Thursday, May 21, 2009

Independant Candidate

2009-05-21 06:31:40


He says by running independently he will be able to work with all of the parties for the betterment of the people in the Lunenburg riding.  Municipal councillor Milton Countway is running as a candidate in the upcoming election.  And he's doing it without being associated with any of the major parties.  Last May, he lost a bid for the nomination of the NDP to Pam Birdsall who is running this time against Rick Welsford of the Liberals and Peter Zwicker of the Conservatives.  Countway made his announcement to run as an independent in Lunenburg in front of a group of supporters in the Blockhouse Fire Department parking lot last evening.

Picton Arriving

2009-05-21 06:29:00


Picton Castle will be returning to Lunenburg this Saturday, having completed a year-long voyage around the Atlantic Ocean. The ship is expected  to round Battery Point at about 2 o'clock. After a few weeks refit she'll embark on a nine-week summer program sailing along the coast of the Eastern United States and Canada.   In the United Kingdom, the Picton Castle visited ports from the ship's past as a North Sea fishing trawler and World War II minesweeper. Crew members also visited the ship's namesake castle. In Northern Europe, she attended Tall Ship events, then it was on to  Sainte Nazaire, France, where in 1942 she was one of a convey of vessels to participate in a successful raid on a Nazi-held shipyard there. That visit was followed by calls in Spain, Portugal, the island of Mallorca,  Morocco, the Canaries, Senegal and Cape Verde before making passage to the Caribbean where the Picton Castle has been island hopping for the last number of weeks.  The next big adventure for the sail training ship  will be fifth circumnavigation of the world beginning in May, 2010.

Uranium Issue

2009-05-21 06:26:46

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Environment and politics, where does the rubber meet the road?   For groups like the Atlantic Chapter of the Sierra Club of Canada, they want to hear the position all of the political parties on issues like uranium mining.  Gretchen Fitzgerald says the Conservatives had suggested there may be a lift on a ban on mining the radioactive element.  She says results from a 22 community tour by Natural Resources seemed to suggest a united public opinion against mining uranium anywhere in Nova Scotia.  Questionnaires have been given to all of the parties ahead of next month's election and Fitzgerald says they will be releasing the responses in the next few days.