Monday, July 20, 2009

Camp Outbreak

Summer camps in Ontario aren't the only ones seeing an increase in the numbers of swine flu or H-1-N-1 Influenza. South Shore Health officials say there have been several cases reported in Lunenburg and Queens counties. And that includes infections reported at a summer camp in the District. It was only last week health officials confirmed the first case in the county saying the person was recovering and didn't need hospitalization. And just like that case where the health district held back the gender and community they were from, they aren't saying where the summer camp is that is dealing with the new swine flu cases. The Medical Officer of Health for the district says prevention is the best way to stay healthy. Dr. Richard Gould says wash your hands thoroughly and often, cover your coughs and sneezes, and clean and disinfect common surfaces and items such as doorknobs and counters frequently.

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Doe, a Deer

If you wanting to hunt antlerless deer - or does- in certain sections of Lunenburg and Queens counties this fall, you won't be required to apply for a special permit to do that. The Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) says antlerless deer permits will not be required in Zone 2A, a result of the province’s efforts to reduce deer populations in that district. Zone 2A takes in an area that stretches roughly from East River westerly to the Medway River and inland from the Atlantic Coast to a multi-line power transmission corridor that runs from Halifax to Queens County.

Fraudster in Lunenburg

It's an age-old scam. But that's probably because it still works. A Lunenburg woman was taken in by a scammer last Tuesday according to RCMP. They say she was called at home by a man who told her he was with Internal Security from a local bank. He told her there was an internal theft investigation underway and that he needed her help. She was told to go withdraw a large amount of cash and meet him at a location uptown. She did. And then he told her to go home and not discuss the matter with anyone else for a few days. When the woman got back home, he called her again and asked her to do the same thing. The third time, she was told to go to a bank in Bridgewater. She met him in the mall parking lot this time. And that was the last she heard from him. She later was told by her bank she was the victim of a fraud. RCMP are telling you about this so you don't fall for the scam.

Motorcycle crash

A motorcyclist had to be taken to the Q-E-2 in Halifax after crashing in a residential area of Bridgewater. Police say it happened around nine o'clock Friday evening. The driver lost control of his bike on Empire Street near the intersection of Queen. His injuries were described as non-threatening. He had apparently been thrown quite far when the bike hit the curb. Police say he was taken to South Shore Regional before being transferred to Halifax. The cause of the crash is still being looked into.