Sunday, October 21, 2012

New School Board To Be Sworn-In November 14

The former board chair is the lone incumbent to return to the South Shore Regional School Board. Elliott Payzant was re-elected in District 1 to serve the Region of Queens over four other candidates. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Crossland was voted to the board in District 2 along with Cheryl Fougere in District 3, serving the town of Bridgewater. Rounding out the newly-elected board includes Jennifer Naugler in District 4, Elmer Garber in District 5, and Theresa Griffin serving Chester in District 6. The members will be sworn into their new roles during the School Board's meeting November 14.

Beaulieu Out In Clark's Harbour

David Beaulieu is out as a councillor in Clark's Harbour. He finished 25 votes behind Rex Stoddard for the final seat on council. Meanwhile, status quo for mayor as Leigh B. Stoddard was acclaimed. The elected councillors have their name bolded below.


Leigh B. Stoddard (acclaimed)


Russell W. Atkinson - 202 

*Sherry Atkinson - 212 

Vaughn R. Atwood - 60

Irene Baker - 332 

*David Beaulieu - 171

Bridget Brannen - 167

*Cecil W. Brannen - 204 

Carter Mitchell Nickerson - 143

Trudy Perry Quinlan - 236 *

*Rex Stoddard - 196

South Shore: Sweeping Changes After 2012 Election

There are some sweeping changes to report from the South Shore after last night's municipal election. Rachel Bailey was elected mayor in Lunenburg after defeating Ron Stockton in convincing fashion.  She will serve as the first female mayor in the historic town following an impressive run by Laurence Mawhinney spanning 33 years. Mawhinney announced his retirement from municipal politics in the summer. Meanwhile, in the most heated race on and off the campaign trail, Don Downe was elected to a second term as mayor for the Municipality of Lunenburg. Downe defeated his opponent Kirk Meisner in landslide fashion by a margin of over 4,000 votes. In Bridgewater, veteran politician David Walker will be sworn in as Bridgewater's new mayor after a hard fought race against challenger Gary McNeil. In Queens, Christopher Clarke will return to the mayor's chair after a 12 year absence from municipal politics. Clarke will take over from outgoing mayor John Leefe. Residents in Shelburne elected Karen Mattatall to serve as their new mayor for the town. Mattatall defeated incumbent Al Delaney for the top job in Shelburne. In Chester, Allen Webber was re-elected in District 4 serving Chester Basin. He will join newcomers Andre Veinotte and Tina Connors on the new council combined with three other incumbents. Brad Armstrong also retained his seat representing residents of the Village of Chester. The new Chester council will select their warden during the next council meeting.

Fresh Start For School Board

The South Shore Regional School Board will only have one incumbent when the members swear-in next month. Elliott Payzant, the board's former chair, was elected by voters in the Region of Queens. Voters chose to select five new people to represent students in the local area. Winners in each district are bolded and in italics.

Electoral District 1 - The entire Region of Queens Municipality (including the Maitland Bridge area of the County of Annapolis in polling District 8.)

Allan Foster 
Clifford 'Butch' MacLeod 
Karen Ohrt 
Elliott Payzant 
Courtney Wentzell 

Electoral District 2 - Municipality of the District of Lunenburg Polling Districts 5, 6, 7,and 9.

Wallace Rex Cross
Elizabeth Crossland
Bob Mertens
Dan Thimot

Electoral District 3 - Town of Bridgewater

Cheryl Fougere
Jerome Tanner

Electoral District 4 - Municipality of the District of Lunenburg Polling Districts 2, 8, 10, 11, and 12.

Fred Daugherty
Brian Eisener
Jennifer Naugler
Karen Reinhardt

Electoral District 5 - Municipality of the District of Lunenburg Polling Districts 1, 3, 4 along with the Town of Mahone Bay and Town of Lunenburg.

Rick Carey
Elmer Garber

Electoral District 6 - All polling districts in the Municipality of the District of Chester.

Theresa Griffin
Warren Laws
Maxwell Rafuse

African Nova Scotian Member of the South Shore Regional School Board - Vernon Simms (acclaimed)

Downe Elected To Second Term In MODL

It was a convincing victory for Don Downe in the municipal election on Saturday night. Downe defeated his opponent, Kirk Meisner in a landslide fashion and will return for a second term as mayor in the Municipality of Lunenburg. The results are listed below for all district seats with several new faces set to appear on the new council including Errol Knickle, Michael Ernst, Claudette Garland, Terry Dory and Carolyn Bolivar-Getson.

Mayor: Total Votes

Don Downe - 5646

Kirk Meisner - 1575

District 1:

Nancy Allen-Rogers - 290

Errol Knickle - 420

Basil Oickle - 196

District 2: 

*Don Zwicker (acclaimed)

District 3: 

*Frank J. Fawson (acclaimed)

District 4:

Michael S. Ernst - 296 

Nancy Wentzell - 260

District 5:

Claudette E. Garland - 388 

Larry Power -188

District 6: 

Wade S. Carver - 281

Terry Dorey - 322

Dave Moore - 129

District 7: 

Cathy Moore - 704

Ron S. Seney - 79

District 8:

Dexter Halliday - 26

Dan Hennessey - 165

John Veinot - 466

District 9:

Carolyn Bolivar-Getson - 298

John Harley -189

Gary Mailman -125

District 10:

*Lee E. Nauss (acclaimed)

District 11: 

*Martin E. Bell (acclaimed)

District 12:  

*Eric Hustvedt (acclaimed)

Residents Vote For Change In Bridgewater

The town of Bridgewater is getting a new look around its council table. Incumbents Patrick Hirtle, Greg Ritcey and Jim Bell will not be around the table for the next four years. Instead, new blood will fill their seats as five of the six positions will be filled with first-time representatives. The mayor's race was also highly contested, but in the end David Walker pulled out the win over Gary MacNeil. Election results are listed below, with those names bolded indicating the elected officials.


Gary MacNeil - 1316

David Walker - 1438


Jim Bell - 961

Beverlee Brown - 876

Michael Graves - 1407

Patrick Hirtle - 1175

Sandra Mailman - 1668

Kevin Marlin - 1075

Jennifer McDonald - 1211

Bill McInnis - 1306

Greg Ritcy - 745

Andrew Tanner - 1480

Wayne Thorburne - 1291

Dennis Woodworth - 918

Clarke Returns To Mayor's Chair In Queens

Christopher Clarke will return to the mayor's chair after 12 years away from municipal politics in the Region of Queens. Clarke defeated three other formidable opponents in Saturday's election. Here are the results from Queens County.

Mayor: Total Votes

Chris Clarke - 1961*

David Dagley - 1414

Owen Hamlin - 384

Mervin Hartlen - 382

Council: Total Votes

District 1 

Darlene Norman - 407*

Brittany Wentzell-Verge - 162

District 2: 

Bruce Inglis - 306*

Heather Kelly - 217

Gene "Gino" Wong - 40

District 3: 

Brian G. Fralic - 312*

Roger Jollimore - 215

Stacy Smart-Chandler - 38

Joel Zwicker - 190

District 4:

Bev Davison - 248

Gary Levy - 149

Susan MacLeod - 257*

John Townsend - 56

District 5:

Jack Fancy - 235*

William "Billy" Joudrey - 45

Linda Rafuse - 177

Wayne M. Wentzell - 121

District 6:

John F. Croft - 180

Dwight Crouse - 84

Raymond Fiske - 336*

Doug White - 65

District 7:

*Peter Waterman (acclamation)