Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fairview Inn Investigation coming to an end: Police Chief

Bridgewater's Police Chief says he believes the investigation into the Fairview Inn will soon be over. John Collyer says it's been a lengthy process involving a number of different agencies including the Fire Marshal's office. He says its a matter of time before the investigation ends.
"A major part of our investigation was talking to all of the witnesses and, you know, just answering all the questions that have cropped up and, ya know, we're still doing that but I believe we are almost to a point of having things concluded."
Collyer says police received the Fire Marshal's report roughly a month ago and investigators are wrapping up their interviews with witnesses. The Fairview Inn blaze happened June 4 and fire officials have since deemed it suspicious.

No injuries after Lockeport House Fire

A Lockeport man escaped unharmed after a fire broke out at his home earlier this week. The blaze happened around 1:30 Monday afternoon. Volunteer firefighters from Lockeport were able to contain the blaze to one room, but there was smoke and water damage elsewhere in the house at 7 Point Road. A couple in their 50s were temporarily forced out of their home because of the fire.

SSRSB introduces new, one-person Board

Judy Sullivan-Corney
The new person in control of the South Shore Regional School board visited the area Tuesday afternoon. Judy Sullivan-Corney was introduced to school board staff and met with local media. She says taking over the board will be a challenge, but she's ready to make an impact right away.
"My interest is making sure that we are open and transparent and that I hear the needs of students and teachers and families in the communities, so, I will have open meetings. There are certain things that have to be discussed in-camera but otherwise meetings will be open."
Sullivan-Corney says she looks forward to building trust with the public.

"I do think the public are interested in stabilty, I think they are interested in making sure that students get a good education, so, I would see if I can get back on track with those priorities then I'm hoping the public will regain its confidence in the board."
Sullivan-Corney is a former teacher and has worked in aboriginal negotiations and labour relations and retired from public service October 1st. She came out of retirement to take over the board's responsibilities. Twelve board members were fired following an independent report by Deloitte into the governance practices of the elected members.

Town of Lunenburg begin Capital Budget Deliberations for 2012-13

The Town of Lunenburg is looking to replace a critical part of the arena's refrigeration system. The rinks condenser is 22 years old and council has set aside $50,000 in their 2012-13 capital budget to make the upgrade. Councillor Jamie Myra says the rink is an important part of the community and hopes council will approve the expenditure. "It's at the point now where if something major were to happen, I'm not sure we would even be able to get the appropriate parts [to repair it]'s basically a six to eight week fix and if its a major break down it would shut us down for the year, so committee is recommending that council put this [expenditure] in the budget," He says the new condenser would be installed in the spring and in place for the start of next hockey season. The town began budget deliberations on their capital spending plan for the new fiscal year at its regular meeting last night.

Former SSRSB Vice-Chair agrees with Minister's Decision

Gary Mailman
The former Vice-Chair of the South Shore Regional School Board says he believes the Education Minister made the right choice in firing the board. Gary Mailman says he wasn't really shocked by Ramona Jennex's decision. He says he's disappointed by the actions of some former board members.
"I wish a couple board members would've stepped up to the plate and would've realized that they may have had a part in how the board started to fall apart but, no one really wanted to take any blame and so the minister had to do what she had to do."
Aside from the Deloitte report, Mailman believes there were a number of factors that contributed to the Board being fired.
"There was people weith various experience of being an elected official and I think there were different views on what governance really was and unfortunately, I think there were a couple board members who had a different view of how governance should've been and that caused the board to, I guess you could say, become dysfunctional."
Mailman believes if the board could've got back on track, the group of 12 were competent enough to do the job. He says he's undecided if he will run for school board in October 2012.

Mustangs thump Cole Harbour 7-0

Avery Clarke continued his torrid scoring pace with a hat-trick as the South Shore Canadian Tire Mustangs dumped the Cole Harbour Major Midgets 7-0 Tuesday night. The Mustangs got goals from five different players including Alex Mann and Jamie McIntyre while Cory Peterson stopped 40 shots in the shutout victory. Head Coach Tim Boyce says Clarke is playing with a lot of confidence right now.
"He has some offensive instincts and he's a very smart player. The biggest thing is he's just starting to grow into his body now and understanding how he can use it as a weapon on the ice in the offensive zone."
Clarke now has 22 goals in 21 games to lead the Major Midget League in goal scoring. The Mustangs take a modest two game winning streak into Dartmouth Thursday night.