Monday, July 20, 2009

Fraudster in Lunenburg

It's an age-old scam. But that's probably because it still works. A Lunenburg woman was taken in by a scammer last Tuesday according to RCMP. They say she was called at home by a man who told her he was with Internal Security from a local bank. He told her there was an internal theft investigation underway and that he needed her help. She was told to go withdraw a large amount of cash and meet him at a location uptown. She did. And then he told her to go home and not discuss the matter with anyone else for a few days. When the woman got back home, he called her again and asked her to do the same thing. The third time, she was told to go to a bank in Bridgewater. She met him in the mall parking lot this time. And that was the last she heard from him. She later was told by her bank she was the victim of a fraud. RCMP are telling you about this so you don't fall for the scam.