Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dominion Street Project Hundreds Of Thousands Over-Budget

The town of Bridgewater's engineer has revealed the water and sewer project on Dominion Street is $298,600 in the red. The figure was released during a meeting Monday night. Low cost estimates, additional paving and a mix-up accessing federal money are among several factors contributing to the project being over-budget. Mayor David Walker says they are tasking senior management to find money in their capital budget to cover the costs.

Staff will notify council if it can be done, at a later date.

Liverpool: Author's Fourth Crow Series Book Launch

A well-known Queens County author will unveil his latest book this evening during an official launch. Vernon Oickle to set to release the fourth installment of the popular crow series called "Four Crows A Boy". The fictional book features a few strange twists and tells a wild story based around life in Liverpool. The series has been a tremendous success so far and the book's publisher has deemed it a best seller. The launch kicks off at 7 o'clock tonight at Lanes Privateers Inn in Liverpool.

Shelburne Ship Repair: 48 Layoffs Since Nov 2nd

Shelburne Ship Repair has laid off more than half of its workforce due to a lack of work orders. A spokesperson for Irving Shipbuilding confirmed the layoffs in an email, indicating that the company has laid off 48 workers since November 2nd. Deborah Page says a series of layoffs began after repair projects wrapped up on HMCS Shawinigan and the DND Water Barge. Page says the company needs to secure new work orders before they can begin to re-hire the workers. The Shelburne Shipyard now has 15 full-time workers down from a peak of 75 employees earlier this year.

Board Members Learn More About Impact Reports

It was a chance for the newly elected local school board members to ask questions and learn more information about the school impact assessment reports. A pair of consultants for Deloitte met with the board Wednesday night to present an overview of the work they've been doing since April. The two men focused on key issues like education program delivery, operational expenditures and capital expenditures for the six schools in the review process. One of the consultants, Dr. Jim Gunn, says members provided good feedback.

No decision was made during the meeting. The six schools up for review include Mill Village Consolidated, Hebbville Academy, Pentz Elementary, Gold River-Western Shore Elementary, Petite Riviere Elementary and New Ross Consolidated. Study committees for each of the schools will write a response on the impact assessment reports to the board by February 1. More information can be found here :