendum.


One South Shore family is homeless after their house was gutted by fire this weekend.

The single family structure on Teachest Lane, off Sandypoint Road, was demolished by flames.

The Shelburne Volunteer Fire Department and the Jordan Falls Fire Department responded to the call at approximately 2pm on Sunday afternoon.

The residents had returned home that afternoon to find smoke funnelling out the rear of the house.

Police say the cause of the blaze has yet to be determined.


Bridgewater Police are seeking two suspects after an alleged assault this weekend.

Police say a man was taken to South Shore Regional Hospital with minor injuries after being jumped by two men.

The first suspect is described as large in build, approximately 23 years of age, last seen wearing baggy black sweatpants and a hoodie

The second man is described as 27 years of age with a large build, a goatee and sideburns.

Police are asking anyone with information on the assault to contact the Bridgewater Police Detachment or Crime Stoppers.


A fishing vessel with 15 people on board, taking on water off southern Nova Scotia over the weekend, used  pumps dropped to it by a rescue aircraft to stay afloat as it safely returned to harbour in Liverpool.

A spokesman for the rescue co-ordination centre in Halifax says the "Bickerton Pride" was about 150 kilometres south of Yarmouth when it began taking on water.
A Canadian Hercules aircraft and a U.S. Coast Guard jet were sent out to drop three pumps to the vessel.
The pumps ensured the vessel stayed afloat as it motored its way safely to port.


In September, a while-tailed deer someone was keeping as a pet was seized on Big Tancook Island.
Two men face numerous charges resulting from the seizure.
Charged with three offences under the provincial Wildlife Act — keeping wildlife in captivity without a permit or licence, contrary to regulations and in an unapproved enclosure --- is 70 year old Lee Grant Cross.
Facing one charge under the Wildlife Act — possessing a deer carcass --- is 27 year old Leslie Lee Cross.
The younger Cross also faces 14 charges under the Criminal Code — a single count of possessing a loaded handgun, one count of carelessly storing ammunition and a dozen counts of carelessly storing a variety of firearms.
Lawyer for the men appeared in Bridgewater court to ask for more time to review the case and was given November 17th as the next court date.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


The Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality is hoping the tourism Department got the message.

Mayor John Leefe, two councillors and two staff members attended a 'Lets Talk Tourism' workshop this month hosted by the Nova Scotia Department of Tourism.

Leefe says their major concern was the loss of the Yarmouth to Maine ferry service.

He says the department is only beginning to understand how much the death of the ferry service has affected the region.

Leefe also says he's hopeful the Department now understands the need for their increased promotional and fiscal support throughout the region.


Affordable housing facilities in Nova Scotia will receive 32 million in federal and provincial funding.

Member of Parliment for the South Shore-St. Margaret's, Gerald Keddy made the announcement this morning.

Twenty-one million dollars will go towards repairs and renovations of social housing. Eleven million dollars will be provided for the construction of new homes for low-income seniors and people with disabilities across the province.

Keddy says the funding, made possible through the federal Economic Action Plan and the Nova Scotia Affordable Housing Program, is helping those who need it most while providing job opportunities for tradespeople throughout the region.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Drugs, Cigarettes & Weapons Seized

A Lunenburg County man is facing charges following the seizure of a quantity of illegal cigarettes and prohibited weapons from an Upper LaHave home. The South Shore Integrated Street Crime Unity along with RCMP searched the house on the Conrad Road on October 19th. Police seized 1400 illegal cigarettes, a quantity of processed marijuana and prohibited weapons. A 35 year old male s facing charges under the federal Excise Act, the provincial Revenue Act and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. He’s slated to appear in Bridgewater provincial court on December 15.


A Mahone Bay company one of 25 aquaculture projects receiving provincial funding. Over 90 thousand dollars has been provided to two South Shore operators. Indian Point Marine Farms in Mahone Bay received 12 thousand to develop a technology to recover mussel seed from the synthetic mesh used to protect against predation from sea ducks. The Cedar Bay Grilling Company received 80 thousand to market and distribute four new Atlantic salmon product lines. In all, 25 operators and projects received funding. The 300 aquaculture sites in the province employ 700 people.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Patient Safety Week to be Celebrated

November 1st to the 5th is Patient Safety Week in Canada and South Shore Health will celebrate by hosting patient safety fairs in a series of locations throughout the District to encourage patients and families to be actively involved in their health. C-E-O Alice Leverman says one simple way to improve safety in healthcare is by asking questions, listening to the answers and talking openly about our concerns.The public is invited to join staff, physicians and volunteers to learn more about efforts to improve patient safety and how they can participate in making their care safer.

Fairs will be held from 10 am to 2 pm at the following locations:

o November 2 - Bridgewater Mall Center Court

o November 3 - QGH - Second floor old nursing station

o November 4 - FMH - Assembly Room

o November 5 - SSRH - Lecture Rooms 1, 2, 3

Red Cross Assists in Fires

The Red Cross has stepped in to assist an 88-year-old man after fire destroyed a small house on Cape Sable Island, on the South Shore earlier this week. He escaped injury in the fire late Monday but lost his house and belongings. The elderly man is staying with family members for now and the Red Cross has arranged emergency purchases of food and clothes. An electrical malfunction is blamed for the fire at 754 Stoney Island Road. Meantime a family of four is homeless after a fire destroyed a house late Thursday morning in Telford, , a rural area about 20 kilometres east of New Glasgow. One adult who was home at the time and the family's dog, escaped unharmed. The couple's two children were in school. Red Cross volunteers provided some blankets and personal-care items but the home was insured and an adjustor was quickly on-scene to arrange other emergency support.

Drug Charges

A 43 year old Shelburne County resident is facing charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking, and possession of proceeds of crime. Leonard Lee Nickerson was arrested Wednesday following a search of a Newelton home. The Street Crime Unit assisted by members of the Barrington RCMP seized over a pound of marijuana along with other drug related items and a large amount of cash. Nickerson will appear in Barrington Provincial Court on December 23rd.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Low -income residents will benefit from the province's home heating rebate program being offered again this year to help make life more affordable. Rebates of up to 200 dollars are available for eligible applicants who heat their homes with oil, electricity, wood, wood pellets, natural gas, propane, or coal. People who earn $27,000 or less, or families with a combined income of $42,000 or less, as well as those receiving income assistance or the guaranteed income supplement and buy home heating fuels, can apply. Municipal Relations Minister Ramona Jennex says more than 52,000 applications were mailed to recipients of last year's program.
Applications are available at Access Nova Scotia centres, MLA offices, Department of Community Services' offices, family resource centres, community groups such as Feed Nova Scotia and Parker Street, and online at, or by calling 1-800-670-4357.

It may take up to six weeks for applications to be processed and cheques issued to eligible Nova Scotians.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


What was first reported to be an accident on North King Street Monday afternoon was actually a break and enter.

A Bridgewater officer was conducting a routine check of a vacant home at 1561 King Street just after 2 p.m. when he came across what appaeared to be a break and enter in progress.
The constable called for additional officers, who soon had three people in custody.
Reports that a 4th armed man was hiding in the home were determined to be false.
Arrested and charged are two underage females and an adult male.
The accused male will appear in Bridgewater Provincial Court later today.


Nova Scotia's Opposition Conservatives say tourism operators are suffering following the death last winter of the ferry service that linked the province with Maine.

Chris d'Entremont, the member for Argyle, says statistics he has compiled show that some operators are experiencing 50 per cent lower visitation rates from the United States.
The CAT ferry service died after the province's N-D-P government decided it would no longer provide subsidies to the money-losing service.
Cutting the service has seriously impacted business here on the South Shore and the conservative member of parliament for the area, Gerald Keddy, says the provincial NDP government took the wrong approach to the issue right from the start.
Keddy says: "Without question what the government should have done was agree to continue to help subsidize the ferry for the 2010-11 year and then give the group notice that they would be closing the ferry down after 2011".
The Yarmouth Port Authority is attempting to attract a new ferry service for the area that would be up and running by next summer.


It'll be February before public meetings resume on a plan for twinning another section of highway 103.

The transportation department has postponed the meetings to await environmental studies.
Its estimated it will cost 85-million dollars to twin the notoriously dangerous section between exit 5 at Tantallon and 6 in Hubbards.
The twinning project would also include another 10-million dollars for construction of an access road at Boutlier's Point.
That is a particularly sticky issue for residents who fear some homes might be lost to the access road.

Monday, October 18, 2010


A happy ending to what could have possibly ended up as a tragedy.

A 15 year old South Shore girl is safe after she became lost in woods on Saturday in the Clearland area.

Lunenburg RCMP received a report of the girl being lost in woods Saturday afternoon.

RCMP Telecom was able to communicate with her via cell phone to determine her location.

Lunenburg County Search and Rescue and a police services dog sprang into action along with Natural Resources.

The girl was located about 2 hours later near Dorey Mills Road, cold and wet but otherwise in good condition.


Christmas tree growers in Nova Scotia are coming in from the field and on to the political platform.

The Executive Director of The Christmas Tree Council says growers are trying to get their say on a new provincial Forestry Strategy.

Matthew Wright says its taken three months and numerous letters to the Department of Natural resources, MLA's and councillors to get a meeting with the minister.

The Minister of Natural Resources, John MacDonnell, says the strategy will improve clear-cutting practices without over-regulating them.

The document is expected to be finalized by the end of this year.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


The Town of Bridgewater is keeping big business away from part of the town's industrial park.

The southeastern portion is being re-classified as a light industrial zone.

Mayor Carroll Publiclover says the 25 acre parcel of land will be promoted to less imposing facilities.

He says rezoning of the land east of York street and south of Wentzell Drive and Cook Road, will not disrupt current business in the park.


A South Shore Company has beaten the competition.

The Town of Bridgewater has awarded a 22-thousand, eight-hundred dollar contract to Abel Land and Surveying of Chester.

The company will take on the job of surveying North Street and Aberdeen Road before the thoroughfares are widened.

Abel outbid five other companies for the contract.

Council says it was happy to award the job to a local business.


The fifteen-year-old male reported missing from Bridgewater has been located and Bridgewater Police say he is in good health.

Matthew Baker had been missing since Tuesday evening.

Bridgewater Police Service would like to thank the public for their assistance.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


The Sci-fi series , Haven is staying in Lunenburg for another season.

The South-shore-based production has been renewed for a second season.

The story is based on the novel 'Colorado Kid'  by author, Stephen King and stars John Morayniss, Noreen Halpern and Laszlo Barna.

The town itself also plays a leading role as a mysterious refuge for people with supernatural powers.

Since debuting this summer the show boasts 2.6 million national viewers.


 Police have issued a plea for help in finding a missing Bridgewater teen who disappeared after an argument with a family member.

Police say fifteen year-old Matthew baker has been missing since Tuesday.

He was last seen at Bridgewater high school on October 12th, during the evening hours.

He is described as a Caucasian male, six-feet tall with blue eyes, short brown hair and a thin build.

He was last seen wearing blue jeans, a black t-shirt, a green-blue hoodie, a black jacket and white sneakers.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Bridgewater Police or their local police detachment.


A Bridgewater teenager who was accused of stabbing a man 12 times has changed his plea to "guilty".

The 16-year-old from Bridgewater admitted yesterday in Bridgewater Provincial Court that he repeatedly stabbed a man outside a house party earlier this year.

The identity of the youth is protected under legislation.

He will be sentenced next month on a single count of assault with a weapon.


The Town of Bridgewater will be pumping 205-thousand dollars into its waste-water treatment plant and sewer facilities.

Numerous pumps, panels and electrical systems will be replaced.
Town council pre-approved the sum from the 2011/2012 budget.

Mayor Caroll Publiclover says upgrades to the system are necessary.

"Allow them to be computer compatible. They'll be able to provide data and take commands from the computer. And they will be reporting very useful data (on) whether they are functioning properly, that's one of the most important parts but there's also various components of the lift stations that are just wearing out," says Publiclover.

The current pumps are more than ten years old and replacement parts are obsolete.

The contract for the design and build of the new treatment plant and sewer lift station has been awarded to Automated Systems Group for more than 261-thousand dollars.


The Town of Bridgewater is keeping a community bulletin board out of the new park on Aberdeen Road.

The Rotary Club had requested permission to place the board adjacent to already existing signs for MADD Canada and the Desbrisay museum on the corner of LaHave Street and Aberdeen Road.

Mayor Caroll Publiclover says the request was denied because a Rotary sign board does not belong in a town park.

He says town planners will gladly work with the club to find a more appropriate location for their community bulletins.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Negotiations between the town of Bridgewater and its unionized police officers have broken down.

Bridgewater is not alone in this however. Its the same situation for the towns of Kentville, Amherst and New Glasgow and THEIR town cops.

Officials from the four towns originally thought that by negotiating as a group, they could come to a one-agreement-suits-all package.

Negotiations will now continue with each of the individual locals.

The main issue continues to be pensions after last year's court ruling that municipalities had to cover any fund deficiencies.


There isn't a big scare for South Shore health officials like last year when the H1N1 flu virus was wreeking havoc and stirring up fear.

However, officials suggest getting a flu shot soon to prevent illness when the season kicks-in in a few weeks.

The shots this year are free and considered a safe and effective way of protecting yourself and your family.

Theresa Hawkesworth of South Shore Health says flu shots are available through family doctors and public health nurses.

She suggests the elderly, young children between 6 and 23 months of age, pregnant women and anyone with chronic medical conditions should definately be vaccinated against the flu.


The Town of Bridgewater is keeping big business away from part of the town's industrial park.

The southeastern portion is being re-classified as a light industrial zone.

Mayor Carroll Publiclover says the 25 acre parcel of land will be promoted to less imposing facilities.

He says rezoning of the land east of York street and south of Wentzell Drive and Cook Road, will not disrupt current business in the park.


Police have seized cocaine and processed marijuana in Lunenburg and charged a man and woman.

The South Shore Integrated Street Crime Enforcement Unit, Lunenburg County RCMP, Bridgewater Police and a police dog took part in a search of a residence on Kaulback Street.

The two male and female residents, both in their 40's, appear in court in December charged with possessing cocaine and marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.


A sod turning for the new school in Lunenburg will go ahead this morning.

South Shore school board, municipal and provincial officials will be on hand at the site of the former junior-senior high to officially launch construction on the new Bluenose Academy.

The new school, when completed in January 2012, will bring together grades primary to 9 students from Riverport and District School, Centre Consolidated, Lunenburg Junior High and Lunenburg Academy.

It will also be one of the most technically-advanced and environmentally-friendly buildings in the province.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


A Lunenburg County man, accused of fatally shooting his estranged wife in June, has been found unfit to stand trial because of mental impairment caused by a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Wayne Paul Eisnor of New Germany has appeared in Bridgewater provincial court on a charge of first-degree murder in the death of Tina Mae Eisnor.

The court was told that Eisnor suffered a wound to his brain and doesn't fully comprehend that his wife is dead.

Eisnor is being held at the East Coast Forensic Unit in Dartmouth and the Nova Scotia Review Board will determine in another 45 days if he is still unfit to stand trial.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Nova Scotia's bounty on coyotes gets underway this weekend.

Starting Friday the province will offer trappers twenty dollars a pelt in a province-wide effort to cull aggressive animals from the regional population.

However, one biologist and conservationist says these measures won't work.

Dr. Bill Freedman, a professor at Dalhousie University tells says the plan is merely a political ploy.

"A bounty, in my view, is mostly a political action that's undertaken my management agencies in order to be seen to be doing something about a problem. And in this case coyotes that some people feel threatened by," says Freedman.

Freedman says coyotes will mate more rapidly when their population is threatened.

He says, there should instead be a targeted effort to kill the problem animals in the pack.


Bridgewater Police are investigating the death of a man who was found in his South End apartment this morning.

Around six this morning, Bridgewater Police received a 911 call regarding a possible sudden death.

Upon arrival, a 28 year old man was found dead in the apartment.

Police say the cause of death is unknown.

An autopsy will be performed and the matter is under investigation.


An East Chester man lost his motorcycle and earned a day in court after failing to pull over for police.

Bridgewater Police says they attempted to apprehend a man after he popped a wheelie with his bike near the Veteran's Memorial Bridge.

He failed to pull over but was eventually arrested after failing to negotiate a turn after entering the former Kirk's Tree Yard just off LaHave Street.

Deputy Chief John Collyer with the Bridgewater Police force says the motorist must have failed to get the message about plans for increased patrols.

"It's kind of uprising to see an individual doing this of activity on a weekend when we had announced in advance that we would be out in force looking for this kind of activity, " says Collyer.

The accused will appear in Bridgewater Provincial Court next month to face numerous charges.

Monday, October 11, 2010


RCMP in Nova Scotia are looking for those responsible for puncturing the tires on about fifty vehicles in the Eastern Passage and Cole Harbour areas.

The majority of the damage was incurred on Friday night.

Police are advising the public to carefully inspect their tires as the punctures could lead to slow leaks, not easily detected upon first glance.

The investigation continues.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


An Annapolis County man is facing multiple charges after a large marihuana seizure.

RCMP say the seizure was significant with an estimated street value of over 218-thousand dollars.

More than 151 marihuana plants were located in the search.

Charges of production of marihuana and possession for the purpose of trafficking are pending against the twenty-nine year old accused.

Police have not released the man's name as the investigation continues.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


A Nova Scotia man arrested in Lunenburg over the summer on a Canada wide warrant for murder has had dates set for his preliminary hearing.

20 year old Robert Harris Lamb of Dartmouth faces a charge of second-degree murder in the death of Jonathan Beaton, who died after a brawl outside a house party in Antigonish on Jan. 1.

Four days were set aside for his preliminary inquiry beginning Jan. 4.

The inquiry will determine if there is enough evidence for the case to go to trial.


Nine people from three families escaped without injury after a fire last night damaged a three-unit apartment building in downtown Liverpool.

The Liverpool Fire Department responded to the call at 396 Main Street around 8 o'clock, Friday night.

One apartment was heavily damaged but it’s expected occupants of the other two may be able to return home today after cleanup of smoke and water damage.

The fire is being attributed to an unattended pot of cooking oil.

The Canadian Red Cross arranged emergency accommodations and meals for six people from two units. Occupants of the third apartment stayed with family in the community.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Mi'kmaq History Month

Students from the Nova Scotia Community College’s Lunenburg Campus are celebrating Mi’kmaq History Month by learning about Mi’kmaq burial grounds and traditional drumming and songs. The Heartbeats, a local group that came together to learn Mi’kmaq songs and chants, will perform for the staff and students at the Lunenburg Campus on Wednesday October 13th starting at noon. The performance will be followed by a presentation on Mi’kmaq burial grounds and genealogy by Ellen Hunt, President of the Mi’kmaq Burial Grounds Research and Restoration Association.
The presentations are of particular interest to students in the Natural Resources Environmental Technology (NRET) program. NRET students study Traditional Knowledge and the Environment as part of their program. The courses study Aboriginal communities and their deep understanding of how the components of our environment are interconnected as well as the strong tradition of community that is passed on orally through songs and stories, as well as through actions and observation.

Social Justice Day

The South Shore Regional School Board will be hosting a Social Justice Day for students on Thursday, October 14th. The event will see select students from across the region come together to learn about poverty in their communities. Students are chosen as delegates who will take the information back to their fellow students and educate them on what poverty looks like in Nova Scotia. A special guest speaker will be 12 year old Logan MacGillvary, of Bedford, a grassroots philanthropist who started the Charity, Listen to the Children (

Addressing Hunger & Poverty

Addressing hunger and poverty in our communities requires a collective effort. FEED NOVA SCOTIA, a provincial organization that supports your local food banks and meal programs, is hosting an open meeting on October 20 from 6:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. at the Best Western in Bridgewater. Please join us to discuss how we can all work together to more effectively tackle hunger and poverty. All members of the community are welcome. For more information call 902-457-1900.


A Shelburne County man who tried to burn down a house with his girlfriend inside in January 2009 will be sentenced next month in Nova Scotia Supreme Court.

37 year-old Jonathan Wade Smith has been convicted of arson and assault and the Crown is looking for a prison term.

At the man's trial, the Crown and defence agreed that Smith started the fire in the Woods Harbour home that he shared with Kristie Brannen.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

School Bus Safety Week

**Constable Will Creamer wishing the kids a safe trip home as they board the bus at the end of the day**

Stop on RED...Kids Ahead.. is the theme of this years School Bus Safety Week, which runs from October 18th to the 22nd. The theme reminds all drivers that they are required by law to stop when a school bus’s red-flashing lights are activated. Each day about 33 school buses transport more than 1,200 school children within the town of Bridgewater. This year the Bridgewater Police Service will be taking part in School Bus Safety Week.
Failing to stop for a stopped bus exhibiting red lights can be costly. The fine is $397.71 for the first offence, $685.21 for the second and $1260.21 for the third offence.  The driver will have 6 points added to their driver’s license each time and after accumulating ten points will lose their license.  Plus their insurance will go up.

The Bell is Back

RCMP have recovered the Roseway United Church bell swiped from a Shelburne cemetery. The historic church bell has been found at a scrap metal yard some 230 kilometres away. The large brass bell and its assembly were recently stolen some time between September 29th and October 2nd.
RCMP Corporal Nancy Mason of the Shelburne detachment says tips from the public were received by police following media reports of the theft. Mason says she drove to the city on Wednesday and recovered the church bell and believe it was destined to be scrap metal. Charges are expected to be laid in the next week against a suspect, who is not from Shelburne Country.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Charges in 5 Year Old Break-Ins

A Shelburne County man has been charged with several counts of break, enter and theft which occurred during a five year period in Yarmouth County. Twenty-nine year old Michael Jordan Wamback of Clark's Harbour is charged with seven counts of break, enter and theft as well as two counts of theft. During the last five years, numerous break and enters were reported in the Argyle area of Yarmouth County. Wamback has a court date of December 7th. The investigation is continuing and several other charges of break, enter and theft are expected.

Parent Alert Sessions

The Lunenburg County RCMP are holding "Parent Alert" sessions beginning tonight in New Germany. The meetings will be held at the firehall beginning at 7 p.m. Constable Ashley Levy, the School Safety Resource Officer says all sessions are directly related to issues youth are having in the area. The meetings will deal with Internet Safety, Drugs and Alcohol Addictions, Parenting Strategies and Sexual harassment and Relationship Abuse.

No Parking Signs to be Installed

A neighbourly feud has been somewhat settled by Lunenburg Town Council. One resident requested the Town to post "No Parking" signs on both sides of Hill Street because her neighbours are blocking off her driveway. A recommendation from the Town Engineer and Traffic Authority concurred the signs be installed on Hill Street from Cumberland Street to Lincoln Street. Council was asked to reconsider that recommendation at its Tuesday night meeting. A motion to delay installing the signs until the end of November in hopes the neighbours could work out a compromise was defeated by Council. Mayor Laurence Mawhinney says after much discussion and debate, Council decided to stick with its original decision. The signs will go up as soon as they arrive.


Bridgewater Town Police are warning residents to lockup.

Police say there were a number of thefts from vehicles on St. Phillips street, last Friday.

On Saturday night, four vehicles left unlocked in Hebbville, Wileville and Upper Branch had items stolen from inside.

Both Bridgewater Town Police and Lunenburg County RCMP are seeking information on these crimes.


The two million dollar fundraising drive for Queens Place Recreation Facility is well underway.

One third of the remaining facility cost has been accounted for in the first day of the campaign.

More than 785,800 dollars in donations were announced yesterday.

Former resident, Valerie Dyer, Dartmouth resident, Frances Inglis, Ulf and Barb Snarby, the Raddall family, Council members and numerous anonymous donors contributed to the healthy sum.

The facility, which plans on opening its doors in January, will contain an NHL size ice rink, an indoor walking track, a fitness centre, and a community room.


Bridgewater Town Police are advising citizens to watch out for wildlife.

A black bear and her cub were spotted in town, on Aberdeen Road yesterday afternoon.

Both animals had fled the area by the time police and Natural Resources officials responded to the call.

Deputy Chief John Collyer with Bridgewater Police says there are real concerns over safety when people and wild animals meet.

"If this is a bear and a cub, mom would obviously be very protective of the cub. And anytime that momma bear feels confronted, or feels that her cub is at risk, there could be risk to life and limb for anybody coming in contact," says Collier.

Collyer says citizens who see a bear near a residential area should contact Police or Natural Resources right away.

Police are also advising that compost piles and garbage heaps be kept under lock and key.


A Nova Scotia man arrested in Lunenburg over the summer on a Canada wide warrant for murder has had dates set for his preliminary hearing.

Twenty year-old Robert Harris Lamb of Dartmouth faces a charge of second-degree murder in the death of Jonathan Beaton, who died after a brawl outside a house party in Antigonish on January. 1st.

Four days were set aside for his preliminary inquiry beginning January 4th.

The inquiry will determine if there is enough evidence for the case to go to trial.


Two young men are facing multiple charges after an arrest in Eastern Passage.

Halifax Regional Municipal RCMP responded to a call of a break and enter at a residence on Megan Drive in Lawrencetown yesterday morning.

A neighbour was able to give the RCMP member a description of the vehicle and license plate.

Later that day, an RCMP member on patrol in Eastern Passage spotted the suspect vehicle on Cowbay Road.

A sixteen-year-old and an eighteen-year-old were arrested and will appear in Bridgewater Court at a later date to face charges of Break and Enter and Possession of Stolen Property.

The RCMP are investigating the possibility that the suspects have committed multiple break and enters in the region.


Three crewmen including the captain of a South Shore lobster vessel are safe, sound and dry after being rescued earlier this morning.

The lobster vessel ... Brute Force ... out of Baccarro ... was pushed on to rocks at Coffin Island near Liverpool by a heavy surf and efforts to refloat the vessel failed.

Around 5 o'clock this morning, with several fishing boats standing-by, a search and rescue helicopter lifted the three men off the vessel to a waiting Coast Guard ship.

The men have since been transported to port.

At last word, Brute Force was still stuck on the rocks.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


In light of some new information, Lunenburg County RCMP are seeking the public's assistance with an ongoing investigation in Lower Branch.

An unidentified male was seen in the area of the South Shore Truck Centre on North King Street shortly before two semi tractor trucks were engulfed in flames.

The vehicles were destroyed by the suspicious fire on August 22nd, causing two-hundred thousand dollars in damage.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Lunenburg County RCMP or Crime Stoppers.


A Shelburne woman says thieves who stole an antique brass bell from Roseway Cemetery have desecrated her ancestors resting place.

The relic that dates back to 1912 was stolen sometime between last Wednesday and Saturday.

Nan Holden was shocked to discover it missing.

"Disbelief. Total disbelief that somebody would actually remove that bell from the cemetery. It's sort of like knocking over tombstones...It's very personal to all of us in this community and people far beyond this community who have history with the church and the bell," says Holden.

Holden says the bell would ring out to parishioners every Sunday from Rosewood United, until the church was decommissioned in 1993 and torn down.

Shelburne RCMP say the bell, weighing hundreds of pounds would be no small feat to steal.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sea Cadets Experience Thrill

Sea Cadets from Chester and Barrington Passage are among a group experiencing the excitement and challenges of life at sea. The cadets are on board HMCS St. John’s as the ship returns to Halifax after several weeks at sea conducting a Lieutenant Governor’s Cruise and providing assistance to communities along the Newfoundland’s Burin Peninsula in the aftermath of Hurricane Igor. The cadets are fully integrated into the Ship’s Company while on board, performing duties such as look-out and helmsman, while also assisting with food preparation and serving, engineering, supply, administration, and damage control.
The South Shore cadets include 16 year old Petty Officer Second Class Faith Richardson, 16, 327 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps, Barrington Passage, and 14 year old Master Seaman Chelsea Collicutt, , 351 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps, Chester. Only about 120 sea cadets across Canada take part in the experience annually.

Clearcutting Ban in Doubt

A ban on clearcutting may be canned by the province because of the cost of administering and enforcing a permit program. The Municipality of Chester has sent a letter to the Minister on behalf of small woodlot owners. Warden Alan Webber says following a presentation by the Ecology Action Centre, Council was asked to support an outright ban on clearcutting.Webber says in a general sense, at a high level Council agrees with the Centre's position, but are somewhat concerned with what
that means on the ground and how far Council goes in its support. He says there will be further dialogue before Council concludes it's final position.
The province is looking at alternate methods that will allow for the monitoring of clearcutting along with phased-in reduction targets.


** Cst. Sara MacDonald viewing the vehicle registration and insurance of Tanya Burkholder.

Beginning Friday and over the holiday weekend, OPERATION IMPACT , a national campaign to make Canada's roads the safest in the world will be in full swing. The focus will be on behaviours that put drivers, passengers and other road users most at risk: impaired driving, seat belt use, and all aspects related to aggressive driving. All enforcement agencies across the country have been invited to participate. The Bridgewater Police Service,in support of Operation Impact,will be conducting Road Safety Checks throughout the long weekend.

Recreation Use Grant

Even though they're appreciative, they would like more money. The Town of Lunenburg has received a grant of 19 thousnd dollars from the Municipality of Lunenburg. The money is to offset the municipality's residents' use of the town's facilities, particularly the Lunenburg Arena. Deputy-Mayor Jamie Myra says there should be a fairer cost sharing arrangement and has called for a meeting with the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg. Meantime, Council has asked staff to research and report on other funding models in place elsewhere.


One treasure hunter says he's finding new clues of what lies beneath Oak Island.

Dan Blankenship and his team have received a treasure trove licence from the Nova Scotia Government allowing them to search the island until the new year.

But Blankenship is keeping mum about what they've found so far in their hunt for the centuries old cache.

"We keep finding evidence of different things, which were not about to divulge. But the big thing is that we haven't yet come up with anything we can put into the bank. It's all been expenditures. Nothing coming in, " says Blankenship.

Blankenship says a new business partnership has allowed his forty-five-year search to continue.

A magazine article, on the perils of the island and it's elusive treasure, inspired Blankenship to move from Miami and pursue his own hunt.


Two youths are facing multiple charges after an altercation in Mahone Bay this weekend.

A thirteen year old Cookville youth faces a charge of 'Assault Causing Bodily Harm' after he allegedly assaulted a younger boy on Orchard Street on Saturday night.

Later that night, a 16 year old Baker's Settlement boy was arrested and is facing charges of 'Assault Causing Bodily Harm' and 'Obstructing a Police Officer'.

Lunenburg County Police say the victims in each case were different but the crimes stemmed from the same crowd of roudy teens.

Both young men were released and will appear in Youth Court later this month.


Lunenburg County RCMP are advising locals to keep their cars under lock and key after a string of thefts from vehicles.

On Saturday, four vehicles left unlocked in Hebbville, Wileville and Upper Branch had items stolen from inside.

Others in the area reported having their vehicles rummaged through, when left unlocked and unattended.

Constable Rob James says the incidents have alot in common and likely involve the same suspect or group of suspects.

The investigation is ongoing.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Cardiac Monitors for South Shore Health

South Shore Health has received confirmation of funding for replacement cardiac monitors. The Department of Health has agreed to fund 75 percent, about 542 thousand dollars towards the purchase of 45 new cardiac monitors for the District.
The Health Services Foundation of the South Shore has agreed to provide 142 thousand to cover the remaining costs for the machines that will be replaced at South Shore Regional and Fishermen’s Memorial Hospitals. A request has also been made to the Queens General Hospital Foundation to fund the remaining costs for the montiors for the hospital in Liverpool.

Vital Signs Report Launched Tuesday

Lunenburg County Vital Signs report will be launched tomorrow, (Tuesday October 5th) at 7 p.m. at St. Mark’s Place in Middle LaHave. Residents will find out how well their community is doing on a number of measures of quality. The purpose of Lunenburg County’s Vital Signs is to provide a snapshot of the quality of life in the County. It also provides a framework to identify community trends, and explore opportunities for action. Issues surrounding housing, employment, crime rates, education, health and wellness, recreation and sense of belonging in the community are some of the areas covered. A similar study was conducted last year for the town of Wolfville.

Cleantech Tour

Innovative Nova Scotia Cleantech Projects will be showcased during a tour by Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau. The Minister will tour clean technology projects at municipalities, community organizations and businesses on the south shore today,Monday, October 4th and Tuesday, October 5th. The tour will begin at the Barrington Municipal Arena this afternoon beginning at 1:30 p.m. Other locations include Bridgewater, Lunenburg,Shelburne, and the District of Chester.

Lunenburg to get New Pumper Truck

The Town of Lunenburg is pumping in some cash to purchase a new pumper truck for the fire department. Cost of the 350 thousand dollar stock pumper truck will be cost shared 50/50 by the Town and Districts 1 & 2 Fire Commission. The Town's share will have to be borrowed. The fire department only has one pumper and if more than one fire call comes in is unable to respond. The Town has been calling out Mahone Bay Fire Department as required and to act as standby when necessary.