Wednesday, October 27, 2010


A Lunenburg County man is facing federal and provincial charges following a seizure of more than 95 thousand illegal cigarettes. Police executed a search warrant at a residence on the Keddy Bridge Road, Oakland on Tuesday October 26th. A 55 year old male from the Oakland area is facing charges under the Federal Excise Act and the Provincial Revenue Act. A December 8th, 2010 Court date has been set for plea in the Bridgewater Provincial Court.

Council Contracts

Bridgewater town council has awarded two east coast companies with engineering contracts.

One tender for work on a key component for the municipal waste water treatment facility was awarded to CBCL Limited.

The Halifax-based firm designed the plant, and will now install a new digester component at a cost of $ 7,400.

A second contract was provided to Elmsdale Landscaping at an estimated cost of $ 40,500

The Nova Scotia company will haul an estimated fifteen thousand tonnes of salt for town streets this winter.

Fire that Destroyed Auburndale Storage Barn Not Suspicious

Fire has destroyed a large storage barn in Lunenburg County.
The blaze on the Upper Branch Road in Auburndale broke out just before midnight. The fire destroyed a number of cars, trucks and boats stored inside the facility. Firefighters from  eight departments in the area were involved in fighting the blaze. Firefighters and and equipment came from departments in Midville Branch ,Bridgewater, Newcombville, Chelsea, Baker Settlement, Wileville, Hebbville and Hemford.The Lunenburg County RCMP says the cause of the blaze seems to be electrical in nature and the fire Marshall's office has not been called in. Corporal Dyson Smith says excavators were called in to help the firefighters. One firefighter was sent to South Shore Regional Hospital suffering smoke inhalation as a result of the Auburndale fire. The hospital released him this morning, and he is reported to be in good condition.