Tuesday, January 22, 2013

VIDEO: Police Reveal Seized Weapons From York Street Home

The Bridgewater Police Service revealed the weapons seized from a home on York Street Monday after a pair of schools were put in lock down as a precautionary measure. The man who was arrested at the scene, 37-year-old, Sheldon Earl Bowers, is facing seven charges including uttering threats to cause death, unsafe storage of firearms and federal drug charges. He will remain in custody until his next court appearance on January 30.

Lunenburg Councillor Upset With Flyer Distribution

A councillor in Lunenburg is upset with a Halifax company over flyer distribution. Peter Zwicker says he has written The Chronicle Herald to persuade its drivers to deliver flyers to the door instead of throwing them onto driveways and yards from their vehicles. Zwicker says it's an issue mainly in nNew Town, not Old Town.

Zwicker says council dealt with the concern a few months ago but it has since gotten worse. He hopes the company will take responsibility and fix the issue.

Seven Charges Laid After Schools Locked Down

A 37 year-old man will remain in custody until his next court appearance after police found a large cache of weapons inside a home near two schools in Bridgewater. Sheldon Earl Bowers is facing multiple drug and weapons related offences after police searched his home on York Street. Town police say the search uncovered eight long guns, including shotguns, rifles and an assault-style weapon. Officers say they also found marijuana and cocaine inside the home. Crown attorney Leigh-Ann Bryson says the accused is facing seven charges in total.

Bridgewater Elementary School and the nearby high school were locked down for more than an hour Monday after police warned school officials about a potential threat to the community. Bowers will return to court on January 30th.

Couponers Beware: You Could Be Scammed

The Better Business Bureau has a warning for South Shore consumers looking to save money by gathering on-line coupons. It says beware of scammers! Yes, even they are trying to cash-in on the coupon-craze. Scam coupon sites often ask for your contact information. You need to make a purchase, but you hope to save money by finding a coupon online. A Google search turns up dozens of websites. Most of the online coupons promise a modest 10%-15% discount. But one offers a significantly better deal: 50% off your purchase. You click the link, and the website looks official. It uses the logo of the business. It asks you to enter your email address and telephone number, promising that your coupon will be sent to you. Jill Atkinson of the Better Business Bureau says "bait and switch" is big among scammers who are trying to get your info to sell to others.

Atkinson says avoid anything that seems suspicious and if you have questions, contact the Atlantic Better Business Bureau.

Police Seize Rifles, Shotguns & Drugs From York Street Home

A 40-year-old Bridgewater man remains in custody following an arrest yesterday at his York Street home. Police chief John Collyer confirms a search of the man's home found a large number of weapons including eight long guns ranging from shotguns to rifles including an assault-style weapon. Collyer also says they found marijuana and cocaine inside the home and have dismantled a grow-op. The Bridgewater Elementary School and the nearby high school were locked down for more than an hour yesterday because the man's home is located just a few blocks away. The man has not been formally charged but police expect him to appear in court later this afternoon.

Early Budget Talk Reveals Potential Deficit In Bridgewater

It's still early in the town of Bridgewater's budget talks for 2013-14, but there's preliminary talks of a deficit. The town's director of finance indicated a potential $1.1-million shortage if the projected numbers are maintained. But, the mayor says there's still plenty of information to gather before the budget is approved in the spring. He expects it to be tough to balance.

Some suggestions from councillors to crawl back the debt includes asking town departments for as much as a 10 per cent cutback in costs. More public budget meetings will be held in early February.