Tuesday, February 14, 2012

RCMP: Angry Pit Bull Greets Officer

An RCMP officer in Queens County had to fire off a warning shot to scare away an aggressive pit bull while making an arrest in Liverpool this weekend. Police were executing a search warrant on Sunday at a home in Mersey Point when they were greeted at the door by the large dog. According to police, the pet was not harmed and the officer only fired his revolver to scare away the dog. Meanwhile, police arrested a 24 year-old man in relation to an alleged break and enter in the area. The man has been charged with possession of stolen property, break and enter and two counts of breach of probation.  The accused was scheduled to appear in Liverpool Provincial Court today.

Bayport Fisherman Guilty of Avoiding DFO Inspection

A Lunenburg County fisherman has been fined after being convicted in Bridgewater court this week on a charge laid by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Bernard Selig of Bayport was found guilty of off-loading 5-thousand pounds of groundfish from his boat last year and avoiding inspection by DFO officers. He's been fined 500-dollars and ordered by the judge to forfeit the value of more than 3-thousand dollars worth of groundfish. Selig has not received a fishing license-suspension.

SSRSB Superintendent: "To early to speculate on cuts"

Nancy Pynch-Worthylake
There's more than the announced budget cuts coming for the South Shore Regional School Board. Superintendent Nancy Pynch-Worthylake says they will be facing an estimated $1.4-million in cuts, as well as roughly $660-thousand to $1.3-million in cost of living setbacks. The School Board reduced 19 positions from its regional office last year, along with 11 teachers and 32 school-based support workers. Pynch-Worthylake says its too early to tell what cuts they will make this year.
"We don't yet know what the exact implications will be. It will be very difficult and we will present the board with options for a balanced budget but it would be premature to speculate on what that will look like."
Last year, the Board was forced to trim $2.7-million from its budget because of a reduction in provincial funding and an increase in cost pressures. Pynch-Worthylake says they won't know for sure what they will have to cut until the province releases its final budget for 2012-13. Once that happens, the board has 60 days to release its budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

Bridgewater turns 113-years-old

Happy belated birthday to Bridgewater. Mayor Carroll Publicover released the information during the opening announcements of Monday night's town council meeting. February 13 was Bridgewater's 113th birthday. Publicover says no celebration was held this year.
"We have been celebrating it, in every fifth year, like this is 113, on 115 there will probably be cake and cookies and lemonade and all kinds of wonderful festivities, but it's not something you do every year, but you acknowledge it."
History tells us in January 1899, an event known as the "Big Fire" completely destroyed the downtown core of Bridgewater.  One month later, the community came together as an Incorporated Town.