Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Broad River to Sable River

2009-04-07 10:32:39

For years it's been called a sub-standard section of Highway 103. And there's now a plan to construct a controlled access section of highway from Broad River to Sable River. This section is in the Port Mouton area and officials say the bypass will reduce traffic through that residential area. Conservative M-P Gerald Keddy was in Liverpool this morning to make the 33-million dollar announcement along with Provincial Transport minister Brooke Taylor and Premier Rodney MacDonald.Officials say construction on the eight kilometer section of Highway bridging the Queens and Shelburne county line will begin in late 2011. They say the delay in getting the project started is because of an Environmental Assessment survey along with land acquisition and detailed design work will happen over the next two years.

Municipal Report Card

2009-04-07 10:01:21

Report cards come out today, and the best grade is going to the second smallest municipality in the province.  The Atlantic Institute for Market Studies carried out a survey and is releasing the information today.  A Top mark of "B" went to the Town of Lockeport when it comes to spending and services in Nova Scotia.  The Shelburne county seaside community was one of four in our area to make the top ten.  Shelburne Town ranked fifth with a "B-minus".  Bridgewater was seventh and Lunenburg District eighth - also with a "B-minus".  The next south shore community on the list was Lunenburg town at 19 with a "C-plus".  Region of Queens was 21st, Shelburne District 23rd and Barrington 25th - all at "C-plus".  Chester got a grade of "C" coming in at 37.  There are 55 municipalities in Nova Scotia but seven were not given a ranking because of missing information those included Clarkes Harbour and Mahone Bay.  The findings were collected and compiled over two years and looked at governance, police and fire service, taxation and recreation facilities.
View the entire report at http://www.aims.ca/library/MPRNovaScotia.pdf.

Nurse Practitioner

2009-04-07 09:28:48

Nurse practioner Rob Snelling has been successfully recruited for the New Germany and Area Medical Centre.  South Shore Health says Snelling will begin working in the District on May 4.  He will begin providing some services at the New Germany and Area Medical Centre later this spring following an orientation and set up period.  More details about the hours and types of services available will be announced in the near future.  CEO Kevin McNamara says "having a nurse practitioner working in the New Germany area will support  efforts to improve access to care, respond to the needs of the community and recruit family physicians to the area."  The position is being funded by the Department of Health.

Elmer Statesman

2009-04-07 09:20:58

After the passing of Michael Baker, there have been many questions about who will be looking to step in and run for the Conservatives in Lunenburg.  Elmer Garber has been one name mentioned as a possible candidate.  And CKBW News was one of many to ask him about it.  He says he has no interest in running for the position of M-L-A for the Lunenburg Constituency. Garber was a member of Lunenburg Municipal council and deputy warden up until he placed second in the mayoralty race last October.  He says he has no ambition to sit in the Legislature saying his passion in with local politics and local issues.  And Garber adds he doesn't neccesarily have to be elected to serve the community.  He recently took on a position of Special Assistant to the Minister in Lunenburg West M-L-A Carolyn Bollivar-Getson's office.

Queens Announcement

2009-04-07 06:17:33

A major infrastructure funding annoucement being made in the Region of Queens this morning.  Premier Rodney MacDonald, Brooke Taylor, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, and MP Gerald Keddy,  representing the government of Canada, will be on hand for  the announcement at 9:30 this morning in the Municipality's Council Chambers.

Road Critic

2009-04-07 06:16:51

Queens MLA and NDP Transportation Critic, Vicki Conrad says the Conservative government must address the deplorable road conditions in Queens. Conrad has written to Minister Brooke Taylor and has forwarded a petition with 250 signatures of concerned citizens.  Conrad says the condition of the Green Bay, Petite Riviere and Italy Cross Roads continue to be of great concern to all that live and travel the roads. She adds it's time the Conservative government take advantage of the road improvement needs for the constituency of Queens and ensure that roads in communities across Nova Scotia are made safer.