Thursday, October 21, 2010

Red Cross Assists in Fires

The Red Cross has stepped in to assist an 88-year-old man after fire destroyed a small house on Cape Sable Island, on the South Shore earlier this week. He escaped injury in the fire late Monday but lost his house and belongings. The elderly man is staying with family members for now and the Red Cross has arranged emergency purchases of food and clothes. An electrical malfunction is blamed for the fire at 754 Stoney Island Road. Meantime a family of four is homeless after a fire destroyed a house late Thursday morning in Telford, , a rural area about 20 kilometres east of New Glasgow. One adult who was home at the time and the family's dog, escaped unharmed. The couple's two children were in school. Red Cross volunteers provided some blankets and personal-care items but the home was insured and an adjustor was quickly on-scene to arrange other emergency support.