Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tight Races Within Municipality of Shelburne

There were a few tight races within the Municipality of Shelburne in Saturday's election. Doris Townsend, Ardith Van Buskirk, Norman Wallet, Cathy Holmes, John Roscoe, David Levy and Roger Taylor were all elected. The municipality will choose its warden via secret ballot at its next council meeting.


District 1: 

Doris Townsend   ****Winner***     96

Robert (Bob) MacLean            67

District 2:

Ardith Van Buskirk  ****Winner*** 165

Carol Mahaney                     96

District 3:

*Norman Wallet (acclaimed)

District 4:

Cathy Holmes ***Winner** 133

Joan Bower   99

District 5:

*John Roscoe (acclaimed)

District 6:

David Levy   **** Winner ***** 112

Benjamin (Benny) Acker   83

District 7:

*Roger Taylor (acclaimed)

Two Incumbents Ousted In Mahone Bay

A pair of familiar faces around the Mahone Bay council table have been ousted from their seat. Election results in the town indicate Virginia Uhlman and Lila O'Connor are on the outside looking in. Results are listed below with those bolded elected to council.


*Joe Feeney (Acclaimed-No Race)


John Bain - 275

Penny Carver - 279

David Devenne - 305

Lynn Hennigar - 290

Karl Nauss - 249

Lila O'Connor - 210

Virginia Uhlman - 233

Kelly Wilson - 269

Two Incumbents Knocked Down In Chester

There will be two fresh faces at the council table in Chester. Andre Veinotte and Tina Connors both defeated incumbents in Saturday's municipal election. Meanwhile, veteran warden Allen Webber retained his seat in a hard fought election victory against newcomer Stephen Bond. The unofficial results are listed below.

District 1:

*Marshal A. Hector - 253
Andre Veinotte - 478

District 2:

*Floyd P. Shatford (acclaimed)

District 3:

Brad Armstrong - 486
Ben Wiper - 108

District 4:

Stephen Bond - 297
Allen Webber - 357

District 5:

*Robert (Bob) Myra (acclaimed)

District 6:

Phillip Broome - 132
Tina Connors - 470
Cheryl Scott - 150

District 7

*Sharon Church-Cornelius

*Elected in Bold

Town Of Lunenburg Election Results

Residents in the town of Lunenburg have elected Rachel Bailey to replace Laurence Mawhinney as their new mayor. Voters also chose to re-elect three incumbents and three new faces to the council table. Election results are listed below.


Rachel Bailey  -  854 votes

Ron Stockton  -   285 votes

Meanwhile, six people were elected to town councillor. Those elected are in bold below.  

Thom Barclay - 568

*Danny Croft - 684

Tyler Hayden - 534

*John McGee - 701

Peter Mosher - 533

*Jamie Myra - 494

Cindy Sangster - 485

Robert Young - 329 

*Peter Zwicker - 765


New Mayor Elected In Shelburne

Residents of Shelburne have elected Karen Mattatall as their new mayor. She defeated incumbent Al Delaney in the town's municipal election on Saturday. Join her on council - Roy O'Donnell, Rick Davis, Elizabeth Rhuland and Tony Mahaney.

Mayor Total Polls  5-5

Karen Mattatall -365

Al Delaney -245

Robert Sinden -183

P.G. Comeau -130

Council - Total Polls 5-5

Roy O'Donnell -682

Rick Davis -525

Elizabeth Rhuland -500

Tony Mahaney -433

Joshua Brown -404

Bob Strang -254

Frank Slate -179

*Elected in Bold