Thursday, November 26, 2009

Payzant Re-elected School Board Chair

There's a familiar face at the head of the boardroom table at the South Shore School Board.
Elliott Payzant has been re-elected the chair of the board while Herb Seymour will serve as vice-chair.
The board has also paid tribute to Park View music teacher Scott Leonard who was recently awarded the national "Music Counts" award.
The award is presented to music teahers making outstanding contributions to music and education.

Operation Christmas Roadside Checks Launched

Battle Against Drunk Driving Gets A Boost Today

There will be some fanfare in town this morning -- Operation Christmas is being launched during a news conference at the Days Inn.
It's the province wide police checkpoint effort to reduce impaired driving over the holidays.
Representatives from the Road Safety Advisory Committee and police forces will be attending -- so will CKBW News and we will have details later this morning.

Kids Getting A Chance Thanks To Shelburne Council

Thirty unprivileged children will have the chance of a life-time with a new "Kids Fair Play fund committee".
This was one of the topics discussed at the Municipality of Shelburne Councils meeting.
The committee will provide financial support to thirty children allowing them to enjoy recreational and cultural events; the council has also formalized the Municipal Installment Billing policy for municipal tax collection and a steering committee has been formed for the Sandy Point Sewage Treatment Plant Project.

Postal Employees Denied Exemption

Canada Post employees in Lunenburg will have to continue to carry some extra change with them to feed the meter.
Council has turned down a request to exempt the employees from having to pay for parking.
The workers sometimes have to park on the street in the morning because transport trucks delivering the mail block access to the employee parking lot.
Mayor Laurence Mawhinney tells us council felt it would be setting a precedent which would lead to a rash of similar requests.

Cemetery Continues To Struggle

The mayor of Bridgewater says the Brookside Cemetery continues to struggle financially.
Mayor Carroll Publicover tells CKBW News the Cemetery Commission has been trying to reach the breakeven point -- but -- it continues to rely on subsidies from the town.
The mayor says the Cemetery Commission is facing another expense -- the pond in the cemetery needs to be dredged to clean it up -- that will require approvals from the Fisheries and Environment departments.

South Shore Flu Assessment Closing

Another flu assessment clinic is closing -- this time the one at the South Shore Regional will be closing at four this afternoon.
The Health Authority says the number of patients has been in a steady decline over the past week.
The clinic at the Yarmouth Hospital closed earlier this week as its numbers also dropped.
Meantime -- flu shot clinics are still being held throughout the region.