Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Panthers Nearing End Of Overseas Journey

The Parkview Panthers are in the final stages of a trip to the Republic of Slovenia -- coach Eric Dolliver says the 14-boys on the exchange trip are gaining a wealth of education and history.
Dolliver says the Republic is a hotbed for basketball and the boys have been meeting with some of their experts as well as taking part in a hoop tournament where they finished fourth of out six teams.
They head for home on Saturday.

Liverpool Receiving A Connection To John Lennon

It's the only municipality in Canada invited to take part this year -- Liverpool is capitalizing on its relations with Liverpool - England and is receiving the commemorative White Feather Candle from the John Lennon White Feather Foundation.
Spokesperson Phaedra Charlton-Huskins tells us the candle will be lit during the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony on the 27th -- but -- it won't be just a public official lighting the candle -- it will be the winner of an essay contest for the kids.
She says a picture will be taken during the ceremony and sent to the Foundation in England where it will be featured with other photos of similar ceremonies around the world.
The foundation was started by Julian Lennon in honor of his father to promote environmental and humanitarian issues

Food Challenge Underway

The challenge has been issued -- and -- the Bridgewater Interchurch Food Bank will be the ultimate winner.
The Bridgewater Police Service and South Shore paramedics are trying to fill their vehicles with the most food items.
The police are taking donations to stuff their van at the police station on Exhibition Drive while the paramedics are trying to fill an ambulance at their North Street base.
A special food drive is also planned for next month at the Superstor parking lot.

Lock Your Vehicle!

With Christmas shopping beginning to ramp up -- Barrington R-C-M-P are issuing a reminder.
The Mounties are asking you to remember to remove valuables and loose change from your vehicles -- and -- make sure they're locked.
The R-C-M-P have been dealing with a rash of reports of things being removed from vehicles -- in most cases -- they were left unlocked.

Tree Gift Begins Journey To Boston

Our annual gift to the people of Boston is on its way -- the 15-meter white spruce was cut down yesterday on the Fox Point property of Floyd and Elaine Shatford.
The Christmas tree will be set up on the Boston Common with a tree lighting ceremony set for December 3rd.
The province sends a tree each year as a thank you to the people of the New England city for their help in the wake of the Halifax explosion.