Thursday, April 2, 2009

Computer access

2009-04-02 06:20:51

A Bridgewater man sent to jail last year for possessing more than a thousand images of child pornography has requested the Court allow him access to computers for business purposes. Fifty year-old David Blake Conrad was sentenced October 8th to six months in custody to be followed by three years probation. Conrad was first arrested in May of 2005 when employees of a local coffee shop discovered graphic images of children on a computer that Conrad had purchased internet time on. Police seized more than one thousand child porn images on computer discs at Conrad's home, and in his jacket when he was arrested  They also seized a folder of printed photos and images on his home computer.
Terms of Conrad's probation prohibit him from access to the internet or any computer connected to the internet.  That has been amended by the court to allow Conrad who prepares tax returns to use a computer for employment purposes only. He is to make himself available to police between 9 a.m and 11 p.m at their discretion to conduct a review of his hard drive.  All other terms of his probation  remain in effect.