Tuesday, July 7, 2009

LEED School

Wherever the new P to 9 school is located in Lunenburg, it will be LEED silver certified. LEED is a rating system used by the Green Building council of Canada to rate new buildings on their energy and environmental features. Three recommended sites approved by the South Shore Regional School Board have been sent to the Minister of Education who will who will request a formal review of the sites by the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal. The School Steering Team for the new facility also reviewed the School Space Allocation Program and at it's next committee meeting will review possible amendments to the program.

Woodlot Winner

To say Rex Veinot is excited might be understating it - he says he's still walking on the ceiling. The Veinot Family, who own a 142-hectare property in Maplewood, is being recognized as Woodlot Owner's of the year. It's the second time the property has been given the honour by the Department of Natural Resources in the 20 years since the program started. Veinot says the family has been on the land since 1890. A presentation will be made to the family at their Lunenburg county farm on October 3rd.