Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Upgrade town's infrastructure

The mayor of Bridgewater says his council continues to upgrade the town's infrastructure through capital investment.

Mayor Carroll Publicover says the new budget they approved last night shows they have stood by their intention to maintain current levels of service to town residents.

He says the council also wants to upgrade the town's infrastructure.

Mayor Publicover says the main one is the "Lunenburg County Lifestyle Center" that replaces three aging capital investments -- the arena, the pool and the library.

He says their five-million-dollar investment takes advantage of the fact that the provincial and federal governments pay the rest of the proposed facility's price-tag.

Budget has been set

Bridgewater has set its budget for the 2010-2011 fiscal year.

Town councillors approved the new budget last night by a vote of six-to-one.

The total "Operating Budget" came in at 17-million, 254-thousand, 515-dollars, with a "Capital Budget" of 5.8-million-dollars.

Tax rates are up 2.5-per-cent over last year.

In direct terms, that is up 4.1-cents.